Super League Gaming , the global leader in competitive amateur gaming, today announced a historic new partnership with Wanda Cinemas Games, a subsidiary of Chinese media conglomerate Wanda Media. The new alliance will initially bring live, competitive gaming experiences to Wanda’s 700+ owned and operated theaters in multiple cities across China, with more activations to be announced in the future. With this significant new venture, Super League greatly expands their reach into the world’s biggest market of 1.2 billion gamers — more than the entire population of the United States.

“This accretive partnership was a strategic imperative for Super League,” says Ann Hand, chairman and CEO of Super League Gaming. “Joining forces with Wanda, the world’s biggest entertainment provider, to bring quality play, events, and content to those passionate players transforms the size of our servable market. We are honored to be partnered with Wanda as we bring Super League to the Asian market.”

In the agreement, Wanda theatres will be transformed into esports venues hosting live Super League events and tournaments throughout China, driving an entirely new gaming experience for the massive Wanda customer base. Now passionate players will see their local movie theatre serve as a competitive and social playing field for the video games they love. The unique gaming experiences created by Super League will propel Wanda venues to the center of the global esports phenomena.

“Our partnership with Super League will bring a new theater and esports experience to the millions of Chinese esports fans and players,” says Jian Huang, CEO of Wanda Cinemas Games. “We are looking forward to closely cooperating with Super League to create and perfect this new venture into the China market.”

This alliance will continue to fuel Super League’s focus on the vast opportunity to monetize gamers and the content they generate. Not just a tournament operator, Super League connects on a variety of platforms directly to the wide range of global players across game titles, ages and skill levels. This, combined with the company’s previously announced partnership with ggCircuit, the operator of over 700 gaming centers worldwide, not only expands Super League’s footprint into the massive Asian market and community, it solidifies the company’s position as a global force in connecting gaming enthusiasts through competition, entertainment, content, and community.

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About Super League Gaming

Believing that gaming together is more fun than gaming alone, Super League Gaming, Inc. (Nasdaq: SLGG) reaches the world’s gamers where they are, bringing them together to play the games they love. As a global leader in providing live and digital esports entertainment directly to the more than two billion everyday gamers around the world, Super League operates premium in-person tournament and game play experiences. Super League Network produces daily content celebrating epic game play on all major platforms including YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, live streaming, and video-on-demand. And with wholly-owned subsidiaries Minehut, the avid Minecraft community of nearly 400,000, and Framerate, one of the largest independent social video networks in esports and gaming, in addition to their partnerships with high-profile venue owners such as Topgolf, Cinemark Theatres, and numerous independent fast-casual restaurants, Super League is committed to supporting the development of grassroots player communities all while providing a global framework for competition and community engagement.

About Wanda Cinemas Games

Wanda Cinemas Games formed in 2009, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wanda Cinemas, one of the earliest Chinese companies focused on social game industry with one of the highest monthly operating incomes and number of daily activities and registered users. As one of the world’s leading game publishers Wanda Cinemas Games devote to combining research and development and distribution integration committed to the development of web and mobile games. With access to the enormous library of Wanda Media and Legendary Pictures IPs, Wanda Cinemas Games fast announcements to hundreds of cities across China and overseas to hasten the creation of game brands. Wanda Cinemas Games’ objective is to implement the full scope of Wanda Group resources to launch products and services better and faster across Greater China and committed to developing a global competitive game in the field of top brands. Wanda Cinemas Games will explore game growth and content for game creation and resource integration.

(Image) Source: Press release