Nickmercs- Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Nick Kolcheff, also known as Nickmercs, is an American professional gamer who plays for the ‘FaZe Clan,’ a professional esports and gaming entertainment organization headquartered in California, USA. Nickmercs dabbles in various games like Call of Duty and Apex Legends, but he is best known for his expertise as a console player on Fortnite. Aged 31, he is one of the most long-time running streamers, active since 2011.

On top of streaming, he uploads quality footage to his YouTube channels as well, providing his fanbase with constant entertainment.


Real NameNick Kolcheff
Birthday 21st November 1990 (Age: 33 years)
Height5 feet 11 inches
TeamFaZe Clan
Currently PlayingApex Legends
Net Worth$4 Million


Nick Kolcheff was born and brought up in Michigan with a sister and a younger brother. His parents did not support his dream to become a professional gamer and went as far as breaking his Xbox to make him stop gaming. Nevertheless, Nick persisted and continued building a name for himself.

His father, Kevin Kolcheff, is a high school football coach. In an interview, he told PC Gamer he didn’t understand the appeal of e-sports. But later on, Kevin became a manager for his son’s career in gaming.

Nickmercs married Emumita Bonita on 10th October 2020, a year after his on-stream proposal in July 2019. Fans haven’t been able to track down any of Emumita’s social accounts, leaving her in a shroud of mystery and people questioning whether Emumite Bonita is really her name at all.

Nick is an avid lover of animals, having three pets – a cat and two dogs. His dogs are named Joe and Jackson, and his cat’s name is Kai. All three even have their own Instagram accounts.

Other Interests

Besides investing most of his time in online gaming through FPV games, Nickmercs is a gym fanatic and a bodybuilder. He has even uploaded videos and streamed his gym sessions to motivate his followers and showcase his body. His efforts to maintain his muscles show through his build.

Currently, Nickmercs dedicatedly chooses to spend the majority of his time focusing on his gaming career and streaming his mastery over the games he plays.

Gaming Origins

Nickmercs started gaming at a young age, and as he aged, he decided to walk the career path of a gaming professional. His parents weren’t pleased with his decision and tried to persuade him against it. They didn’t see a future in gaming.

Nick took part in various gaming tournaments to prove his parents wrong and was successful in them.

However, his parents remained unconvinced. In the end, Nick stopped trying to win the approval of his parents and moved out of his home. After years, his father came around and started acting as the gamer’s manager to help ease his responsibilities.

Nickmercs prefers consoles over the keyboard, having played on consoles since he was a kid. But even back then, he enjoyed playing shooting games with his friends.

Professional Career

Nickmercs is an exceptionally skilled player who started his professional gaming career playing competitive Gears of War at the age of 16. He then began participating in national tournaments. He moved on to the popular games Halo and then Call of Duty, where he finally started getting involved in streaming, picking up traction from fans all over.

He has been streaming since 2011 when it wasn’t a viral activity. He started with YouTube and then began streaming on Twitch in 2014. His saved videos on Twitch are only available to subscribers, a genius move in terms of gaining more followers. Everyone else has to either watch his streams live or go to his YouTube channel to view snippets of the streams.

In 2016, he became a founding member of fellow player Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag’s professional e-sports team, “100 Thieves”. He was added to the team’s Call of Duty roster.

Although he had made a name for himself as a Call of Duty professional player, it wasn’t until he started playing Fortnite: Battle Royale that his popularity grew off the charts. He switched to 100 Thieves’ Fortnite roster in 2017 and broke several world records with his teammates. For instance, he’s a world record for total kills to his credit in Fortnite with 54 annihilations, which was later broken by xPolitics, MannyinCali, TozSlays, and JuicyMutt with 59 kills. However, he still owns the record for most kills as a duo with 46 kills in a single game.

In February 2019, Nickmercs split from 100 Thieves stating the team had poor management and that his promised ‘5% equity’ was never given. CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag let him go by wishing him prosperity in his career and other well wishes. At the end of May of the same year, Nickmercs announced through a YouTube video that he had joined FaZe Clan.

As of now, Nickmercs is not only a streamer for the team but a part-owner of the popular e-sports group. To top it up, Nickmercs is well known as a quality streamer, entertaining his fans named MFAM. With M standing for mercs, the back half of the player’s name, and Fam standing for family, Nickmercs considers his MFAM a community.

What Is Nickmercs’s Net Worth?

Some sources say Nickmercs has a total net worth of approximately $4 million, while others claim a whopping $9 million in 2022. A larger chunk of his income comes from the popular YouTube and Twitch channels he runs.

At the time of writing, Nickmercs serves 4.03 million subscribers on YouTube and a combined 1 million on his other two YouTube channels, ‘More NICKMERCS’ and ‘NICKMERCS Shorts.’ Furthermore, the gamer has 6.5 followers on Twitch, 2.6 million followers on Instagram, and 2 million followers on Twitter.

His extensive reach invites more followers and sponsorship deals from large brands.

How Much Does Nickmercs Earn?

Just his Twitch monthly earnings are around $145,000 per month, not including Tiered subscriptions, tips, and Twitch cheer bits, which amount to even more. Through his YouTube accounts, he amasses over 20 million views every month, netting him approximately $150,000 monthly. This means his annual earnings amount to almost $3 million, which is quite a substantial sum of money.

Moreover, he also has a couple of sponsorships with companies like G Fuel, SCUF, Cash App, and Under Armour. This brings him a significant amount, along with freebies from the sponsors. Nickmercs gains money from participating in gaming tournaments as well, further inflating his earnings.

He also gets a salary from his team, FaZe Clan, and a portion of their revenue from merchandise sales. Nickmercs doesn’t have his personalized permanent merchandise line but comes out with limited merch from time to time.

Streaming Hours

Generally, his schedule is:

  • Sundays – Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 6 PM EST continuing for 7 to 10 hours.
  • On Wednesdays, from 7 PM to 1 AM EST
  • Fridays – Saturdays from 2 PM continuing for 8 to 9 hours.

However, this schedule isn’t fixed due to Nickmercs’s personal commitments.

Official Handles


Nickmercs has had several achievements in his gaming career. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • He came first in the Gears of War 2 National Championship 2009.
  • Nickmercs has become one of Twitch’s top 50 most-watched streamers.
  • He was the first-ever winner of Fortnite Friday with SypherPK, earning him prize money of $2,500.
  • He won the $50,000 first-place prize along with team members FaZe Swagg and Diaz Biffle in the Toronto Ultra Warzone Tournament in August 2020.
  • He was nominated for the annual Shorty Awards for “Twitch Streamer of the Year” in 2020. 
  • He was also nominated for the same award in the Esports Awards 2020.
  • Nickmercs won the Live Streamer Award In December 2020 at the 10th annual YouTube Streamy Awards.
  • He had a world record of 56 kills in solo mode and 46 kills in duos mode in Fortnite, although they have been broken since.


There are many entertaining facts about Nickmercs. Here is a compiled list of a few of them:

  • While Nickmercs was in college at the University of Michigan, he represented his school in a basketball free-throw competition. With his athletic skills, he brought victory to his college.
  • He has a video on his YouTube named “I PLAYED WITH TOM HOLLAND!”. However, it’s a click-baiting title as ‘Tom Holland’ is just fellow Apex Legends player Horizon who has a voice similar to the British actor.
  • Nickmerc’s language isn’t clean, and he swears a lot during his streams and on his YouTube videos.
  • Nickmercs is a SCUF partner, and the company offers MFAM edition controllers in their online store.
  • He became a co-owner of the FaZe Clan a while after joining as a content creator.
  • He likes console over the keyboard because of the communication styles. He finds games that require typing on a keyboard hard, making him prefer consoles where you talk to communicate with teammates.
  • He has introduced his siblings and father on a video for YouTube and even given a tour of his parents’ house.
  • He has an ongoing rivalry with a fellow player, Ninja, dating all the way back to his Gears of War days when they first met. Now it has become more of an amusing cliché they play up to.


Nickmercs’s Team Members at FaZe Clan

Nate Hill

Nate Hill







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