Selly – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

An Jeong-hwan “Selly” is a professional Apex Legends player from Korea. He is currently playing for Crazy Raccoon. However, this Korean player is also a popular streamer on Twitch with over 200,000 followers.


Real NameAn Jeong-hwan
Birthday 12 February, 1998 (Age: 26 Years)
TeamCrazy Raccoon
Currently PlayingApex Legends
Net Worth$88,272

Gaming Origin

Jeong-hwan didn’t become the professional Apex Legends “Selly” all of a sudden. His passion for esports emerged at an early age while playing FPS games.

Later, he signed up with Team Griffin and eventually, became a professional Overwatch player.

Professional Career

Selly has made his name among the Apex Legends monsters with his gaming proficiency. He is known as a skilled Wingman user in the game. This Korean player often appears in Apex Legends compilations and montages, giving wingman headshots.

He became a part of Team Griffin, a South Korean Overwatch team. Later, Selly signed up for Cloud 9. The Korean player came to light after achieving 1st place in the Apex Legends Challenge Asia Cup as a member of Team Juan. He won a cash prize of $10,000.

Following it, Selly participated in the Apex Legends Preseason Invitation 2019 as a part of Team Wyvern. They won third place.

In October 2019, Selly signed up with T1 KR. Interestingly, to nurture his interest in streaming, he resigned from the T1 KR competitive roster in early 2020. Later on, Selly joined Crazy Raccoon in December 2020.

What is Selly’s Net Worth?

Selly’s net worth is estimated to be $88,310.

How Much Does Selly Earn?

The highest cash prize that Selly won was $88,272.00 on June 6, 2021, from the ALGS Championship 2021—APAC North. Placing 2nd in the tournament, he made up 35.85% of his total cash won.

Selly’s current active subscriptions are about 143. So his estimated income from subscriptions is between $152 and $357. In addition, this Korean Apex Legend player earns a considerable amount from his tournaments, his team’s salary, and advertising.

Streaming Hours

In the past 30 days, Selly has streamed for 3h 43m per day on Twitch (18h 35m). As per Twitch stats, he had nearly 1489 Average Viewers and 3217 Peak Viewers which resulted in 27,820 Hours Watched.

Official Handles


  • Crazy Raccoon Cup #10 2023 (1st place) – $11,583
  • ALGS: 2022 Split 2 Pro League – APAC North (1st Place) – $30,000
  • ALGS: 2021 Split 1 Pro League – APAC North (6th Place) – $6,000
  • ALGS Championship 2021 – APAC North (2nd Place) – $88,272
  • 2021 GLL Masters Spring – APAC North (2nd Place) – $2,500
  • 2021 ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs – APAC North (2nd Place) – $15,000
  • 2021 ALGS Winter Circuit #2 – APAC North (1st Place) – $4,500
  • 2019 Apex The Kill – Day Day 10: Grand Finals (1st Place) – $25,682
  • 2019 Apex Legends Streamer Challenge: Asia Cup Finals (1st Place) – $10,000
  • 2019 Apex Legends Preseason Invitational (3rd Place) – $60,000.


Some fascinating facts about Selly are:

  • Selly used to play FPS games from a young age, which helped build his foundation.
  • He is a highly proficient Wingman user. You will find him often featured in Apex Legends with dreadful wingman shots.
  • Selly played Overwatch professionally before joining Apex Legends. 


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