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D4v41 – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Khalish “d4v41” Rusyaidee is a Valorant player from Malaysia with a net worth of $127,920.95. This 25-year-old player stepped into esports gaming as a CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) player in 2016. However, he signed up with the Singapore-based Southeast Asian esports organization Paper Rex, in 2021 and is still a part of the organization to date.

d4v41 is known to currently hold the 17th rank in the highest earnings among Malaysian players and 2197th in the highest overall earnings.


Real NameKhalish Rusyaidee
Gaming Name / Nicknamed4v41
Birthday October 14, 1998 (Age: 25 Years)
TeamPaper Rex
Currently PlayingValorant
Net Worth$127,920.95

Professional Career

d4v41 kicked off his esports career as a player in Paper Rex’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2016. However, he is known to have switched between several teams in the next five years. Then, d4v41 finally resigned from CS:GO and joined Paper Rex’s Valorant division in 2021. He is continuing to showcase his gaming prowess as a Paper Rex player to date.

Some of his noteworthy achievements where he emerged as a champion include the 2022 VCT APAC Stage Challengers, the 2022 VCT APAC Stage 2 Challengers, the 2022 Valorant India Invitational, and the 2023 VCT Pacific League.

What is the d4v41’s Net Worth?

d4v41’s net worth is estimated to be $127,920.95.

How Much Does the d4v41 Earn?

The highest amount of money that d4v41 earned as a cash prize was $125,000 for achieving 3rd place in the 2023 VCT: Masters Tokyo. However, he reached the $100,000 milestone after winning a cash prize of $100,000 from the 2023 VCT: Pacific League. Cash prizes earned from 50 tournaments helped him reach the milestone.

Apart from tournament winnings, d4v41 is known to have considerable earnings from the team salary, tiered subscriptions, social platforms, sponsorships, and other sources.

Streaming Hours

There’s no detailed information on d4v41’s streaming schedule or hours.

However, he is known to have 22491 hours watched, 4100 peak viewers, and 956 average viewers in the last 30 days.

Official Channels


Some of the top achievements of d4v41 include:

  • 2023 VCT: Masters Tokyo (3rd): $125,000
  • 2023 VCT: Pacific League (1st): $100,000
  • 2022 Valorant India Invitational (1st): $50,000
  • 2022 Valorant Champions (9th-12th): $25,000
  • 2022 VCT: Stage 2 Masters – Copenhagen (2nd): $120,000
  • 2022 VCT: APAC Stage 2 Challengers (1st): $30,000
  • 2022 VCT: Stage 1 Masters – Reykjavik (4th): $65,000
  • 2022 VCT: APAC Stage 1 Challengers (1st): $30,000
  • 2021 The Esports Club Showdown (1st): $7,000
  • 2021 VCT: Southeast Asia Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs (2nd): $15,000


Some trivial facts about d4v41 include the following:

  • d4v41 was a former player in Paper Rex’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive division.
  • Since 2021, he has been playing for Paper Rex’s Valorant division.
  • d4v41 is known to possess five wins in a row.
  • His current win rate is 76.67%.
  • As per the Ensiplay ranking system, d4v41 has Ensi. Rank 1 and Ensi. Score 1814.98.


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