HusKerrs – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Jordan Thomas, more commonly known as HusKerrs, is a professional Call of Duty: Warzone player who plays for Luminosity Gaming since September 2022. He was the first Call of Duty: Warzone player to earn $100K and is best known for his expertise in the Call of Duty franchise.

On top of that, he manages to keep his viewers attention by streaming his games on Twitch and uploading high-quality gaming montages and gameplays on his YouTube accounts.


Real NameJordan Thomas
Birthday 4th October 1995 (Age: 28 years)
HeightApprox. 5 feet 10 inches
TeamLuminosity Gaming
Currently PlayingCall of Duty: Warzone
Net Worth $6.5M ($435,225.49 earned from 135 tournaments)


There is not a lot of information on HusKerrs’ family. However, it seems he is dating a fellow gamer, Ali, who goes by the gaming name of p90princess. They started seeing each other during the pandemic, even going on dates to the Universal Studios.

HusKerrs is also an animal enthusiast, having a Border Collie mixed dog breed named Max.

Other Interests

HusKerrs is first and foremost a dedicated gamer, trying out games as they come. Other than that, he is an avid traveler who loves to go around with his close friends. Whether for a convention or tournament or just for fun, he’ll take the opportunity to travel.

Currently, HusKerrs chooses to spend the majority of his time focusing and indulging in Call of Duty: Warzone and streaming his in-game expertise.

Gaming Origins

HusKerrs first started streaming on Twitch in August 2012 as a hobby. The first game he streamed was Delta Force 2.0, but he soon switched his focus to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 content instead. He grew quite slowly until he transitioned his content to H1Z1 streams in 2017.

Moreover, one of the very first tournaments he participated in was in March 2017. His team came third, giving him the confidence to turn gaming into a full-time career for himself.

After college, he moved on to Call of Duty: Blackout and began a collaboration with Rogue’s team. Later, he received permission and support to build his personalized team of expert gamers based on his chosen parameters. He chose Sweetdreams as one of the first players on his team because of their shared past experiences of playing H1Z1 professionally.

However, he switched to Apex Legends in February 2019, pretty much when it was released. Since he couldn’t visualize a future in Blackout and saw an excessively healthy similarity between Blackout and Apex Legends, he chose to switch and continue building his gaming portfolio. But after pursuing Apex for a year, he decided to return to streaming Call of Duty content again during the pandemic in April 2020. Since then, he has stuck with playing Call of Duty: Warzone.

Professional Career

HusKerrs is an exceptionally skilled player who started his professional gaming career with Delta Force 2.0. He has stayed consistent and amassed a large following who love his streams and videos.

Note: HusKerrs started his Twitch account in August 2012.

All in all, he’s a skilled Call of Duty: Warzone gamer while also being highly competent in other games. He has used his skills to create content on Twitch and YouTube, getting him recognition from his peers. Thanks to his success on these platforms, HusKerrs has gained tremendous fame and money in the gaming industry.

Here are a few highlights from HusKerrs’s gaming career:


  • HusKerrs becomes an H1Z1 pro-player and streamer.
  • In March, HusKerrs participates in his first tournament, coming third.


  • On 18th October, he posted his widely renowned and globally popular YouTube video, “COD Black Ops 4 Blackout | 25 Kill Solo Win WORLD RECORD”


  • HusKerrs switches to Call of Duty: Warzone.
  • He continues participating in tournaments but for Warzone.
  • He won $25,000 in the Warzone From Home 2020 ($50k For Charity Tournament) organized on 20th March.
  • He won $20,000 in the Warzone Wednesday: Week 1 Tournament organized on 24th March.
  • He won $20,000 in the Warzone Wednesday: Week 2 Tournament organized on 1st April.
  • He won $15,000 in the Syndicate Sundays 2020 United States Tournament organized on 26th April.
  • He won $12,000 in the Twitch Rivals Warzone Streamer Showdown 3 North America Tournament organized on the 13th of August.
  • He won $12,000 in the Vikkstar’s Warzone Showdown: Week 4 organized on the 16th of September.
  • He won $45,000 in the RØKKR Royale 2 Tournament organized on 30th September.
  • He won $30,000 in the Vikkstar’s Warzone Showdown: Grand Finale organized on 22nd October.
  • He won $35,000 in the Toronto Ultra 100K Payout Holiday Feast Tournament organized on 22nd December.


  • He won $34,000 in the Nadeshot $100k Invitational Tournament organized on 19th May.
  • He won $50,000 in the World Series of Warzone Season 1 NA Trios Tournament organized on 23rd June.
  • He won $10,000 in the JoeWo: Battle for the Crown organized on 13th September.
  • He won $10,000 in the BoomTV Code Red Tournament organized on 6th October.
  • He won $60,000 in the OpTic Chicago 100K Warzone Invitational Tournament organized on 8th October.
  • He won $40,000 in the World Series of Warzone Season 1 NA Duos Tournament organized on 17th November.


  • With the many tournaments throughout the years, HusKerrs amasses a total prize of $692,200.
  • HusKerrs continues to take part in Warzone tournaments.

Note that the tournaments mentioned above aren’t all he has participated in. He has won recognition in many competitions, often ranking in the top 3.

HusKerrs continues to be a fan favorite, gaining more followers as the days go by. Not to forget, he is an expert player who viewers aspire to game-like – be it for his style, strategies, tactical approach, or in-game attire.

What Is HusKerrs’s Net Worth?

HusKerrs has a total net worth of approximately $6.5 million in 2022. A significant portion of this income comes from his popular YouTube and Twitch channels. As of now, HusKerrs has 272 thousand subscribers on YouTube, 1 million followers on Twitch, 92.9 thousand followers on Instagram, and 171.2 thousand followers on Twitter.

As a result, his social media network attracts an enormous fan base for his gaming, resulting in high profits.

How Much Does HusKerrs Earn?

Just his Twitch monthly earnings are more than $20,000 per month, not including Tiered subscriptions, tips, sponsorships, Twitch cheer bits, merchandise sales, advertisements, team salary, and tournament winnings. According to his Twitch bio, he has been on the receiving end of around $19,000 from his top 10 donors alone.

Moreover, he has won more than $600,000 from the various tournaments he participates in. From prizes ranging from $600 to a whopping $60,000, he has ranked high and earned his place in the gaming industry. Not to mention his popular YouTube channel that brings in even more revenue.

Streaming Hours

HusKerrs doesn’t have a fixed streaming schedule. But when he does stream, it lasts between 3.5 to 5 hours.

Please keep in mind that HusKerrs lives in the USA, and he usually streams during the evenings there.

Official Handles


HusKerrs has had several achievements in his gaming career. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • 2023-02-17: Twitch Rivals TDM Drop In | $20,775.
  • 2020-03-09: Code Red #5 | $3,300
  • 2020-01-27: ALGS Major #1 – North American Qualifier
  • 2019-12-15: GLL Apex Legends Series – NA | $3,500
  • 2019-09-29: TwitchCon San Diego 2019 | $6,750
  • 2019-08-14: Twitch Rivals: Apex Legends Solo Showdown | $10,450
  • 2019-08-03: EXP Invitational – Apex Legends at X Games Minneapolis | $9,000
  • 2019-07-02: 368: Apex Season 2 Tournament | $7,000
  • 2019-07-01: Twitch Rivals: Apex Legends Elite Queue Challenge 2 | $5,000
  • 2019-06-20: FACEIT Pro Series Week 3 | $1,250
  • 2019-06-19: Twitch Rivals: Apex Elite Queue Challenge | $6,300
  • 2019-04-13: TwitchCon Europe Showdown 2019 | $74,600
  • 2019-04-13: TwitchCon Europe Showdown 2019 – Qualifier 1 | $7,400
  • 2019-04-07: Strong Esports: 2k Invitational Series #3 | $300
  • 2019-03-29: Code Red #3 | $7,000
  • 2019-02-12: Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge – North America #1 | $7,000


HusKerrs reacquired his name in Call of Duty: MW3 after a beloved friend decided to introduce him to randomized Gamertags. Out of these suggestions, HusKerrs is what he resonated with, mainly because of the funkiness and modernity of the name. Here are some additional facts which impress a significant bunch of his followers:

  • The first player to earn $100K in Warzone was HusKerrs.
  • He is best known for his Battle Royale highlights and gameplays that he posts on YouTube.
  • His YouTube video titled “COD Black Ops 4 Blackout | 25 Kill Solo Win WORLD RECORD” has been viewed over 4.8 million times. It remains his most popular YouTube video.


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