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Nadeshot – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Matthew Haag, better known as Nadeshot, is a professional E-sports player specializing in the Call of Duty franchise. He is a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and online influencer. A former OpTic Gaming Call of Duty team captain, Nadeshot has risen through the ranks by doing well in gaming leagues and tournaments.

This reputed gamer has moved on to found his own E-sports team in 2016, 100 Thieves or Hundred Thieves. The team has received immense attention and is popular in the gaming scene.


Real NameMatthew Haag
Birthday 3rd August 1992 (Age: 31 years)
HeightApprox. 5 feet 5 inches
TeamHundred Thieves
Currently PlayingCall of Duty: Warzone
Net Worth$10 Million


Matthew Haag was born to parents, Jeffery and Christina Haag, in Illinois, USA. Growing up with his brother and sister, he completed his studies by successfully graduating from Amos Alonzo Stagg High School. His father is a carpenter, while his mother’s occupation is unknown.

After completing high school, he chose to drop out of a 2-year Business Studies program at the Moraine Valley Community College. He then worked at a McDonald’s before he gained popularity as a professional gamer and YouTuber.

There used to be rumors of him dating the YouTuber Jenna Ezarik since 2016, but those have been busted since he revealed his relationship with PR and talent manager Haley Hey. Although Haley has all her social media, except Twitter, on private, she sometimes appears in her boyfriend’s posts and YouTube videos. She has appeared for a QnA session for the fans and also in a video where Nadeshot surprised her for her birthday.

Other Interests

Matthew used to play video games with his brother as a child, the hobby evolving into a full-fledged profession. Moreover, he has a deep interest in cars and even owns a BMW i8 and a Porsche 911 Turbo S. He has made YouTube videos about him buying cars as well.

Nadeshot enjoys tasting new types of cuisines and food, naming himself a foodie. He is also a brand ambassador for RedBull, a sponsor he likely got thanks to his ‘boy-next-door’ type of look that has gained him a large female following.

Gaming Origins

Playing video games since he was a kid, Nadeshot had always been interested in becoming a professional gamer in the field. At the age of thirteen, he started taking gaming seriously with the aim of competing while playing the Halo series.

He received the game Gears of War for Christmas one year and even almost qualified to compete in the MLG Chicago Gears of War play in 2007, missing the chance by just one place. Clearly, his talent as a gamer has always been phenomenal.

Three years later, in 2010, he created his YouTube channel and posted his first video of himself and his friend, Fwiz, playing Call of Duty. In the same year, he also managed to join the OpTic Gaming team and became famous through their reputation.

Professional Career

After the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Nadeshot worked hard to master the gameplay and maps. He then finally made his debut as a professional E-sports player. He continued his focus on every Call of Duty release and started competing at world events. These competitions earned him recognition and exposure as a gamer. At that point, he became the 2011 Call of Duty XP World Champion, gaining massive exposure to the gaming domain.

He went on to win many more awards, including the 2014 gold medal from the Major league Gaming X Games. This medal was his ticket to becoming the captain of OpTic Gaming, a team considered one of the most successful in the history of E-sports. Nadeshot established a high standing among the Call of Duty players out there, earning him sponsorships left and right from the likes of RedBull, Astro Gaming, and Scuf Gaming.

He also started streaming on Twitch and uploading gaming videos to YouTube consistently. He has not one but two YouTube channels named Nadeshot and Nadeshot Plays, with 3.2 million and 1 million subscribers respectively. The first channel consists of him vlogging about his life and reacting to other content, whereas the second showcases his gaming expertise with footage of him playing.

However, in a Call of Duty Championship in 2015, Nadeshot performed disappointingly, leaving fans underwhelmed. With this setback, he took a hiatus for a year and left OpTic gaming completely. 

In 2017, Nadeshot came back better than ever, announcing his own Call of Duty competitive gaming team named 100 Thieves. He used the money he had earned through the many competitions he participated in as start-up capital for his vision.

The group debuted during the Black Ops III season and was instantly popular among the fans. Seeing the team’s success, 100 Thieves expanded to League of Legends as well.

Matthew is an expert at understanding gaming trends and how to keep his team in the headlines. With fabulous in-game talent and flattering merchandise, even superstars like Drake want to invest in the team created by Nadeshot.

What Is Nadeshot’s Net Worth?

Nadeshot has a total net worth of approximately $10 million in 2022. A significant portion of this income comes from his YouTube and Twitch channels. As of now, Nadeshot has 3.26 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, not counting the 1.03 million on his alternate account, Nadeshot Plays. He also has 1.8 million followers on Twitch, 1.2 million followers on Instagram, and 2.9 million followers on Twitter.

As a result, his social media network attracts an enormous fan base for his gaming ventures. Moreover, with such a large following, he often gets endorsements from brands such as Kia, LG, and G Fuel.

How Much Does Nadeshot Earn?

Matthew earns quite a lot of money, whether from tournaments, endorsements, sponsorships, or YouTube/Twitch revenue.

From his career in E-sports, he has participated in 60+ competitions, his largest income being $100K from winning the Call of Duty XP competition.

As a YouTuber, Nadeshot is consistent in posting content. However, although he has a lot of subscribers, his videos don’t have a large viewership base. From his channel, he makes around $1.4K a month and approximately $17K a year.

However, on Twitch, since he doesn’t stream a lot, it is harder to discern a number pertaining to his earnings from streams. He still gets money from donations on Twitch, but the figure is unknown.

As mentioned above, he gets endorsements from brands to advertise their products to his massive number of followers. These brands are well known and pay generously, adding to the gamer’s earnings.

Furthermore, through his team, 100 Thieves, Matthew is sponsored by brands like LEXUS, GrubHub, Chipotle, and AT&T, amongst others. His company in itself is rumored to be worth around $150 million.

With expensive purchases such as his new Porsche 911 Turbo S, it is safe to say Nadeshot is well off, no longer needing to flip burgers in a McDonald’s again.

Streaming Hours

Nadeshot doesn’t have a fixed streaming schedule, nor does he stream often. He only goes online two or three times a week. But when he does stream, it lasts between 4 to 5 hours each time.

Nadeshot posts updates about his future streams on his Twitter account. Thus, it would help if you maintain a regular check on his account to catch his streams.

Official Handles


Nadeshot has had several notable achievements in his gaming career. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Nadeshot won $100K and the title of World Champion in the Call of Duty XP Tournament.
  • He established the title of a Captain of his own OpTic Gaming in 2014 after the resignation of Will “BigTymer” Johnson.
  • Fans voted him as the E-Sports Player of the Year in the Game Awards 2014.
  • He founded the gaming organization and lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles, 100 Thieves.


Here are some fun facts about this pro-gamer:

  • The gamer got his name back when he used to play Halo. Nadeshot is short for ‘grenade shot’, a killing move in the game involving throwing a grenade and following it up with a direct shot.
  • He used to display the gamer tag ‘OpTic NaDeSHoT’ in his early Call of Duty content, which is now changed to the more sophisticated version.
  • The E-sports player has supported fellow OpTic gamer, Flamesword, to monetarily contribute to a children’s cancer hospital.
  • Nadeshot was featured in the 2020 YouTube Rewind video made by MrBeast.


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