Daltoosh – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Dalton Hester, better known as Daltoosh, is an American professional gamer and content creator for TSM – a professional esports and gaming entertainment organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Daltoosh exclusively plays Apex Legends and participates in tournaments for the same. He began to gather attention in the gaming community through his Twitch streams on Apex Legends.

Daltoosh provides his fanbase with continuous entertainment by uploading his streaming footage to his YouTube channel. He also keeps an active Twitter and Instagram account to keep his followers updated on his life.


Real NameDalton Hester
Birthday 8th February 1996 (Age: 28 years)
Height5 feet 9 inches
Currently PlayingApex Legends
Net Worth$121 Thousand


Daltoosh’s mother is named Mindy, and he has two sisters named Ashley and Alicia. Dalton hasn’t revealed any information about his father. He was born in Florida, USA, but maintains that his hometown is Austin, Texas.

Although Dalton is extremely easy on the eyes, he doesn’t have a significant other as of yet. His looks seem to pull the attention of potential fans, however, boosting his popularity. He claims he doesn’t need any romantic involvement in his life, posting a picture on Instagram with his family members with the caption, “The only girls I need.”

Other Interests

Although Daltoosh enjoys Apex Legends, he’s also a passionate golf player, even playing professionally. He calls himself an avid connoisseur of golf and domestic beverages.

Recently, he participated in the Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio. He likes playing golf with his fans as well, inviting them down to play as long as they’re not ‘completely horrible’ at the game. Daltoosh has also made YouTube videos with BustaJack Golf, a well-known golfing channel, proving his expertise in the sport.

In any case, Daltoosh devotes the majority of his time to focus on his gaming career, streaming his mastery as a caster in Apex Legends.

Gaming Origins

Growing up in Florida, Dalton attended Florida State University, and side by side, he used to play Apex Legends. With dedication, he turned his enthusiasm for the game into a profession. 

Then, making a life-changing decision, he decided to drop out of university to follow his dream of becoming a professional Apex Legends player. It was a huge gamble, but it has worked out for him. 

He has gained thousands of fans, supporting him every step of the way. Daltoosh even apologized and thanked his followers for tweeting when he thinks he’s letting his fans down by not streaming constantly.

Professional Career

Daltoosh has created waves in the gaming community in a short while. He streams on Twitch consistently and uploads snippets and compilations of YouTube. He started streaming only in 2018 and has now, in May 2022, become part of the top 50 most-watched Apex Legends streamers, ranking in at number 6. He continuously thanks his followers for the support and love they have shown him, aiding him in his growth.

In May 2019, he signed a contract with Evolved Talent, an esports talent agency, to further his gaming and streaming career.

In the same year, he joined team SoaR as part of the Apex Legends team. He was given the role of a caster, the role his expertise shines in.

On 1st April 2021, Daltoosh parted ways with SoaR on good terms. He used the team as a stepping stone for his journey as a gamer, announcing his departure through a tweet. His following initially thought he was joking since the tweet was made on April Fool’s Day, but Dalton cleared out any doubts with a subsequent tweet.

Soon, in September 2021, he signed with TSM as a content creator for Apex Legends. His joining was announced through a quirky YouTube video on the TSM FTX APEX account. The video starred teammate ImperialHal, teasing the two to be roommates. A general QnA session follows the short trailer for the new fans to get to know him.

On 11th May, TSM revealed Daltoosh had re-signed his contract with them via another entertaining video on Twitter showcasing clips of his streams and gameplay.

Daltoosh continues to find entertainment in playing Apex Legends, streaming his gameplay, and interacting with his loyal fan following.

What Is Daltoosh’s Net Worth?

Sources suggest Daltoosh has a total net worth somewhere between $121K and $856K in 2022. A large chunk of this income is derived from his popular YouTube and Twitch channels.

At the time of writing, Daltoosh serves a humble 697K followers on Twitch and 203K subscribers on YouTube. Furthermore, the gamer has 102K followers on Instagram and 152.9K followers on Twitter.

This large following helps him earn sponsorship deals from popular brands, all while attracting more fans.

How Much Does Daltoosh Earn?

On Twitch, through Tiered subscriptions, tips, and Twitch cheer bits, he earns quite a sum of money. The amount adds up with donations that he accepts through Streamlabs and any advertising he does on Twitch for brands. On his YouTube account, he has amassed a combined total of over 20 million views, netting him an average monthly amount of $1000.

Moreover, he also has a couple of sponsorships with companies like Hulu+, Nord VPN, Step Banking, and Scuf Gaming. He has affiliate codes for all these sponsors, which earns him a commission every time someone purchases a product or service through his links. This brings him a significant amount, along with freebies from the sponsors.

Daltoosh also has his own merch line that gains him income and proves to be an excellent way for his fans to support him directly. Moreover, he gets a salary from his team, TSM.

Streaming Hours

Daltoosh doesn’t have a set-in-stone schedule for his Twitch streams. However, when he does stream, he goes live for 16 hours at a time. 

Most often, he streams between 12 PM EST to 3 AM EST every Thursday for 16 hours.

Fans have commented on his irregular schedule, saying they find it amusing when they go to sleep after watching for a while and wake up to the gamer still streaming.

Official Handles


Daltoosh has had several achievements in his gaming career. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • In his first competition for TwitchCon San Diego in September 2019, he won 7th place, earning him $1,000.
  • Daltoosh became an official Twitch partner in early 2019 and released his own merch a few months later.
  • The same year, he reached 100K followers on Twitch.
  • In March 2020, he came in 6th place for Code Red #5, with a cash prize of $2,700.
  • In June of the same year, he won another $1,200 for coming in 7th place at the TSM 2020 Invitational
  • He also participated in the Twitch Rivals Competitions 2020, winning a total of $1,500.
  • He reached 100K subscribers on YouTube in 2020.
  • May 2021 saw him winning the grand prize at Lulu’s Throwdown 2.0 on both days, 1 and 2. This earned him a total of $32,000.
  • He won 2nd place in the Nerd Street Gamers – Apex Bash in October 2021, earning another $3,000


There are many entertaining facts about Daltoosh. Here is a compiled list of a few of them:

  • Daltoosh has hosted his own tournament on Apex Legends called the Daltoosh Invitational.
  • He raised over $18K for charity in 2020 to fund causes like the COVID relief: the Black Lives Matter movement, the fires in Australia, rare disease research, WWF Australia, and more.
  • He got a colored tattoo of his merch print ‘Tooshbag’ on his right thigh. He shared the photo with his fans on Twitter, who had egged him on for it.
  • As a promise to reach a milestone, he streamed as a clown for a week straight.
  • In high school, Dalton used to play lacrosse. 
  • He posted a photo of himself as the character Ron Burgundy, standing in front of a painting of Will Ferrell in 2021.
  • He has named John Daly as his dream golfer to play with.
  • When asked what celebrity he’d like to have at his ALGS watch party, Daltoosh mentioned Kevin Hart.
  • Other than Apex Legends, he named Halo his most liked e-sport to watch. He says he used to watch streams of Halo in the seventh grade.
  • In season zero and season one of Apex Legends, Daltoosh was continuously grinding the game and had the most kills in the world. This is the reason Daltoosh continued with his goal of becoming an e-sports gamer.
  • After leaving SoaR, fans had speculated he wouldn’t join TSM due to ImperialHal being part of their roster already.


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