Sentinels is a successful eSports organization that is currently based in the city of Los Angeles, California. Founded in May 2016 as Pheonix1, the organization was rebranded to Sentinels in June 2018.

Initially started as a League of Legends team, Phoenix1, the organization has expanded and now has rosters in Fortnite, Apex Legends, Halo, Hearthstone, Wild Rift, and Valorant, and competes at the top level of eSports gaming.

Sentinels have received various accolades over the years and arguably ranks among the leading eSports organizations.

Sentinels Team Overview

Team Short NameSentinels
GamesFortnite, Apex Legends, Halo, Hearthstone, Wild Rift, and Valorant
LocationLos Angeles, California, US
OwnerRob Moore (CEO)
YouTube channel

Sentinels History

Sentinels was founded in 2016 as Phoenix1, a League of Legends team. The first competition the group participated in was the North American League of Legends Championship Series 2016, where it finished a respectable 8th in the regular season.

The roster for the tournament included Zig, Inori, Pirean, Mash, and Gate. The team competed in the next League of Legends Championship Series events but later sold their seat when the series converted to a franchised league.

The team then partnered up with the KSE (Kroenke Sports & Entertainment) and set up a roster for Overwatch. At the same time, the organization was rebranded to Sentinels as it is known today. 

Over the following years, Sentinels expanded into Fortnite, Hearthstone, Halo, and Valorant. Sentinels split up with KSE in 2018, with the latter gaining sole control over the Overwatch roster.

Sentinels Current Divisions

Apex Legends

Current Roster

IDNameNationalityHead Coach
senoxeLau, AdamCanada
crustKell, NicholasCanada
louClements, TrentonUS


Current Roster

ZyfaWeilgolaski, BrianUS
AspectMcGuire, NickUS
BughaGiersdorf, KyleUS
AnimalWright, OwenUS
CaroseBradford, CaydenUS


Current Roster

LethuLCampbell Jr., TonyUS
SnakeBiteDuarte, PaulUS
FrostyBergstrom, BradleyUS
Royal2Fiorante, MathewCanada


Current Roster

StrifeCroShu, CongUS
ImpactGraham, JoshUS


Current Roster

IDNameNationalityHead Coach
ShahZamKhan, ShahzebUSShane “Rawkus” Flaherty
daprGulino, MichaelUS
TenZNgo, TysonCanada
shroudGrzesiek, MichaelCanada
ZellsisMontemurro, JordanUS

Wild Rift

Current Roster

MTSStover, MatthewUS
SheeshChavez, KevinUS
MaliLiu, JamesUS

Sentinels Organization

Rob MooreCEO
Eric MaCo-President
Charlie LipsieDirector of Esports
Michael MoorePresident of Marketing
ZytoBryan YbanezOperations & Team Management

Sentinels Achievements

DatesTournamentPlacementPrize (USD)
07/08/22Halo Championship Series 2022 NA3rd14,000
09/07/22Icons Global Championship 202217 – 20th10,000
01/05/22Halo Championship Series 2022 Kansas City1st140,000
01/05/22NA Series 2022 Season 12nd17,500
17/04/22FaZe Halo Invitational3rd10,000
13/03/22NA Series 2022 Season 1: Major 22nd4000
20/02/22NA Series 2022 Season 1: Major 13rd3,000
18/02/22C351: FNCA Qualifier 140th
13/02/22Halo Championship Series 2022: NA Regionals4th9,360
08/02/22Fight Night Rift – Week 41st500
23/01/22ALGS: 2022 Split 1 Playoffs – NA4th15,000
19/12/21 Halo Championship Series 2021: Kickoff Major4th 19,600
11/12/21Esports Arena: Series E – Invitational1st10,000
06/12/21VALORANT Champions 20219 – 12th20,000
05/12/21ALGS: 2021 Split 1 Pro League – NA1st30,000
30/11/21RiftMSTRS – Open Qualifiers #35 – 8th 250
09/11/21RiftMSTRS – Open Qualifiers #25 – 8th250
02/11/21RiftMSTRS – Open Qualifiers #15 – 8th250
10/10/21Summoner Series Finals 20217 – 8th2,000
19/09/21Summoner Series ’21 Major 32nd2,000
17/09/21VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters – Berlin5 – 8th25,000
15/08/21VCT 2021: NA Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs1st 40,000
13/06/21ALGS Championship 2021 – NA6th26,480
30/05/21VCT 2021: Stage 2 Masters – Reykjavik1st 200,000
02/05/21VCT 2021: NA Stage 2 Challengers Finals1st40,000
10/04/21Halo 5 Pro Series Season 4: NA1st4,000
21/03/21VCT 2021: NA Stage 1 Masters1st60,000
23/02/21VCT 2021: NA Stage 1 Challengers 22nd10,000
13/12/20JBL Quantum Cup1st25,000
12/12/20Halo 5 Pro Series Season 2: NA1st4,000
07/11/20Halo 5 Pro Season 1: NA 1st4,000
25/10/20PGL Showdown – NA 2nd6,000
30/08/20Pop Flash1st 25,000
26/07/20PAX Arena Invitational1st 10,000
23/07/20PC Cash Cup: C2S3 Week 23rd1,150
29/05/20PC Cash Cup: C2S2 Week 57th700
24/05/20FNCS: Invitational – Grand Finals NA40th600
17/05/20FNCS Invitational Week 2 NA48th
10/05/20FNCS: Invitational Week 1 NA19th300
22/03/20Masters Tour 2020 Los Angeles 16th3,500
19/03/20PC Cash Cup: C2S2 Week 1 NA11th
23/02/20DreamHack Halo Series 2020: Anaheim3rd6,000
02/02/20Masters Tour 2020 Arlington12th3,500
15/12/19GLL Apex Legends Series – NA2nd5,000
20/10/19Masters Tour 2019 Bucharest12th3,500
29/09/19TwitchCon San Diego1st85,750
15/09/19Apex Legends Preseason Invitational6th30,000
03/08/19EXP Invitational – Apex Legends at X Games3rd 21,000
28/07/19Fortnite World Cup Finals Solo1st3,000,000
14/07/19Grandmasters 2019 Season 1 – Americas 7 8th 3,5003,500
01/07/19Twitch Rivals: Apex Legends Elite Queue Challenge 22nd6,500
26/03/19Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge1st 4,500

Partnerships and Collaborations

  • G FUEL partners with Sentinels on Apr 7, 2022
  • Sentinels partners up with Interactive App MEDAL.TV


  • Sentinels faced backlash from the Brazilian Valorant community over Zombs comment about the region during Valorant Champions 2021
  • Involved in a controversy regarding the promotional video of Valorant Champions Tour Master Reykjavik
  • Sentinels sues KSE for breach of contract; both parties split up in 2018
  • Sentinels accused of cheating in Halo Infinite Tournaments
  • Sinatraa (Jay Won) was suspended from professional play for six months due to sexual abuse allegations.


  • Sentinels Lockdown Bounty Hunt with donations to food banks and COVID-19 relief efforts.