JannisZ – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Jannis “JannisZ” Matwin is a popular Dutch Fortnite player who has achieved staggering success at an early age. He earned the winner’s title of two FNCS tournaments in 2021: the Chapter 2 Season 5 FNCS and the Solo Chapter 2 Season Invitational. His outstanding perception of the game and incorporation of the right strategy has taken him to the point where he is applauded as one of the greatest players in Europe.

With his gaming prowess and major achievements, JannisZ was able to amass nearly 750,000 followers across Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter at only the age of 15. He is currently a player of CGN Esports organization.


Real NameJannis Matwin
Birthday April 23, 2005 (Age: 18 Years)
TeamCGN Esports
Currently PlayingFortnite
Net Worth$771,918.37

Professional Career

After serving for two years in Wave Esports, JannisZ joined the top-ranking EU Fortnite team of Guild Esports in 2021. This London-based esports organization extended their roster by signing him up, and it was a major breakthrough for them as JannisZ was then already the current winner of the Fortnite Champion Series tournament.

He joined as the fifth member of the EU Fortnite team, alongside Nikolaj “Flikk” Froslev, Tai “TaySon” Starcic, Anas “Anas” EI-Abd, and Henrik “Hen” Mclean. JannisZ kicked off with the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 6, followed by many international and European tournaments.

It was a great opportunity for this pro-Dutch player to be a part of such a big organization and have teammates who are among the best players in the world. Simultaneously, signing such an exceptional player was part of Guild’s consistent growth. It simply strengthened its already ruling EU Fortnite team as JannisZ brought Guild Esports more trophies.

The year 2021 was a memorable year for JannisZ and its EU Fortnite team, as he bagged two winning trophies from the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 2 and the Solo Chapter 2 Season Invitational. He was probably only 16 years old when he racked up more than $28,000 in cash prizes from tournament winnings.

However, before winning multiple FNCS champion trophies, JannisZ escalated his recognition by achieving success at Fortnite’s 2020 Champion Series Invitational Europe and the 2020 Marvel Duo Cup.

This young Dutch Fortnite player is currently playing for the professional esports organization in Germany, CGN Esports.

What Is The JannisZ’s Net Worth?

JannisZ’s net worth is estimated to be $771,918.37.

How Much Does The JannisZ Earn?

JannisZ is known to hold the 4th rank in the highest earnings for German players and the 218th rank in the highest overall rankings

The largest amount that he earned as a cash prize was $150,000 from winning the 2022 FNCS: Chapter 3 Season 3 Grand Finals: Europe. However, the $120,000 in cash prize earnings from the FNCS Invitational Grand Finals: Europe and the cash prizes from 29 tournaments led JannisZ to reach the $100,000 milestone in 2020.

He is recently known to have earned a total of $9,910 in cash prizes from three tournaments. However, apart from tournament winnings, this talented young gamer is expected to earn substantially from subscriptions, sponsorships, ads, team salary, promotions, and more.

Streaming Hours

As per Twitchstats, JannisZ is known to stream Fortnite every day for 1 hour and 40 minutes, with 2,052 highest viewers.

Official Channels


  • 2023 FNCS: Major 1 Europe – Grand Finals: $50,000
  • 022 C3S3: FNCS – Grand Finals Europe (1st place): $150,000
  • 2022 C3S1: FNCS – Grand Finals Europe: $60,000
  • 2021 FNCS: Grand Royale EU: $60,000
  • 2021 C2S7: FNCS – Grand Finals Europe: $25,000
  • 2021 C2S6: FNCS – Grand Finals Europe: $100,000
  • 2020 EU Encore: $10,000
  • 2020 C2S4: FNCS – Grand Finals Europe: $31,000
  • 2020 FNCS: Invitational – Grand Finals Europe: $120,000.


  • JannisZ is one of the youngest Fortnite players and has achieved immense success with his gaming talent at an early age.
  • Before joining the Wave esports team in 2019, people knew him only by his gaming talents, not by his face, as he didn’t reveal it to the public.
  • He made the year 2021 memorable by winning two FNCS tournaments, one after another.
  • JannisZ lost his father in 2021.
  • Within 15 to 16 years of age, he bagged over $280,000 in cash prizes from tournament winnings.
  • JannisZ climbed the success ladder by winning the 2020 Champion Series Invitational Europe and the 2020 Marvel Duo, followed by the FNCS tournaments.


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