iitztimmy – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

IiTzTimmy is a professional esports player, Twitch streamer, and social media personality currently based in the US.

He is counted amongst the most popular esports Twitch streamers and now has over 2.5 million followers. He is a member of team chrchads.


Real NameTimmy An
NationalityUnited States
Birthday April 19, 2000 (Age: 24 years)
Height5’ 8”
Team100 Thieves
Currently PlayingApex Legends
Net Worth$850,000 (estimated)


He has two siblings, an elder brother and a sister. There are unconfirmed reports that Twitch streamer aceu is iiTzTimmy’s brother. His girlfriend is Aline, and they have been dating for the past two years.

Other Interests

iiTzTimmy loves watching anime. His favorite character is Itachi Uchiha from Naruto.

Gaming Origins

iiTzTimmy has always been a video game lover. He had to convince his brother to make him a Maple Story account when he was five, and then and there, he was hooked on video games.

After dropping out of college, he decided to stream his content to the world. iiTzTimmy moved on to League of Legends and the Counter-Strike: Global Strike (he switched between both games). He also tried Fortnite, but Apex Legends turned his head.

Professional Career

Apex Legends was the game that drew iiTzTimmy to the world of professional esports and even streaming.

He used to stream his live play to his audience, which was noticed by many other top streamers who invited him for collaborations. It led to him joining Golden Guardians and signing a Twitch partnership.

He left Golden Guardians in December 2020 and is currently a member of team chrchads.

What is iiTzTimmy’s Net Worth?

There is not much information regarding the net worth of iiTzTimmy is on the public domain, but it has been reported that his net worth is somewhere in the range of $850,000.

iiTzTimmy’s primary source of income has been his Twitch platform. To this day, he has participated in 16 open tournaments whose records are in the public domain, with winnings of just over $24,000. He has ranked in first position a couple of times.

How Much Does iiTzTimmy Earn?

Twitch is the primary source of income for iiTzTimmy. His currency has over 1,370 paid subscribers to his Twitch channel. It nets him around $3,400 every month through the subscriptions.

There are also tiered subscriptions, tips, Twitch cheer, advertisements on YouTube, sponsorships, and his contract with the chrchads that one needs to consider.

Streaming Hours

iiTzTimmy is an active Twitch streamer. There is no set schedule for his streaming, but typically he streams on his Twitch channel after 22:00 UTC.

Official Handles


iiTzTimmy has participated in 16 open tournaments, winning the Twitch Rivals: Golf with your Friends event in 2021 and Twitch Rivals: Valorant Series 2 North America in the same year. He came second at Lulu’s Throwdown in 2022.

iiTzTimmy has over 2.5 million followers on his Twitch channel, comfortably making him one of the most popular eSports players in the world.


  • iiTzTimmy is an avid anime fan. His favorite character is Itachi Uchiha from Naruto.
  • iiTzTimmy is a fan of Canadian Twitch streamer Shroud. He also has Shroud Edition Logitech Keyboard.
  • iiTzTimmy once streamed Apex Legends for 55 hours straight.


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