Tfue – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Tfue is a professional esports player and streamer currently under contract with FaZe Clan. He formerly played for Denial esports. He is best known for his excellent performance in Fortnite.


Real NameTurner Tenney
NationalityUnited States
Birthday January 2, 1998 (Age: 26 years)
Height6’ 1”
TeamFaZe Clan ( He left FaZe Clan after a legal dispute over his contract)
Currently PlayingFortnite
Net Worth$5 million


Information about Tfue’s family is hard to come by. However, it is reported that he has two brothers and a sister. His younger brother is Jac Tenney, a pro surfer, who also has a YouTube account under the name JOOGSQUAD PPJT. Tfue first started streaming content on his brother’s account.

Other Interests

Skimboarding, surfing, and longboarding

Gaming Origins

Tfue started playing Halo with his brother when he was 12 and quickly broke world records on popular games. He was a natural at the game and often linked up with his brother for multiplayer rounds.

However, it was not until Call of Duty and Destiny that Tfue really started to get involved with video gaming. As he became older, he began streaming his gaming sessions, something he does to this day.

Being home-schooled also helped him with his streaming career as he can have a flexible schedule about how he can go about his streaming.

His streaming really took off when he began streaming Destiny with his friends on Twitch and YouTube in June 2015.

Professional Career

Tfue knew from a young age that becoming a YouTuber & professional esports player would be his career, and he focused on that full-time. After dabbling in Halo for a bit, Tfue quickly jumped into the battle Royale genre.

Tfue joined Denial Esports in 2017 and became an H1Z1 player. He later substituted for Rogue and joined the team PUBG roster as well. Tfue quit his team and joined Faze Clan in 2018, eventually making it into the Fortnite pro scene. It is here where his ability truly started to shine.

In Faze, Tfue competed and won several tourneys alongside his partner Cloakzy. In 2018 the duo won the Fall Skirmish Grand Finals.

Tfue has also done some quite impressive solo play, placing in the finals of the 2019 Fortnite World Cup and obtaining a record amount of kills.

What is Tfue’s Net Worth?

Tfue net worth is currently reported to be around $5 million.

In a legal dispute with FaZe Clan, it was claimed that Tfue made around $20 million from streaming. However, that claim is not substantiated with any proof.

How Much Does Tfue Earn?

Tfue award-winnings are around $112,000. However, that number does not take into account the private tournaments that Tfue has played in his career. His addition to his earnings from the tourneys.

He also has an impressive over 38,000 paid subscribers on his Twitch channel, which should garner him around $120,000 in monthly income. He also earns pretty handsomely from his advertising, Twitch cheers, and brand sponsorships.

Streaming Hours

Tfue streams for about 4 to 6 hours on a daily basis. The following is Tfue’s stream schedule:

Saturdays0100 – 0600 UTC
Sundays2000 – 0500 UTC
Mondays0000 – 0700 UTC
Tuesdays1900 – 0500 UTC
Wednesdays & Thursdays2200 – 0700 UTC
Fridays1400 – 0300 UTC

Official Handles


To this day, Tfue has participated in over 40 tournaments in various games (most of these plays are in Fortnite, both as solo and duo teams). He has placed at the top of the ranking in ten of those events and a further six top-three finishes.

It is an excellent record for someone who is considered by many in the gaming community as a streamer more than a professional esports player.


  • Tfue has the best kill rate for a squad on Fortnite, with 53 kills.
  • Tfue has the best solo kill record in Fortnite at 29.
  • Tfue was offered a partnership from Twitch for his excellent performance in Halo and Call of Duty.


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