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Sayaplayer – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Ha “Sayaplayer” Jung-woo is a professional Valorant player, currently a part of the global esports joint venture, T1. This South Korean player rose to fame as a pro-Fortnite player with his former North American esports team, The Guard. As an Overwatch player, he showcased his gaming skills and strategies by defeating some of the top competitors in the tournament.

Sayaplayer is known to currently have a 1.12 rating from 5371 rounds played, boasting a 55% first-blood success rate and a headshot percentage of 25.6%. His other statistics include 146.9 ADR (Average Damage Per Round), 783.4% KAST (Kill, Assist, Survival & Trading), and 229.4 ACS (Average Combat Score).


Real NameHa Jung-woo
Gaming Name / NicknameSayaplayer
NationalitySouth Korea
Birthday July 29, 1998 (Age: 25 Years)
Currently PlayingValorant
Net Worth$50,722.63

Professional Career

Jung-Woo was initially known by the gaming alias “Spyder.” He kicked off his professional esports career as a member of T1’s former Valorant team with the gaming moniker “Spyder.” However, he encountered dismissal in December after being moved down to the bench in the middle of 2021.

He joined the popular North American esports team, The Guard, and soon became a part of their active roster, changing his gaming alias to “Sayaplayer” from Spyder. Interestingly, The Guard’s Head Coach is known to believe that Jung-woo changed his in-game “Spyder” name after being forced by T1. So after joining this NA team, Jung-woo renewed his initial identity, or gaming moniker, as they follow no such limits or restrictions.

Sayaplayer played as a Duelist with a specialization in frags for The Guard. With his gaming skills, the team could secure multiple key achievements like an NSG Winter Championship, NA Stage 1 Challengers, and Master Reykjavik. His top preferences as a player were Raze, Jett, and then Neon and Chamber.

However, when he was a T1 player, his dual duty was filling out for Jett and Omen on requirements.

In 2022, T1 declared its new roster for the VCT (Valorant Champions Tour) 2023 and the comeback of one of their most remarkable players, Sayaplayer. The team signed him up for the Pacific League. Considering his achievements with The Guard, T1 hoped to go back to his glorious days with T1 as a team player, and it proved so.

Sayaplayer currently holds 3rd place in the 2023 VCT” Pacific League and 9th to 10th place in the 2023 VCT: Masters Tokyo. This North Korean Valorant player is undoubtedly a popular pro athlete in the contemporary esports scene. With his flawless crosshair and aim placement, Sayaplayer renders excellent precision with his shots. He continues to be a fantastic North American Duelist.

What is the Sayaplayer’s Net Worth?

Sayaplayer’s net worth is estimated to be $50,722.63.

How Much Does the Sayaplayer Earn?

Sayaplayer’s highest earning was $10,000 in cash prize from the 2022 VCT: North America Stage 1 Challenger. His 1st place made up 19.72% of his total money prize won.

He currently earns $40,000 in cash prizes from the 2023 VCT: Pacific League and $25,000 from the 2023 VCT: Masters Tokyo. Apart from tournament winnings, Sayaplayer is expected to earn a considerable amount from subscriptions, advertisements, Twitch streams, sponsorships, and other sources.

Streaming Hours

As per Twitch stats, Sayaplayer is known to have had 207 peak viewers, 261 hours watched, and 157 average viewers in the last 30 days.

There is no clear detail available on the streaming hours or what schedule Sayaplayer follows to stream daily.

Official Channels


Some of the top achievements of Sayaplayer include:

  • 2023 VCT: Masters Tokyo – $25,000
  • 2023 VCT: Pacific League (3rd place) – $40,000
  • 2023 VCT: LOCK//IN Sao Paulo – $5,000
  • 2022 VCT: North America Stage 2 Challengers – $6,000
  • 2022 VCT: Stage 1 Masters Reykjavik – $25,000
  • 2022 VCT: North America Stage 1 Challengers (1st place) – $50,000
  • 2022 NSG: Winter Championship – $3,000
  • 2022 NSG: Winter Championship Open 14 (1st place) – $1,250
  • 2021 VCT: North America Stage 1 Challengers 3 – $1,000
  • 2020 First Strike North America – $5,000


Some trivial facts about Sayaplayer include the following:

  • Sayaplayer holds a 53.33% win rate
  • His initial in-game alias was Spyder when he was with T1. After joining The Guide, he changed his moniker to “Sayaplayer.”
  • According to the Ensi ranking system, this Valorant player holds a 72 Ensi. Rank and a 1502.60 Ensi.Score.
  • Sayaplayer has recently been an impactful player for T1.


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