PROD – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Connor ‘PROD’ Moran is a professional Valorant player from the United States, currently a free agent. This American e-gamer streams mostly Valorant on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. In March 2022, he signed up with the American Organization, The Guard, as a content creator.

Prod is applauded for his Jett plays, and his unique playstyle makes him one of the most followed esports players. His fans admire him for his flashy and fast-paced executions. In 2021, this Valorant player gained the title “NA’s Last Hope” while amassing more than 606K followers on Twitch by 2022.


Real NameConnor Moran
Gaming Name / NicknameProd
Birthday 25 April, 2002 (Age: 22 Years)
TeamFree Agent
Currently PlayingValorant
Net Worth$794.55

Gaming Origin

Prod blasted the internet at the inception of 2022, garnering huge fan followers on Twitch. Although he is quite active on social platforms, Prod is tight-lipped about his personal life. So there is very little known about his personal life.

Professional Career

Valorant has helped many streamers gain popularity and well-deserved fame ever since its release. One such streamer is Prod, who turned up on the scene in late 2021.

This Valorant player from America started to capture people’s eyes after his clips circulated on social media in November 2021. As per the Twitch Tracker, Prod started with just 26 average viewers, but it escalated to over 4,000 in March 2022. As of January 2023, his followers had increased to more than 643k on Twitch and over 177k on Twitter.

Within a few months, Prod enjoyed an astronomical surge in popularity because of his unique playstyle. His fans remember him for his flashy plays and erratic movements on Jett, where he tends not to stop spinning, updrafting, or jumping on the enemy.

While all North American teams got eliminated early at Valorant Champions 2021, many fans jokingly referred to Prod as “NA’s last hope”. Moreover, his Twitch stardom escalated because of his unique playstyle within a few months.

In 2022, this Valorant streamer teamed up with The Guard as a content creator for the organization. After this signing, this American organization enjoyed exponential growth. But Prod’s journey with The Guard was only for a short duration of about four months, after which the streamer moved to Canada parting ways.

He is currently known to be working as a free agent. With his entertaining skills, Prod has touched the hearts of millions of fans and is today listed among the most followed Valorant content creators.

What is the Prod’s Net Worth?

Prod’s net worth is estimated to be $794.55.

How Much Does the Prod Earn?

As per Twitch Stats, Prod has nearly 801 active subscribers, and his estimated earnings from it are between $888 and $2,035. His Twitch viewer record as of January 2023 is known to be 25,578 peak viewers.

In addition, this Valorant player seems to earn a considerable amount from other social platforms like Twitter and Instagram. As of June 5, 2023, he had nearly 697K followers on Twitch, 187.7K followers on Twitter, and 23.3K followers on Instagram.

Streaming Hours

Unfortunately, there’s no information on the streaming schedule for Prod.

Official Channels


Some of the top achievements of Prod include:

  • 2nd place at the FaZe Smeag All Star Weekend in November 2022
  • 1st place at the Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship in July 2022
  • 1st place at the VCT Game Changers NA Stage 2 Challengers in June 2022
  • 1st place at the VCT Game Changers NA Stage 1 Challengers in April 2022
  • 2022 G4 Rumble (3rd-4th) – $500.00.


Some trivial facts about Prod include the following:

  • Prod started to rise in popularity in November 2021 after his game playing technique went viral. Starting with only 26 viewers, the e-gamer’s video viewers crossed 4000 within March 2021.
  • Thanks to its unique playing style, this Valorant player is referred to as “NA’s last hope’ in its community.
  • Prod loves playing Jett and is ideally the best at it.
  • He prefers using the operator as his primary weapon.
  • The player dislikes streamsnipers, and he is also known to have cried often when annoyed multiple times by interruptions.


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