s0m – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Sam “s0m” Oh is a professional Valorant gamer signed with NRG, a professional esports organization based in Los Angeles, California. s0m is a former Counter-Strike: Global Offense player, now focusing on Valorant as his primary game.

Through NRG, he participates in Valorant tournaments with his team. Rather than streaming like his peers, s0m’s main goal was to play competitively. The nineteen-year-old only started streaming as a stepping stone to becoming a pro.

s0m is an invaluable member of NRG’s Valorant roster. He has brought wins for his team through impressive skills, unexpected of a member at such a young age. The professional continues to grind the game and improve his expertise over it.


Real NameSam Oh
Birthday 7th June 2002 (Age: 21 years)
Height5 feet 7 inches
TeamFree Agent
Currently PlayingValorant
Net Worth$700 Thousand


s0m grew up in a family of four, consisting of his parents and older brother. His family has been incredibly supportive throughout his career, allowing s0m to leave home at the age of 15 to pursue his future.

They even met with Complexity Gaming when the gaming organization offered a contract for the young talent. The team has uploaded a ‘POV’ video of them meeting up and discussing the details of joining on YouTube. The family is seen carefully scrutinizing the surroundings, ensuring it’s suitable for their youngest.

Since the family is of Asian origin, people are surprised when they realize how supportive s0m’s parents are, contrasting the strict stereotype. In any case, his family continues to support s0m through his soaring career.

s0m has a girlfriend named Katie Wonn, a fellow Valorant player. Katie streams her gameplay on Twitch and is referred to as a jerk banner since she has more than 12K followers. She often posts photos of the two together on her Instagram. She is a popular TikToker as well, amassing more than 55K followers who praise her for posting original and entertaining content.

Other Interests

s0m is an avid Valorant player and enjoys watching other teams’ Valorant competitions as well. After a match, he posts on Twitter, commenting on how much he enjoyed the gameplays. s0m will always be a fan of his favorite Valorant teams.

Other than that, he doesn’t have any interests public to his fans. He is, however, very open with them, going as far as making a thread about not being able to poop before a flight. 

In the end, s0m’s career as a professional gamer is his utmost priority. He spends his time grinding to improve his skills and streaming for his fans.

Gaming Origins

Even as a child, s0m enjoyed playing games on his computer. Around the age of 13-14, he started playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. After discovering ESEA, a third-party anti-cheating matchmaking program, he began playing seriously to rise in ranks on the platform.

He reached rank 5 in his first month as Rank G. In the second month, he went up to rank 2, promoting him to Rank S. Seeing the proof of his skills, he decided to pursue a career in gaming. However, he was still underage, considering the minimum age requirement for pro-league is 16 years. Despite this, he started streaming to kickstart his career and was contacted by Complexity Gaming’s stream team.

Professional Career

At 15 years old, Sam joined Complexity Gaming as a streamer. Many netizens praised the company for scouting fresh talent like s0m. According to his contract with them, he moved out onto company property and attended high school online. As a result, he graduated early and was able to focus on his budding career.

After he turned 16 and became eligible to play in the leagues, he expected Complexity Gaming to convert his status as a streamer to a player for their roster. However, this didn’t happen, and the parties’ opposing views led to s0m being released as a streamer in July 2018.

He was instead signed as a prospect player for them to test out. The move didn’t pan out well, and he was a free agent for a while, only stepping in to substitute for Swole Patrol in late November 2018.

In March 2019, he signed with Team Envy. Alas, his stay there was short-lived, lasting less than a year until early December, when he was transferred to GenG. He was a brilliant addition to their Counter-Strike team, dubbed as their ‘young star.’

Another year later, he made yet one more transition from GenG to NRG Esports. He joined their Valorant roster along with the likes of eeiu, tex, hazed, and Ethan and tried several FPV combat techniques to improve his grasp over it.

Other than competing in leagues with his team, he streams his gameplay for his fans on Twitch. He interacts with his followers through Twitter and Instagram as well, updating them about what he’s up to. He also posts highlights of his streams on his YouTube channel for those who miss his streams on Twitch.

To date, s0m is playing for NRG Esports while focusing on competitive Valorant.

What Is s0m’s Net Worth?

s0m has a total net worth of around $700,000 in 2022. He earns most of his money by participating in leagues and other competitions. His Twitch and YouTube channels also bring in a significant amount.

At the time of writing, s0m has 609K followers on Twitch and 183K subscribers on YouTube. The gamer also has 66.8K followers on Instagram and 184K on Twitter.

His large following acts as a means of attracting brands looking to advertise themselves. The platforms also help him gain more fans through his astonishing expertise in the game.

How Much Does s0m Earn?

On Twitch, through Tiered subscriptions, tips, and Twitch cheer bits, he earns quite a sum of money. He is estimated to have approximately 1000 monthly subscribers, giving him at least $2,500 per month. He also appreciates donations through streamlabs, though he doesn’t ask for any upfront. He also displays advertisements on his streams resulting in more money from brands. Just his Twitch and YouTube bring in approximately $18,000 every month.

Moreover, his affiliate codes for brands like purple, Hotpockets, and Levi’s bring in commissions as well. He also promotes NRG’s affiliate brands which likely grant him some extra cash. Moreover, s0m endorses the NRG merch line and gains income along with his team salary.

Most importantly, he earns a large sum of money from the various leagues and official competitions he takes part in.

Streaming Hours

s0m doesn’t have a fixed schedule for his Twitch streams, and his streams can go on from 2 hours to 6, depending on his commitments.

s0m seldom streams on Saturdays and Sundays, limiting his streams to weekdays only.

Official Handles


s0m has had many achievements in his career as a gamer, even before he started playing Valorant. As a Counter-Strike player, here is a compiled list of his achievements below:

  • As part of Team Envy, he won $5,000 at the ESL Pro League Season 9 – Americas
  • A few months later, in Season 10, he won $7,000.
  • In DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020, s0m not only helped bring victory to his team GenG but also won the MVP award for his play. The team took home a $50,000 cash prize.
  • He won $18,000 for winning the ESL One: Road to Rio – North America tournament in May 2020 as part of GenG.
  • Coming in 2nd at the cs_summit 6 Online: North America tournament, he won $16,000 for GenG in July 2020.

The following achievements are from 2020 till date, after he joined NRG and started playing Valorant competitively.

  • Nerd Street Gamers, December 2020 saw him win 1st place and a cash prize of $6,000.
  • In 2021, Nerd Street Gamers had a summer championship where s0m came in 2nd, bringing in $5,000.
  • In the VCT 2021: North America Stage 2 Challenger competition, NRG won 3rd place, raking in $7,000. Next year they didn’t do as well but still earned $6,000.
  • s0m won a grand sum of $10,000 in Tyler1’s Money Match, November 2021.
  • Coming in 2nd at the Knights Arena Valorampage in January 2022, he won $7,500.


There are many entertaining facts about s0m. Here is a compiled list of a few of them:

  • Only aged 10 at the time of writing, s0m is one of the youngest professional players in both Counter-Strike and Valorant.
  • s0m has been part of a total of 4 professional E-sports teams, including Complexity Gaming, Team Envy, GenG Gaming, and NRG Esports.
  • The player overshares on Twitter about his bathroom habits, often updating his followers.
  • s0m has formed a close relationship with Bradley “Andriod” Fodor as they have been in several teams together.
  • He likes to keep up with other matches happening in Valorant, monitoring his competition primarily for entertainment.
  • When he loses a match, he apologizes to his fans on Twitter for his performance and promises to improve his condition.
  • s0m has raised $4,000 for charity by hosting a subathon. He got 5,000 subscriptions after streaming for 81 hours. The subathon had various incentives for watchers to donate money. He had listed the details beforehand through a tweet.
  • Because of the subathon, he held a cooking stream with his girlfriend Katie, where they made pizza.


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