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Ethos – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Ethos is a well-known esports professional, Twitch streamer, and entrepreneur. He was previously a member of NRG and took part in several tournaments on behalf of the team. In 2021, he retired from professional esports to focus on his streaming career.


Real NameAlan Ruan
Gaming Name / Nicknameethos
NationalityUnited States
Birthday May 2, 1999 (Age: 25 Years)
Height5’ 9”
Currently PlayingValorant
Net Worth$1.7 million


Not much is known about the Ethos family. He was born to Chinese immigrant parents and moved to Boston when he was three years old. He also has a sister.

Other Interests

Ethos is an anime lover.

Gaming Origins

Ethos is a gamer who picked up the hobby at a young age. He has often discussed his love of gaming on his live streams. One of the games that he has particularly enjoyed playing is Call of Duty.

This game inspired him to spend more time practicing and improving his skills. In 2013, he began uploading videos of his Call of Duty gameplay to his YouTube channel. These videos were well-received by his viewers and helped to establish his online presence as a gamer.

Professional Career

In 2013, ethos began his YouTube channel by uploading Call of Duty quick-scoping and trick-shotting montages. He later joined the prominent Trickshotting clan Soar Gaming. By August 2016, ethos had gained 3,000 subscribers on YouTube. In 2017, he started his Twitch channel and began streaming consistently in 2018. That year, he streamed for 143 days, averaging 13 viewers per stream.

In 2019, ethos continued to stream for a total of 113 days, maintaining an average of 13 viewers. His YouTube account gained traction as some of his CS: GO montages reached hundreds of thousands of views, boosting his presence on the platform.

With the release of VALORANT in 2020, ethos began posting gameplay on YouTube and streaming it on Twitch. The game proved to be a success for him, as his viewer count on Twitch increased. Starting in October, he never dropped below 100 viewers again.

In 2021, ethos continued to grow in popularity. His viewer base increased to an average of 1,353 viewers, and he streamed a total of 275 days. His YouTube channel also became widely popular in the Valorant community. On February 24, 2021, ethos signed with NRG Esports as a streamer.

He also participated in 48 esports tournaments during the period, winning four of them.

What is Ethos’s Net Worth?

Little is publicly known about ethos’s net worth, but the latest estimations put his net worth around $1.7 million.

How Much Does Ethos Earn?

Ethos is a YouTuber, gamer, and Twitch streamer who earns money through various means, such as Google AdSense, sponsorships, paid partnerships, and brand endorsements. He also makes money by streaming video games on Twitch. According to estimates, his yearly income is between $67,000 and $110,000. His monthly salary is estimated to be between $5,580 and $9,160, and he makes approximately $1,100 to $1,400 from his YouTube channel. He is also under contract with NRG and earns a decent income from there as well.

Streaming Hours

ethos streams on his Twitch channel every day for about 5 hours.

Official Channels


Ethos has had a successful career in the world of competitive video gaming. Schrub has participated in 48 open esports tournaments, winning 4 of them and achieving four runner-up finishes. His biggest payout came from his first-place finish in the Toronto: Viper’s Pit, where he won $4,006.


  • Ethos was born in North Carolina to Chinese immigrant parents.
  • Ethos considers himself more of a content creator than an esports player.


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