Commandment – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Josh “Commandment” Roach is among the most famous and richest Fortnite players from the United States. This esports player is currently a part of the US-based professional esports organization Team SoloMid (TSM). He is known to hold the #61 rank in the highest earnings among United States players and the #407 rank in the highest overall earnings.

As per Business Insider and Forbes, the net worth of Commandment is estimated to be $5 million as of June 2023.


Real NameJosh Roach
Birthday January 17, 2005 (Age: 19 Years)
TeamTeam SoloMid
Currently PlayingFortnite
Net Worth$5 Million

Gaming Origin

Josh Commandment Roach grew up watching his brother compete in PUBG and, later, Valorant. So this competitive spirit and blood started to course through his veins, which finally encouraged him to be the best Fortnite player.

With a supportive family and competitive gaming blood, it’s no surprise to see him attaining 1st place in the FNCS: Chapter 3 Season 3 Grand Finals or winning about 10 Fortnite tournaments.

Professional Career

Commandment has been an inspiration ever since he stepped into the esports world as a Fortnite player. At just 18 years of age, he achieved outstanding success and made Fortnite records on different numbers. His gaming techniques and stats have inspired many fellow Fortnite gamers and helped them improve their game.

This American Fortnite player is known to be an adept Fortnite gamer and tactical when playing the major tournaments. Commandment is an integral player of the esports team TSM or Team SoloMid. Ever since he joined Fortnite in 2019, nothing could stop Commandment from becoming victorious with his incredible and flawless gaming stats.

He is the winner of nearly 10 Fortnite tournaments and the runner-up of about 10 tournaments. Commandment is also a dedicated Fortnite streamer on Twitch. He inspires his 154K followers on Twitch.

What Is The Commandment’s Net Worth?

Commandment’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of June 2023.

How Much Does The Commandment Earn?

Commandment ranks #61 in the highest earnings for United States’ players and #407 in the highest overall earnings.

The highest money that he earned as a cash prize was $112,500 from the 2019 Fortnite World Cup Finals. He even reached the $100,000 milestone after this tournament. Cash prizes won from 11 tournaments helped him achieve it.

Apart from tournament winnings, he is expected to earn a significant sum from subscriptions, streams, team salary, sponsorships, ads, and many other sources.

Streaming Hours

Commandment is known to stream Fortnite on Twitch. However, there’s no specific information available on his streaming schedule or hours.

Official Channels


  • 2019 Fortnite World Cup Finals: $112,500
  • 2022 FNCS: Chapter 3 Season 3 Grand Finals: $80,000
  • 2021 FNCS: Chapter 2 Season 5 Grand Finals: $35,000
  • 2021 FNCS: Chapter 2 Season 6 Grand Finals: $35,000
  • 2021 FNCS: Chapter 2 Season 7 Grand Finals: $35,000
  • 2021 FNCS: Chapter 2 Season 8 Grand Finals: $20,000
  • 2020 FNCS: Chapter 2 Season 4 Grand Finals: $17,000
  • 2021 FNCS: Grand Royale -NA East: $14,000
  • 2019 FNCS: Chapter 2 Season 1 Grand Final: $11,250
  • 2020 FNCS: Invitational -Week 1: NA East: $10,000


  • Commandment is one of the richest American eSports players.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of June 2023.
  • His brother was an inspiration, as Commandment grew up watching him play PUBG and Valorant.
  • Commandment is currently a part of the popular organization Team SoloMid.
  • He has won nearly 10 Fortnite tournaments, and his largest cash prize was $112,500.


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