Steel- Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Joshua Nissan, better known as Steel, is a professional Valorant player and T1’s in-game leader. He is a former Counter-Strike: Global Offense and Counter-Strike: Source competitive player but has since switched to playing Valorant full-time. Along with the team he leads, he participates in various Valorant competitions. He also streams on Twitch and regularly uploads videos of his gameplay onto his YouTube channel.

Steel has been an irreplaceable part of T1 since his joining after he was transferred from 100 Thieves.


Real NameJoshua Nissan
Birthday 28th December 1989 (Age: 34 years)
Currently PlayingValorant
Net WorthUnknown


Although Steel doesn’t openly bring his family into the spotlight besides a few Instagram photos, he seems to be quite close to them, going on hikes together. He even paused his stream to greet them when they dropped by. He had also defended his family when an ill-meaning Valorant fan brought his family’s morals in an ad hominem attack against the streamer.

The gamer eloped in July 2019 with Carina Nissan after they decided they didn’t want a big, flashy wedding since they’re both private people. Like his family, Joshua keeps her away from public interest. Thus, there isn’t much to go off of regarding her career and other details.

The pair has adopted two adorable rescue dogs named Roughy and Josie. They even have an Instagram account dedicated to the canines.

Other Interests

Steel is exceptionally fond of hiking, as proven by his Instagram feed. The gamer posts impressive photos of his adventures alongside his wife and dogs. He loves to travel, and lucky for him, it’s in his job description as he goes around the world to attend worldwide gaming tournaments.

Nonetheless, he stays focused on his gaming career. He regularly practices his skills and streams his efforts for his following. He even posted a tweet specifying the long hours he has to train every day as mandated by pro teams, not including the individual time he spends on aim training, learning lineups, theory crafting, and the sorts.

His professional gaming career is his primary focus, and he is committed to succeeding in it. He also pays attention to his fans by streaming as much as possible and uploading content to YouTube.

Gaming Origins

Joshua started gaming as a child after his brother’s friend introduced him to Counter-Strike. His aptitude for the sport must have influenced his desire to pursue a career as a professional gamer.
One of the most experienced gamers in the scene, Steel began his journey in 2009, much before any other new-generation players. He is now 32 years old and still going strong as the leader of his own team.

Steel began dedicating significant portions of his time once Counter-Strike: Source came out. He also played Counter-Strike: Global Offense when it came out and quickly gained recognition. Soon after Valorant was released, he made another switch and continued to grind to the top.

Professional Career

Steel began his Counter-Strike professional career in 2009 as part of Source. He most superbly led iBUYPOWER and Torqued after the move to Global Offensive.

Playing with Team Dynamic at DSRack LAN #3 was the height of his CS career because he had recently been acquired by a team that was not only the best in North America but also the only team to compete globally for years. They came in second place behind VeryGames in this tournament, cementing his position in competitive Counter-Strike.

However, due to his involvement in the North American match rigging incident, he was permanently barred from competing or participating in Valve-affiliated tournaments in 2015. He was a competitive Overwatch player for Splyce before returning to Counter-Strike in 2017. Teams like Torqued, GX, Ghost Gaming and Chaos Esports Club highlighted the second half of his Counter-Strike career.

In August 2020, he retired from Counter-Strike after being signed by 100 Thieves as part of their Valorant squad, putting behind nine years of competitive Counter-Strike.

The professional gamer put his best foot forward and earned 100 Thieves major success in their early days. He was a big part of the effort to win the North America First Strike tournament and qualify for the Masters’ event of the Valorant Champions Tour.

However, Steel was removed from 100T’s active roster before the Last Chance Qualifier after a dismal top-four finish at VCT Masters Berlin. Fans wondered where Steel would go next when 100 Thieves replaced him with Aaron “b0i” Thao.

100 Thieves then announced that he would be transferred but didn’t specify where leaving followers in the dark. Later, it was found out that Steel was joining the T1 team, designated as a leader.

He streams his gaming for his fans on Twitch in addition to competing in tournaments with his squad. He also regularly uploads YouTube videos for those who can’t join him on Twitch.

What Is Steel’s Net Worth?

There is no fixed value of Steel’s net worth in 2022. However, he earns a hefty amount of money by participating in tournaments, and his streams and video uploads income from Twitch and YouTube as well.

As of now, Steel has 544K followers on Twitch and 130K subscribers on YouTube. The gamer also has 190.8K followers on Twitter and 14.3K followers on Instagram.

These big figures enable him to entice sponsors and appeal to an even larger audience of Valorant enthusiasts.

How Much Does Steel Earn?

His most regular stream of income likely comes from his Twitch channel. Through Tiered subscriptions, tips, and Twitch cheer bits, he earns a large amount of money. He also accepts donations from generous fans.

Moreover, his YouTube channel also has a lot of followers, and his videos get thousands of views, resulting in even more money. The advertisements he has on his streams and videos provide extra revenue. 

He is affiliated with Razer and often advertises their products on his social media. These ads bring him a significant amount of money as well.

Regardless, his most substantial income comes from the various leagues and tournaments he participates in.

Streaming Hours

Steel streams every day except for Saturdays, often at 12:30 PM. He continues streaming for around 6-8 hours every time.

However, sometimes he cannot keep to his schedule because of personal commitments or clashing events. In this case, he makes sure to inform his followers beforehand on Twitter.

Official Handles


Here is a shortened list of Steel’s achievements as a Counter-Strike player below:

  •  In 2010, he won 1st place in the ESEA Invite Finals Season 7: CSS competition, earning $5,800.
  •  Next year in Season 9, he won 1st place again, earning $6,500.
  • At the ESL Pro Series Germany Summer 2012 tournament, his team came 1st, winning $7,548.59.
  • ESEA Season 16 – Global Invite Division 2014 saw him winning 1st place, taking home $20,000.
  • He came in second in the FACEIT League – Season 2 in 2014, winning $10,000.
  • In the WorldGaming Canadian Championship Series 2017, he came in 1st, raking in $18,865.
  • He won $10,000 in the ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 – Americas tournament, and later in the same year, he won ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 and the cash prize of $20,000.
  • Steel participated in the WESG 2019 North America competition and won $25,000.
  • In 2020, he won the ESEA Season 34: Premier Division – North America tournament and earned $20,000.

Next, here are his achievements from Valorant tournaments since 2020:

  • He won 1st place in the Pittsburgh Knights Boomer Bowl, winning $3,000 in 2020.
  • In the same year, he came 1st at the First Strike North America Tournament and won 100 Thieves $40,000.
  • In the VCT 2021: North America Stage 1 Challengers 3 tournament, his team came 2nd place, raking in $10,000.
  • Later, in the VCT 2021: North America Stage 2 Challengers 1 tournament, he won $20,000.
  • Coming in 2nd at the VCT 2021: North America Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs in August, he won $20,000.
  • As his last play in 100 Thieves, he won $85,000, coming in 3rd place at the VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters in Berlin.
  • In T1, he won $1,250 after coming in first place at the 2022 NSG: Summer Championship – Open 2.


There are various amusing facts about Steel. Here is a compiled list of a few of them:

  • The coach of T1 gave impeccable reasons for the addition of Steel as a leader for the team, “Josh has a really impressive record as an IGL. We really wanted a strong leader, a strong voice, and someone who can bring a lot of direction to the team.”
  • He recently started playing PUBG for his own amusement.
  • He sometimes has trolls commenting he’s an ‘old, washed up player’, but proves them wrong every time with his skills.
  • Going against the general consensus of his followers, Steel likes the film Morbius and held a watch party through Twitch.
  • He jokes around about his age and calls himself a boomer.
  • He asks his followers on Twitter not to take his tweets too seriously as 99% of them have an element of troll to them.


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