Hiko – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin is a retired American professional esports player and a streaming personality. He now streams competitive video games on his Twitch channel.


Real Name:Spencer Martin
Nationality:United States
Birthday:March 6, 1990 (Age: 34 Years)
Height:5’ 10”
Team:100 Thieves
Currently Playing:Valorant
Net Worth:$1-5 million


Not much is known about Hiko’s family. He has a younger sister and a poodle named Sammy. He is currently in a relationship with a fellow Twitch steamer.

Other Interests

Hiko is an influencer and loves to participate in social work.

Gaming Origins

Hiko came of age playing console video games with his sister, which included Mario Party. But when he started middle school, Hiko only had time for StarCraft and Diablo II with friends until one friend got him hooked on Counter-Strike 1.6. He also tried out other games such as WoW, Heroes of the Storm, and more during his middle school years.

The same group of friends invited him to watch a video game tournament with them. And that is when Hiko decided to become a professional eSports player.

Professional Career

Hiko made his debut in the professional world in 2011. He accepted a sponsorship to participate in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments all over the country — despite working as an administrative assistant at a cement company while he attended college.

When Hiko was given this opportunity, he chose to quit his job and drop out of school so that he could pursue esports. Since then, he has participated on numerous teams yet never competed professionally again until he left Rogue in May 2019.

His dad disapproved of the idea when Hiko first proposed it until seeing how well it paid off for him. All the while, his Mom has been his biggest supporter. She even moderates his Twitch channel.

He started streaming on Twitch and YouTube part-time in early 2014. After being released from Rogue, he dedicated himself fully to becoming a professional streamer who uploads videos of games to YouTube. In June 2020, he was recruited onto the Valorant roster of 100 Thieves.

What is Hiko’s Net Worth?

Little information is known about Hiko’s net worth, but according to all the latest information publicly available, his net worth should be easily in the range of $ 1 to 5 million.

How Much Does Hiko Earn?

Hiko has over 800 tiered subscribers on his Twitch subscriber, which also has a decent following of around 1.8 million. It should provide him with a monthly income of approximately $2,000. It does not include any additional revenue he may receive from Tiered Subscriptions, Merchandise Sales, Donations, Stream Cheering Bits Contributions, Sponsorships, and Advertisements.

Hiko is also a social media influencer and has partnered with various brands worldwide for sponsorships, which should also add to his income. In addition, he is also under contract at 100 Thieves.

Streaming Hours

Hiko live stream on his Twitch channel between Monday to Thursday around 1500 to 1830 UTC.

Official Handles


Hiko has participated in over 84 tournaments over his career and has received around $237,000 in prize money from those events. He has also won 12 of those tournaments, finishing runner-up 18 times, and further 17 top three/ semis finishes.

His most notable result was being runner-up at the ESL One: Cologne 2016. He also won the 2020 First Strike North America.


  • Hiko resigned from CS: GO in June 2020 to focus more time on his Valorant play.
  • Hiko is an energetic player with an aggressive playing style.
  • He has been a member of many esports organizations without being an active member of the roster. This is also the reason he decided to quit professional play.


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