Crashies – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Austin “crashies” Roberts, a seasoned pro in the world of VALORANT, hails from the United States. He has donned the jersey of some of the biggest teams in the industry, including NRG Esports, OpTic Gaming, Team Envy, T1, and Bad News Bears, showcasing his versatility and skill as a competitor. Roberts’ unwavering commitment and passion for gaming have propelled him to new heights and solidified his place among the elite in the VALORANT community.


Real NameAustin Roberts
Gaming Name / NicknameCrashies
NationalityUnited States
Birthday December 20, 1997 ( Age: 26 Years Old)
Height5’ 6”
Currently PlayingValorant
Net Worth$1million


Not much is known about the Crashies family. He did share about his father’s suicide in the February of 2021.

Other Interests

Apart from gaming, Austin is an avid music lover and enjoys playing the guitar in his free time.

Gaming Origins

Crashies has always been an avid video game player, spending countless hours on some of his favorite games in his childhood. In interviews, he revealed that his father encouraged him to pursue his dreams. Eventually, he turned his hobby into a passion and focused on building a career in esports gaming.

Professional Career

Austin “crashies” Roberts, a 25-year-old professional VALORANT player from the United States, has had a remarkable journey in the gaming world. He has been a video game fan since childhood and has consistently honed his skills to become one of the top players in the world.

Roberts started his professional career with Bad News Bears in 2019, where he competed in several local tournaments and made a name for himself. In the same year, he joined Riot Squad Esports and made his mark in the competitive scene with his impressive gameplay. Roberts then moved to Team Envy in 2020, where he won the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Invitational and took home a prize of $3,200.

Roberts joined T1 in April 2020 and competed in the First Strike North America tournament, where he helped his team reach the quarterfinals. However, he soon moved back to Bad News Bears in the same year before joining OpTic Gaming in February 2022. Roberts made the most of his time at OpTic, winning the American Dream tournament.

Roberts’ career hit new heights when he joined NRG Esports in November 2022. Under the NRG banner, Roberts has competed in several high-stakes tournaments and has helped his team reach new heights. With his impressive track record and consistent performances, Roberts is regarded as one of the top VALORANT players in the world and is expected to continue to make his mark in the competitive gaming scene.

What is Crashies’ Net Worth?

Not much info is known publicly about the player’s net worth. Still, according to various sources, it is close to around a million USD.

How Much Does Crashies Earn?

As per the information available, it can be estimated that Austin “crashies” Roberts earns an average annual income of approximately $153,000 through his professional gaming career. This amount results from his consistent performance and dedication to the competitive gaming scene, which has allowed him to participate in various high-stakes tournaments and earn substantial prize money.

Streaming Hours

Crashies is not a regular streamer, which is certainly a shame as he has a decent following on his Twitch channel.

Official Channels


Crashies has had a remarkable career in the world of gaming, especially in the game of VALORANT. He has been a part of several top-tier teams. He has won multiple tournaments, showcasing his skills and talent on the virtual battlefield.

Some of his most notable achievements include his win at the T1 Invitational 2020, where he helped T1 secure a first-place finish and a prize of $3,200. He also made a strong showing at the 2020 Envy Invitational, where he and his team, Team Envy, took home $14,400 in prize money.

Crashies’ time with OpTic Gaming was also a successful one, as he helped the team secure several victories and high-placing finishes in tournaments such as the OpTic Challenge 2022 and the OpTic Invitational 2022. These wins helped solidify his reputation as one of the top VALORANT players in the world.


  • Crashies suffered a case of food poisoning during Valorant Champions Tour 2022. He still showed up for his match.
  • Crashies revealed that Sentinels were the most challenging team he had ever faced
  • Crashies participated and won the Valorant Challenger 2 event just three days after his father’s death.
  • He is known for his positive attitude and sportsmanship. He is respected by his peers and competitors in the gaming community.


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