Mande – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Mikkel Halle Hestbek is an esports player from Denmark. More commonly known as Mande, he is an Overwatch Apex Legends specialist, born on 11 August 1997.

At present, this esports player holds the 59th rank among the highest-earning players from Denmark.


Real NameMikkel Halle Hestbek
Birthday 11 August 1997 (Age: 26 Years)
Currently PlayingApex Legends
Net Worth$153,702

Professional Career

Mande made his way into the esports gaming sphere sporadically in late 2016. However, he gave streaming a real shot in 2017. But Mande started streaming consistently after a month of joining North Esports in 2020.

He played for the North Esports organization for the year. In December 2020, the organization opted for a fully Scandinavian roster, and all teams were released, including Mande’s MCD. But Mande rejected the chance to continue with them. He decided to compete as MDC by competing together with his teammates.

MDC was the acronym of Mikkel, Can, and Dan. Well, Mande’s decision to stick together and compete clicked as they proceeded to earn the winner’s title of Winter Circuit #1 next month. Although the team couldn’t win a match in that tournament, their fantastic performances paid off. MCD made it to the Winter Circuit Playoffs.

Just before the ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs, MDC signed to play SCARZ Europe Apex in 2021.

What is Mande Net Worth?

Mande’s net worth is estimated to be $153,702.

In June 2021, Mande broke the $100,000 milestone by gaining $88,530 in cash prizes and 1st place in the ALGS Championship 2021-EMEA. Cash prizes from 19 tournaments helped him cross the milestone.

How Much Does Mande Earn?

Mande has earned $21,666.67 as the winning cash from a single tournament. However, the highest amount he earned was $88,530.33 in 2021.

As per his Twitch chat bot, his current subscribers are nearly 1,050. Hence, he is estimated to earn nearly $2,400 from subscriptions. Apart from that, Mande earns separately from his team salary, tiered subscriptions, winning tournaments, advertising, sponsorships, tips, and the Twitch cheer bit.

Streaming Hours

Mande doesn’t follow any specific schedule for streaming. He generally streams Monday through Friday and rarely on weekends.

Official Handles


  • ALGS Championship 2021: EMEA: $88,530.33
  • SLGS 2023 Split 1 Playoffs: $21,666.67
  • ALGS Super Regional Playoffs 2020: EMEA: $8,416.67
  • ALGS Championship 2022: $8,000
  • GLL Masters Summer: EMEA $5,000
  • Twitch Rivals: Apex Legends Showdown – $5,000
  • ALGS Autumn Circuit #3, Europe 2020 – $2,000
  • ALGS Super Regional #3 EMEA – $2,000
  • ALGS Winter Circuit #1 Europe – $2,000


Some fascinating facts about Mande are:

  • He is an Overwatch Esports specialist.
  • He stepped into eSports gaming sporadically.
  • Mande didn’t throw friendship away just for a sum of money.
  • His teammates are more than people who play together. They are very good friends.
  • He achieved the $100,000 milestone in 2021, attaining 1st place at the ALGS Championship 2021-EMEA.


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