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Vitality Clan, or Team Vitality as they are most often than not referred to, is an eSports organization that was founded in the year 2013. The organization creates professional eSports content and has several teams participating in major tournaments throughout the year.

They are presently based in Paris, France, and are among the most popular eSports organizations around the world.

Currently, Team Vitality has rosters in Call of Duty: Mobile, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, F1, FIFA, Fortnite Battle Royale, Hearthstone, League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Rocket League, and Valorant.

It also has a diverse content creator team with members from all over the world, including India.

Team Vitality Overview

Team Short NameVIT, VLT
GamesCall of Duty: Mobile, CS: GO, F1, FIFA, Fortnite Battle Royale, Hearthstone, League of Legends, PUBG, Rocket League, and Valorant
LocationParis, France
OwnerNicolas Maurer (CEO)
YouTube channel

Team Vitality History

Team Vitality, as mentioned earlier, was founded in 2013. However, the clan remained inactive and didn’t participate in any major tournament till December 9, 2015.

The clan acquired Gambit Gaming’s spot at the 2016 EU LCS spring split. Team Vitality signed Raymond Tsang as the first player under its banner. Later they added Lucas Simon-Meslet, Ilyas Hartsema, Erlend Våtevik Holm, and finally, Petter Freyscuss to the team’s first roster.

Shaunz, who was a coach for Gambit Gaming, was signed by Team Vitality as the head coach for the team.

Later, the clan expanded into other games, with multiple teams competing for top honors in various eSports tournaments. On February 11, 2022, the whole roster of Rainbow Six Siege left the group.

Team Vitality Current Divisions

League of Legends

Current Roster

IDNameNationalityHead Coach
AlphariMorris, BarneyUKLouis-Victor Legendre-
HaruKang, Min-seungSouth Korea
PerkZPerković, LukaCroatia
CarzzyOrság, MatyášCzech Republic
LabrovPapoutsakis, LabrosGreece
BoZhou, YangboChina
SelfmadeBoderek, OskarPoland

Call of Duty Mobile

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

apEXMadesclaire, DanFrance
ZywOoHerbaut, MathieuFrance
dupreehRasmussen. PeterNorway
MagiskReif, EmilNorway
SpinxGiladi, LotanIsrael


Current Roster

Longuet. NicolasFrance
Jensen, CasperNetherlands
Delgado, FabrizioChile


Current Roster

RockyChevrey, CorentinFrance
DaXeCuillerier, LucasFrance

Fortnite Battle Royale

Current Roster

IDNameNationalityHead Coach
SnayzyAichouche, IdrisFranceFlorian Besson
PodaSaiMehdid, SalmanFrance


Current Roster

KalàxzThierry, MaximeFrance
YoggL’Hostis, DamienFrance
SwidzCunat, JoffreyFrance
MaverickLooze, MichaëlBelgium

Rocket League

Current Roster

ID –Name –Nationality –Head Coach
KaydopCourant, AlexandreFranceVictor Francal
Alpha54Champenois, YanisFrance
RadosinRadovanović, AndreaFrance
Fairy Peak!Locquet, VictorFrance

Team Vitality Organization

NicoNicolas MaurerFounder, Co-Owner & GM
gdemonplanetGuillaume de MonplanetCo-CEO & Managing Director
NeoFabian DevideFounder, Co-Owner & Chairman
Sonia ManuecoCFO
Pauline GuillonnetHead of Esports Operations
Florent GutierrezChief Marketing Officer

Team Vitality Achievements

DatesTournamentPlacementPrize (USD)
21/08/22Call of Duty: Mobile India Challenge S21st7,566
14/08/22CODM World Championship 2022 – India2nd 15,000
05/08/22VRL 2022: Finals2nd36,046
03/07/22Call of Duty: Mobile India Challenge S13rd2,531
03/07/22VRL 2022 France: Revolution Stage 21st
19/06/22BLAST Premier: Spring Finals2nd 85,000
01/04/22LEC Spring 20225th13,530
16/03/22VRL 2022 France: Revolution Stage 15th963
27/02/22C3S1: FNCS – Semi Finals 3 Europe 17th
18/02/22C3S1: FNCS – Qualifier 1 Europe46th
12/01/22VCT Stage 2022: Europe Stage 1 Open1 – 4th
19/12/21BLAST Premier: Word Finals 20213rd120,000
12/12/21Intel Extreme: Masters XVI – Winter1st 100,000
12/12/21CODM World Championship 2021 – East10th40,000
12/12/21Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup 20214th659
28/11/21BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 20212nd85,000
27/11/21VALORANT Open Tour: France Finals1st 9,033
07/11/21VALORANT Open Tour: France Fall Qualifier1st 5,721
17/09/21IGL Invitational Scrims 1st245
25/08/21LEC Summer 20216th8,897
22/08/21CODM World Championship 2021 -SA & ME2nd10,000
11/07/21QSEC – Grand Final2nd5,705
20/06/21QSEC – All Star Aces3rd809
23/05/21VALORANT Open Tour: France Spring3rd1,827
26/04/21Breeze Valorant Showmatch W
18/04/21VCT 2021: NA Stage 1 Masters1st60,000
28/02/21VCT 2021: Europe Stage 2 Challengers 23 – 4th5,986
13/12/20epic.WAN 323rd627
22/11/20BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 1st225,000
22/10/20Intel Extreme Masters XV: Beijing1st60,000
19/07/20DreamHack Open – October 2020 Europe41st500
22/12/19DreamHack Open – July 2020 Europe12th2,500
13/12/19EPICENTER 20191st250,000
18/11/19Gotaga On Tour: Finals8th
11/10/19Contender’s Cash Cup: C2S1 Week 4 Europe2nd6,000
24/08/19Gotaga on Tour: Qualifier 12nd2,200
28/07/19Fornite World Cup Finals – Solo5 – 6th11,036
09/06/19Esports Championship Series S7 Finals1st 225,000
26/05/19cs_summit 41st 64,000
14/04/19Charleroi Esports 20191st 56,554
29/03/19LEC Spring 20195 – 6th11,231
14/10/182018 World Championship9 – 12th145,125

Team Vitality Partnerships & Collaborations

  • Team Vitality partnered with Aldi in 2020 and signed a three-year deal to promote the brand.
  • Signed with Corsair in 2020. Part of the agreement requires Corsair to provide team members with computer equipment.
  • Philips Monitor’s brand MMD is the official partner of Team Vitality.
  • Team Vitality inked a partnership with Crédit Agricole in April 2022.
  • SCUFF is the official controller supplier of Team Vitality.
  • Team Vitality announced Secretlab as their Official Gaming Chair partner in April 2022 with a multi-year partnership deal.


  • Team Vitality was fined 10,000 USD for steam sniping during the BLAST Premier Global Final 2020
  • Tanizhq was benched on June 11, 2022, due to a controversial opinion at the VRL – France: Revolution – Stage 2: Main Event.
  • CS: GO player ZywOo’s mother took on Twitter and aired comments about her son’s frustration with the team and his own performance and confidence level.
  • A controversial remake during a live LCS match between GIANTS and Team Vitality when the score was 0-7 in the GIANTS favor
  • RushManga’s was terminated by Team Vitality
  • Team Vitality League of Legends was considered a ‘Super Team’ with heavy hitters occupying every position.


  • Team Vitality participated in Liverpool FC Foundation on April 2, 2017
  • Team Vitality participated in Fortnite PRO AM 2018 and donated winnings to charity.
  • Team Vitality participated in the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon and raised over $10,000 for NYRR.