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Arkhram- Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Arkhram, otherwise known as Diego Lima, is a professional Fortnite esports player for the team 100 Thieves. He previously was a member of the Team SoloMid or TSM FTX as they are now known and has been a fairly successful Twitch streamer with over 200K followers on his channel

Arkhram is ranked among the top 28 players in the US with the biggest eSports winnings and ranked 187th in the world in the same category.

On Aug 18, 2022, Arkhram announced his retirement from being a professional eSports as well as his future plans to his followers on Twitter. At the time of his retirement, he has achieved 16 top-ranked finishes in tournaments, with a further three as the runner-up.


Real NameDiego Lima
Birthday 12 October, 2003 (Age: 20 years)
Height5’ 8”
Team100 Thieves
Currently PlayingFortnite
Games PlayedFortnite, scape from Tarkov
Net Worth700,000 US dollars +


Arkhram has a brother and two sisters, all living in the US. His parents are supportive of his career. He is currently dating Selena, a TikTok content creator.

Other Interests

Arkhram loves to play other eSports games, including Escape from Tarkov. On the side, he is a jogging enthusiast and would not miss his daily jog for any reason.

Gaming Origins

Arkhram has been a long-time enthusiast of video games, a world that is first introduced to him by his dad at the age of four.

At such a young age, Arkhram loved playing World of Warcraft on his dad’s account. After that, he expanded into different genres, such as MOBAs and FPS, which is where he found his calling.

Fortnite is the first FPS battle royale title that Arkhram started playing, becoming a pro in 2018. He also plays Escape from Tarkov and Fortnite.

Professional Career

One of the first eSports tournaments that Arkhram entered was at the Oakland Esports Arena in 2018, where he ranked top of the list, beating some of the more experienced players on the way to glory.

This caught the eye of the event organizers, who encouraged Arkhram to aim to be a pro eSports player in the future, especially with the potential that is there for everyone to see. This propels the journey to the top for Arkhram.

After the 2018 LAN event, Arkhram participated in scrims and slowly but surely made his way into Pro Discord servers and started competing with the top players of the game. During the same time, Arkhram started streaming his content via his Twitch channel, which also grew massively.

Arkhram partnered up with Falconer, another Fortnite player, and the Duo was able to qualify for the Fortnite World Championship in 2019.

The success of the participation in the World Championship encouraged many teams to get his signature, with Arkhram finally signing on with 100 Thieves. The duo then went on a remarkable run, finishing 5th in the event, bagging a total winning of over $900K.

Since then, Arkhram has only gone on to win more tournaments, taking the total to 16 tournament wins (both solo and part of a team) and finishing runner-up in three events. In the August of 2022, Arkhram announced his retirement from Fortnite professional play.

What is Arkhram’s Net Worth?

Arkhram has earned over $774,000 from winnings in participating in over 49 tournaments. Sixteen of them were first-place finishes, and 9 were semis and runner-up.

The biggest prize money from one event that Arkhram has received is $450,000 from the Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 Duo, where he finished fifth.

How much does Arkhram earn?

In addition to the winnings from the tournaments, Arkhram is also a member of the eSports team 100 Thieves with a legally binding contract. There are also sponsorships and tiered subscriptions from Twitch and Twitch cheer bit donations, which also add to the income of this famous Fortnite player.

According to the latest info from his Twitch Bot, Arkhram has 75 paid subscribers to his Twitch channel. There is no definite data on the income from these subscribers, but with over 2,000 views, it should fetch a reasonable amount.

Streaming Hours

Arkhram is a sporadic Twitch streamer, which is certainly disappointing to many of his fans.

Official Channels


Arkhram is a multiple times winner of the FNCS: 2021 events, with him also ultimately winning the first position in the end-of-the-year FNCS: 2021 Grand Royale North America West. But this is not the only FNCS tournament he won, as the year earlier, Arkhram went on the win the FNCS: Chapter 3 Season 4 Grand Finals North America West.

The biggest crown jewel in Arkhram’s illustrious career is the 5th place finish in the Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 Duo. He also won the Fortnite World Cup 2019 Solo Week 9 and Week 10 events, making him eligible to participate in the solo event of the Fortnite World Cup 2019. He eventually finished 33rd – 64th, bagging a respectable $50,000 from the outing.

At the time of his retirement, Arkhram has participated in 49 tournaments, with a 33% win rate, a pretty impressive figure.


  • After announcing retirement from professional Fortnite play, Arkhram expresses his interest in participating in Valorant tournaments.


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