NRG Esports

NRG Esports, or NRG as it is more commonly known among the e-Gaming community, is an eSports organization formed after purchasing the LCS spot of Team Coast’s League of Legends team. It is a professional gaming and entertainment company with professional players participating in various eGaming tournaments around the world.

It has rosters in a number of top games, including Apex Legends, Valorant, Overwatch, and more, with streamers live streaming their content on the official Twitch channel of the organization. According to the latest data from Twitch and YouTube, NRG Esports is one of the most streamed eSports brands in the world.

NRG Esports Team Overview

Team Short NameNRG
GamesApex Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, and Valorant
LocationLos Angeles, California, US
OwnerAndy Miller (CEO)
YouTube channelVarious channels under the NRG brand name

NRG Esports History

Company History

NRG Esports was founded in 2016 when Sacramento Kings owners purchased the LCS spot of Team Coast’s League of Legends team. The same year, NRG Esports welcomed Alex Rodriguez, Shaq O’Neal, and Jimmy Rollins as investors in the organization. The organization acquired Northern Gaming (a Canadian eSports company) in 2017. In 2020, NRG Esports partnered up with Shots Studios.

Gaming History

  • NRG Esports started its gaming journey in 2020, with deps as the first player in the organization; Chet was signed as a coach at the same time.
  • October 2020: NRG Esports signed three new members to its team s0m, KOLER, and eei; XCeeD joined as part of a trial.
  • November 2020: XCeed’s trial ended with NRG Esports adding effys on the roaster for trial; the effys’s trial ended on November 23
  • In December, two new additions in Shanks and Infinite
  • January 2021: Kohler was released with Flexinja signing as a streamer. The team signed two new members in ANDROID and Ethos.
  • February 2021: NRG Esports signed Infinite
  • March 2021: Shanks left the team; NRG signs tex
  • April 2021: Chet left the team; JoshRT signs as coach
  • June 2021: daps retired from professional gaming; NRG Esports signs Wedid
  • October 2021: Wedid released from their contract
  • November 2021: NRG Esports signed hazed from TSM
  • April 2022: NRG signed Ethan as a player, Zikz as an assistant, and Demars DeRover as an analyst
  • June 2022: benjyfishy retired from professional Fortnite and will transition to Valorant
  • Aug 2022: NRG Esports signed former members of Overwatch team Luminosity Gaming

NRG Esports Current Divisions

Apex Legends

Current Roster

sweetdreamsSexton, ChrisUS
NafenNguyen, NathanUS
rockerGrodin, AidanUS


Current Roster

IDNameNationalityHead Coach
KiloJung Jin-wooSouth KoreaPark “Crusty” Dae-hee
ProperKim Dong-hyunSouth Korea
s9mmSantos, SamuelUS
ColugeArai, ColinUS
MikeyyKonicki, MichaelUS
Viol2tPark Min-kiSouth Korea
FiNNOh Se-jinSouth Korea

Rocket League

Current Roster

IDNameNationalityHead Coach
GarrettGGordon, GarrettUSEmilano “Sizz” Benny
jstn.Morales, JustinUS
SquishyMuffinz ArrudoMarianoCanada
AmustycowWyatt “Musty”US


Current Roster

IDNameNationalityHead Coach
s0mOh, SamUSJosh “JoshRT” Lee
eeiuVucenovic, DanielCanada
texBotsch, IanUS
hazedCobb, JamesUS
EthanArnold, EthanUS
ANDROIDFodor, BradleyCanada

NRG Esports Organization

Andy MillerCEO
Mark MastrovCo-Owner
Brett LautenbachPresident
Bikeage JaimeCohencaGM
H3CZHector RodriguezCo-CEO
moconinjaJustin SiegelCo-Owner
FlexinjaChris IrvineStreamer
EthosAlan RuanStreamer
BenjyfishyBenjy David FishStreamer
JoshRTJosh LeeHead Coach
ZikzAnthony GrayAssistant Coach
DeMars DeRoverJay LiAnalyst

NRG Esports Achievements

30/10/20NSG Tournament(Q)17 -32nd
12/11/20UMG Tournament #1(Q)17 – 32nd
14/11/20UMG Tournament #2(Q)5 – 6th
20/11/20First Strike North America – UMG9 -12th
20/12/20Pittsburgh Knights Before Christmas9 – 16th
27/12/20Nerd Street Gamers – December1st6K USD
10/01/21NSG x Complexity Invitational5 – 8th
16/01/21Nerd Street Gamers – Winters Championship5 – 8th
31/01/21VCT 2021 North America Stage 1 Challengers 1(Q)3 – 4th
07/02/21VCT 2021 North America Stage 1 Challengers 17 – 8th1k USD
14/02/21VCT 2021 North America Stage 1 Challengers 2 (Q)9 – 16th
28/02/21VCT 2021 North America Stage 1 Challengers 3 (Q)1 – 4th
05/03/21VCT 2021 North America Stage 1 Challengers 35 – 6th3K USD
04/04/21VCT 2021 North America Stage 2 Challengers 1 (Q)9 – 16th
17/04/21VCT 2021 North America Stage 2 Challengers 2 (Q)1 – 4th
25/04/21VCT 2021 North America Stage 2 Challengers 2 3rd7K USD
02/05/21VCT 2021 North America Stage 2 Challengers Finals5 – 6th5K USD
04/07/21VCT 2021 North America Stage 3 Challengers 1 (Q)17 – 32nd
13/07/21NSG Summer Championship Open 115 – 8th
23/07/21NSG Summer Championship Open 1117 – 32nd
10/08/21NSG Summer Championship Last Chance Qualifier1 – 8th
22/08/21Nerd Street Games: Summer Championship2nd5K USD
14/11/21Community Gaming Valorant: Elite Showdown3 – 4th3K USD
21/11/21Tyler1’s Money MatchW10K USD
30/11/21NSG Winter Championship2nd750 USD
23/01/22Knights Area Valorampage2nd7.5K USD
30/01/22VCT 2021 North America Stage 1 Challengers (Q)1 – 4th
01/02/22NSG Winter Championship Last Chance Qualifier1 – 8th3125 USD
09/02/22NSG Winter Championship5 – 8th3K USD
11/03/22VCT 2021 North America Stage 1 Challengers9 – 10th6K USD
30/04/22VCT 2021 North America Stage 2 Challengers (Q)1 – 4th
24/06/22VCT 2021 North America Stage 2 Challengers4th20K USD

NRG Esports Partnerships and Collaborations

  • NRG Esports partnered up with The General Insurance in 2021 with the Rocket League team renamed ‘The General NRG.’
  • NRG Esports has signed up with in 2022 with a one-year partnership.
  • NRG Esports has signed Rockstar Energy as its exclusive drink partner on a multi-year deal.
  • In 2020, NRG Esports added United States Army National Guard as a team sponsor.
  • In 2021, NRG Esports partnered up with Levi’s.
  • In 2021, NRG Esports partnered up with Nestle frozen snack brand Hot Pockets.
  • Wellness company Therabody is the official recovery partner of NRG Esports.

NRG Esports Controversies

  • November 2017: Overwatch team Manager Max Bateman was accused of sexually assaulting a woman. Fired 14 hours later, backlash over the company’s refusal to show its zero-tolerance policy. Questions over why it took the company 14 hours to fire the employee.
  • NRG Esports Rocket League team accused of disconnecting on purpose during RLCS playoffs. They recovered from the disconnect and went on the win the tournament handily.
  • Cheating allegations against COD player “Shifty” Spirrel. NRG Sports offered a lie-detector test; the results are still in question.

NRG Esports Philanthropy

  • NRG Esports partnered up with Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in 2019.