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Suygetsu – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Dmitry “SUYGETSU” Ilyushin is a professional Valorant esports player from Russia, currently representing Natus Vincere. However, SUYGETSU is known not to prefer being represented by the Russian flag because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, so he is mostly presented as Countryless.

Well, SUYGETSU is a former FRTTT player who competed mostly against the Giants. Later, he joined FunPlus Phoenix in 2021 and then Natus Vincere. Fans have even seen him as a significant part of FPX’s dominance. SUYGETSU currently holds a 1.08 rating from about 7084 rounds played, a 57% first-blood success rate, and a headshot percentage of 31.7%. In the competitive Valorant scene, he will always be appreciated for his Viper, Sage, and Cypher gameplay.


Real NameDmitry Ilyushin
Gaming Name / NicknameSuygetsu
Birthday July 16, 2002 (Age: 22 Years)
TeamNatus Vincere
Currently PlayingValorant
Net Worth$104, 315.79

Professional Career

SUYGETSU started his esports gaming journey in 2020 when he was 18. From 2020 to 2023, he made transmissions between several teams. For example, he began his career with the professional Russian gaming organization, ForZe, on September 6, 2020. After a year, he switched to FunPlus Phoenix and later finally joined Natus Vincere on November 8, 2022, where he continues to play to date.

TeamPlayer’s Span
forZe6/7/2020 – 5/10/2021
FunPlus Phoenix9/10/2021 – NA/2022
Natus Vincere8/11/2022 – Present

Since his inception in the competitive Valorant scene, SUYGETSU has proven his outstanding prowess and strategic gameplay by achieving prestigious places in multiple tournaments. He cemented his status as a top Valorant player in the world.

SUYGETSU holds 76.3% KAST (Kill, Assist, Survival & Trading), 140.6 ADR (Average Damage Per Round), and an ACS (Average Combat Score) percentage of 214.3.

What is the Suygetsu’s Net Worth?

SUYGETSU’s net worth is estimated to be $104,315.79.

How Much Does the Suygetsu Earn?

SUYGETSU is known to hold #115 in the highest earnings among Russian Federation players and #2626 in the highest overall earnings.

The highest amount of money that SUYGETSU earned was $33,333.33 in cash prizes from the 2022 VCT: Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen, attaining 1st place. However, he reached the $100,000 milestone after winning a $5,000 cash prize from the 2023 VCT: EMEA League. Cash prizes from 20 tournaments helped him reach that point.

He recently earned $8,000 in cash prizes from the 2023 VCT: LOCK//IN Sao Paulo. As per, SUYGETSU has 46 current active subscriptions, from which he is estimated to earn between $64 and $115.

Apart from that, this professional Valorant player is expected to earn a considerable amount from streams, advertisements, sponsorships, and many other sources.

Streaming Hours

There are, unfortunately, no specific details on SUYGETSU’s stream schedule.

In the past 30 days, he has been known to stream for 2 hours and 50 minutes per day (28 hours and 20 minutes) on Twitch. He had 38,127 hours watched, 2303 peak viewers, 1346 average viewers, and 167,847 live views.

Official Channels


Some of the top achievements of Suygetsu include:

  • 2022 VCT: Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen – $33,333.33
  • 2022 Valorant Champions – $16,000
  • 2022 VCT: EMEA Stage 1 Challengers – $8,773
  • 2023 VCT: LOCK//IN Sao Paulo – $8,000
  • 2022 VCT: EMEA Stage 2 Challengers – $6,342
  • 2022 VCT: Stage 1 Masters Reykjavik – $5,000
  • 2023 VCT: EMEA League – $5,000
  • 2020 First Strike CIS – $4,320
  • 2022 G-Loot Valorant Clash – Grand Finals – $3,600
  • 2021 VCT: CIS Stage 1 Masters – $3,000


Some trivial facts about Suygetsu include the following:

  • SUYGETSU entered the Valorant scene in 2020. He was only 18 years old at the time.
  • His current total winnings stand at $104,315.79.
  • SUYGETSU’s highest earned cash prize is $33,333.33 that he bagged from winning the 2022 VCT: Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen.
  • As of June 24, 2023, his highest viewer record was 4,658 peak viewers on Twitch.


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