Genburten – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Noyan Ozkose, known by his alias, Genburten, is an Apex Legends esports professional who plays for the Asia-Pacific South team, Reignite. This is a Japanese e-sports organization. Before he joined Reignite, the gamer was briefly signed with Made in Thailand, commonly known as MiTH, which significantly boosted his career. In relation to his team, he also uses the gamer tag RIG_Genburten and formerly used MiTH_Genburten.

Genburten is focused on competitive gaming for Apex Legends and is a star player for his team. He also streams his gameplay dedicatedly, showcasing his FPV gaming talent to his fans.


Real NameNoyan Ozkose
Birthday 20th September 1999 (Age: 24 years)
TeamReignite, Former team – Made in Thailand
Currently PlayingApex Legends
Net Worth$5 Million


Noyan Ozkose was born and brought up in Australia with his parents’ constant support. There is not much information about his family other than the fact that he loves spending time with them, posting on Twitter to let his fans know about his day out with his parents. He also loves animals and wishes to own a puppy, sharing his sentiments on the same through tweets.

Despite his handsome face, Genburten doesn’t seem to have a significant other. Many of his fans ‘simp’ over his good looks, flooding his Twitter replies with comments on how attractive he is.

Other Interests

The gamer is reportedly a medical science student, giving us an insight into his life outside gaming. Based on this, Genburten seems to be exceptional at studying as medicine is a field requiring a lot of hard work.

Ozkose is also fond of traveling, often posting on his Twitter to let fans know where he is going next. Just recently, the online gamer shared about his travels to Sweden and Istanbul by posting photos and videos on his profile.

Gaming Origins

An avid lover of games since childhood, Genburten started playing console games in 2006. Once he got the hang of it, the player preferred to use controllers to play instead of the traditional keyboard setup used by most others.

Apex Legends is undoubtedly one of his favorite games. He doesn’t seem to have an interest in other video games, putting all his efforts into mastering the Apex Legends domain. His grind shows clearly through his expert-level skills while playing.

Professional Career

Genburten is an incredibly skilled player widely known in the Apex Legends scene for his gameplay. The player has always been associated with Apex Legends, leaving no room for other video games. Relatively speaking, he is still a new face in streaming. But, Genburten has proved his worth as a valuable team member, bringing consistent high-value victories to his e-sport gaming teams.

The player first started streaming Apex Legends in July of 2019 but only put in actual efforts in November. He took a long streaming gap for almost a year until September 2020, likely because of his other commitments. However, he has been streaming consistently since.

At that point, he still had a humble following for his streams. His popularity was boosted when he signed with Made in Thailand (MiTH), an e-sports team, in September 2020. Although he left the organization soon after, in December, he gained a lot of new fans and the experience of being a team member.

In November 2020, Genburten became an official Twitch partner, his streams continuously growing in popularity. And in January 2021, he signed with Reignite, an Asia-Pacific South team based in Japan. The gamer continues to play for the team in competitions, going by the gamer tag, RIG_Genburten.

Genburten is a fan favorite to watch in Apex Legends competitions, regarded as one of the most masterful controller players in the world. The talented gamer has even taken down opponents known to be cheaters in 1v1 situations. 

Unfortunately, in April 2022, Genburten tested positive for COVID-19, putting him out of commission for the Apex Legends Split 2 Championship. Viewers were disappointed, but still, Genburten put out a tweet in support of his participating team. Reignite did indeed win the championship, bringing back half of the million-dollar prize pool.

The e-sports professional has entirely healed from the Coronavirus and even traveled to Istanbul on a personal schedule in May. He continues to stream and captivate large gaming audiences with his expert skills.

What Is Genburten’s Net Worth?

Although there is no estimate on his net worth in 2022, Genburten remains one of the top Apex Legends competitive gamers. Aside from his income as a professional e-sports player, a significant portion of his income comes from the popular YouTube and Twitch channels.

Presently, Genburten has 255 thousand subscribers on his main channel on YouTube and 2.15 thousand on his second, 359K followers on Twitch, and 149.4 thousand followers on Twitter. He also has a successful TikTok account where he posts highlight clips of his gameplay streams and other such content.

As a result, his social media network serves as a link for his followers to connect with him and watch his gameplay, helping expand his fanbase.

How Much Does Genburten Earn?

Just his Twitch monthly earnings are around $2,350 per month, not including Tiered subscriptions, tips, sponsorships, Twitch cheer bits, merchandise sales, and advertisements.

He gets freebies from sponsors looking to use his influence as a marketing push. For example, Elgato sent him streaming tech to upgrade his setup, which he shared with a tweet. He also hosts giveaways for his followers through sponsorship deals, proving his loyalty to his fans.

Moreover, he wins more money from the various tournaments he participates in. Being part of Reignite, he receives a salary as well. Not to mention his popular YouTube channel that brings in even more revenue. The net worth of the channel is reportedly $79,779, earning him a monthly figure of almost seven grand.

Streaming Hours

Genburten streams on Twitch five days a week from 5 AM to 12 PM EST.

However, this schedule isn’t fixed due to Genburten’s professional commitments.

Official Handles


Genburten has had several achievements in his gaming career. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • He won the first position in the Apex Legends Global Series Championship Online #6 in 2020
  • Later in the same year, he won first place in the Apex Legends Global Series Championship Autumn Circuit
  • He went on to win the ALGS Autumn Circuit #4 in 2020 as well
  • n 2021, Genburten participated in the Apex Legends Global Series Championship for its Winter Circuit and came back with an all-killing win in circuits #1, #2, #3, and #4!
  • Most recently, he won second place in the FFL Select Cup with Reignite South teammates, Tempplex and Qu_Qualia.


Here are some interesting facts about the Apex Legends professional player, Genburten:

  • He had the most eliminations on FFL Tournaments Season 2 while playing from B-Tier and was awarded for the same
  • Genburten prefers playing with controllers over any other input device
  • He has the seventh highest ELO, a rating system that uses the player’s stats and overall performance, with .8009 as seen in his tweet of a photo from Reddit
  • The streamer is known to have a potty mouth, often swearing in his streams. He was even banned from Twitch for a week because he used the word ‘mongrel’ (without racist intentions)
  • He shares photos and videos of humongous spiders on his Twitter when he spots them, courtesy of living in Australia


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