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Twistzz – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Russel David Kevin Van Dulken, also known as Twistzz or FaZe Twistzz, is a professional Canuck player of Counter Strike: Global Offensive for the FaZe clan. He soared to great heights of fame and recognition upon being named the Most Valuable Player of the Electronic Sports League (ESL) One 2018, held in New York, and Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) 2019, held in Sydney.

In addition, he manages to intrigue his viewers by streaming and uploading high-quality gaming content on his YouTube and Twitch channels. However, lately, he hasn’t been very active on these platforms due to his professional commitments.


Real NameRussel David Kevin Van Dulken
Birthday 14th November 1999 (Age: 24 years)
Height5 feet 9 inches
TeamFaZe Clan
Currently PlayingCounter Strike: Global Offensive
Net Worth$5 million


Twistzz’s parents are divorced and went their separate ways in 2012. Initially, he stayed with his dad while his mom tried to make a life for herself. Eventually, he shifted back with his mom and her boyfriend in the same year.

Nevertheless, due to unfortunate circumstances, Twistzz and his mom parted with her then-boyfriend in 2014 and now live together. He has no siblings but is currently rumored to be dating Carolin Aonir Hanisch, an event promoter.

Other Interests

Apart from dedicating his time to demolishing opponents in CS: GO, Twistzz exhibits a deep interest in tattoos and hair colors. This fondness can be confirmed by the various tattoos on his arms and the several colors with which he dyes his hair. Blonde remains one of his trademark hair colors.

Also, Twistzz isn’t a very socially expressive personality. As a result, he gambles on his tattoos to represent his struggles and life story. Expecting anything less from this intellectual gamer wouldn’t be fair!

Gaming Origins

In attempts to copy the grown-ups, Twistzz had been interested in gaming since the age of 5. He grew up watching his parents play Quake over a period of a couple of years. Consequently, to enjoy the experience of being in a loving family, Twistzz also started playing with his parents, meaning Quake became his first game ever.

Gradually, playing games with his father became a ritual for him, and as the years passed, he grew more competitive while his mom got caught up with chores. In his mother’s words, when she started working more to earn bread for the family, computer games became Twistzz’s babysitters.

In 2012, when his parents parted ways, he was left heartbroken. He stayed with his father for a few days and shifted back with his mom to stay with her boyfriend in the same year.

As a kid, Twistzz was bullied very often in school. The bullying was to the extent that his mom used to pray for him before dropping him off at the school. Nonetheless, he found his home and a world he finally could be a part of in CS: GO.

Unfortunately, his mom’s boyfriend didn’t understand his pain and verbally abused Twistzz when he caught him shouting or laughing while playing CS: GO. On top of that, his father, the only male figure who understood him, moved away the same year.

To end Twistzz’s agony and give him the life he was deserving of, his mother took him and ran away from her beau’s place. After gaming for a few months for a local team, Team SoloMid (TSM) found out about his gaming prowess and offered to accommodate him in their Las Vegas gaming house and gift him a position in their Counter Strike team in 2014.

Since that day, Twistzz never looked back, and his professional gaming career took off!

Professional Career

Boasting a Canadian regional rank of #7 and an international rank of #128 in CS: GO, Twistzz is one of the most talented gamers of his generation. He started his professional gaming journey with Tectonic. After a series of rare lows and incredible highs, he’s now a member of the revered FaZe clan.

Interestingly, his rifling skills as a marksman earned him prize money of $978,843 via a plethora of competitive and tournament victories.

Twistzz is widely known as FaZe Twistzz. In simpler terms, he’s an exceptionally skilled Counter Strike: Global Offensive player while also being a partially active YouTube and Twitch content creator.

Due to winning the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Season 2 championship in 2019 and being titled the MVP of the ESL One tournament in 2018, Twistzz has gathered unparalleled recognition and fame in the CS: GO gaming industry.

Mentioned below are a few highlights from Twistzz’s professional gaming career:


  • Twistzz joins his foremost professional gaming squad, Tectonic.
  • He then joins SapphireKelownaDotCom to compete beside the squad captain, Kyle “Ocean” O’Brien.


  • In February, SapphireKelownaDotCom was taken over by Team AGG.
  • In March, AGG dismantle their roster, and Twistzz, along with his AGG teammates, joins Team KKona for a week.
  • Later in the same month, he re-joins Team SoloMid (TSM) to play alongside their squad leader, Sean Gares.


  • During the onset of January, TSM releases its roster, and instead of being dismantled, they join Misfits Gaming as a whole.
  • Twistzz ends up joining Team Liquid in April after the release of Jacob “Pimp” Winneche.
  • He returns as the runner-up of two major competitions, ESL One New York and ESG Tour Mykonos.
  • After a series of being second, Twistzz wins the Americas Minor Championship for ELEAGUE Boston in November.


  • In January, Team Liquid, including Twistzz, is placed 14th in the ELEAGUE Major Boston.
  • Twistzz wins his first major event of the year in February by beating Cloud9 in the cs_summit 2.
  • April lacks a minor stroke of luck as he’s continuously placed second in ESL Pro League Season 7, ECS Season 5, and ELEAGUE Season Premier.
  • In the FACEIT London Major, Twistzz carried Team Liquid to victory by maintaining a performance rating of 1.47/2.0 against HellRaisers and a performance rating of 1.54/2.0 against Vega Squadron.
  • He goes on to beat Team Winstrike, Team NIP, and HLTV’s #1 rated team, Astralis, in a single competition (New Legends Stage) with impressive performance ratings of 1.79, 1.44, and 1.06, respectively.
  • While being placed second in three major tournaments, such as ESL One New York, IEM Chicago, and ESL Pro League Season 8, Twistzz wins the MVP title in the aforementioned competition.
  • Twistzz, along with Team Liquid, wins the Supernova CS: GO Malta.


  • HLTV crowns Twistzz as the 12th best professional gamer of the year.
  • In May, he wins his first big event of the year by remaining undefeated throughout IEM Sydney.
  • In June, he crushes the ESL Pro League Season 9 and DreamHack Masters Dallas by beating Astralis and securing first place.
  • After winning the ESL One Cologne, Twistzz’s team wins prize money of $1 million for acing the Intel Grand Slam.


  • Twistzz replaces Kjaerbye as a member of the FaZe clan in January.

What is Twistzz’s net worth?

Twistzz has an overall net worth in the range of $4 million to $5 million. Unlike most streamers, the majority of his income comes from tournament winnings. However, his earnings from YouTube and Twitch are significant as well.

Presently, Twistzz serves around 40.9K subscribers on YouTube and 239K followers on Twitch. More importantly, his social media handles attract a relatively larger following.

How Much Does Twistzz Earn?

In 2021, Twistzz was reported to earn around $43,300 from competitions, while in 2020, he amassed $78,200 via the same. Similarly, he earned $478,000 in 2019 and $212,000 in 2018 in the form of tournament winnings only. Twistzz’s income primarily depends on his team’s performance in major events and tournaments.

Apart from these figures, Twistzz earns from various sponsorships and other business deals. His YouTube and Twitch channels also contribute a small percentage of his income.

Streaming Hours

Due to professional commitments, Twistzz doesn’t stream regularly. In all honesty, he has been relatively inactive in the past few months. The last time he streamed on Twitch was in December 2021.

Official Channels


Twistzz has had numerous achievements in his professional gaming career. Although there’s much more to come, here’s a list of a few of his accomplishments:

  • 1st position in cs_summit 2
  • 2nd position in ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals
  • 2nd position in ECS Season 5 Finals
  • 2nd position in ELEAGUE CS: GO Premier
  • 2nd position in ESL One New York
  • 2nd position in IEM Chicago (2018)
  • 1st position in Supernova CS: GO Malta
  • 1st position in IBUYPOWER Masters
  • 1st position in IEM Sydney
  • 1st position in DreamHack Masters Dallas
  • 1st position in ESL Pro League Season 9
  • 1st position in ESL One Cologne
  • 1st position in BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles
  • 1st position in IEM Chicago (2019)


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