IMG has been appointed by esports event and production company PGL to represent the company in selling the global media rights for its portfolio of events around the world.

PGL, which was formed in 2002, have organised more than fifty events in the last five years, producing content for both national and international audiences.

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Silviu Stroie, CEO of PGL said: “As the PGL global reach grows, so does our brand. IMG is an invaluable partner in making sure that our events and our stories find the right audiences across the world. We are excited to continue our work with IMG and push esports more and more into the mainstream, where it belongs.”

Ben Nicholas, SVP, UK Media and Digital, IMG Media said: “We are delighted to be working with PGL to distribute its events to a global audience. The group have an outstanding programme of events and we believe our worldwide network of sales operators will deliver the largest possible audience.”

During 2018, PGL has seven top events scheduled, including two Dota2 Majors, each with a prize pool of $1m. The Bucharest Major is attended by 25,000+ people over four days with an online audience of over 5+ million unique plays and over 30+ million video plays.

In addition, PGL is producing two PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Series events, which recently recorded the most concurrent players on Steam at more than 3 million users. Also within PGL’s events are the CS:GO Invitationals.

IMG has been involved in esports distribution since the inception of ELEAGUE, a joint venture with Turner, and has already worked with PGL through distributing the PGL CS:GO Krakow Major’ in 2017 to 15 networks and more than 75 countries.

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Source: Press release