With past weekend’s ESL One Frankfurt, the Electronic Sports League (ESL), hosted one of the most viewed Defense of the Ancients (DotA2) tournaments in the world.

During prime time, more than one million viewers watched the event simultaneously. The tournament had a prize money of almost $300.000. In comparison with the previous year, the number of DotA2-viewers had doubled and set a new record for the ESL. This analysis stems from both twitch.tv and MarsTV streams, whereas the latter solely addressed Chinese viewers. The ESL ties in with their successes at ESL One Katowice.

On both days of the competition, over 15.000 viewers found their way into Frankfurt’s Commerzbank-Arena, bringing the total viewership to 30.000 attendees. In addition to live broadcasts of the matches, event partners GIGABYTE™, G2A, paysafecard, NVIDIA, Corsair Gaming, Twitch, Planet Radio, NEEDforSEAT®, theScore eSports and joinDOTA offered onstage entertainment alongside the main event.

Ulrich Schulze, Managing Director Pro Gaming of ESL, was pleased with the event: “ESL One Frankfurt 2015 was a great combination of esports tournament and gaming festival. It was very important to us that we make ESL One Frankfurt 2015 more than just an esports competition. We’re looking to continually build on this with future ESL One events.“

The ESL One New York is going to be the next big DotA2-tournament. It will take place in Madison Square Garden as part of the New York Super Week in New York City.

Image source: © eslgaming.com, Photographer: Helena Kristiannson


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