SteelSeries advertises with testimonials for new product range called ‘eSport Champions’

Gaming peripheral manufacturer SteelSeries has started a content-marketing campaign to advertise for their new product range ‘eSport Champions’. The company has recruited the professional players Enrique Cedeño-Martinez (xPeke), Danil Ishutin (Dendi), Kevin de Konig (Harstem) and Patrik Lindberg (f0rest), who advertise for SteelSeries as testimonials.

The main part of their advertising campaign is a series of videos in which the players talk about their life as professional gamers, their fans, eSports, their careers and other relevant topics.

The location reminds the viewer of a backroom poker match, minus the obligatory smoke, of course. The ‘dealer’ is Marc Winther,anchoring the group of professional players and primarily responsible for sponsoring at SteelSeries. The first part of the video has been published on SteelSeries’ YouTube channel:

Another part of the marketing campaign is a microsite on the company’s website, specifically designed for the advertised product range. This site offers additional information about the players as well as the hardware. Slogans like “Play every game like a champion” and “The gear makes the gamer” connote success and quality, by partnering up with Europe’s top clubs such as Ninjas in Pyjamas, fnatic or Natus Vincere.


Edit 8-13-2014: The next two videos of the series are now online:

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