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The eSports Marketing Blog covers marketing-relevant content within the eSports market. Additionally it introduces newcomers to the potentials, structures, risks and features of the eSports market. Therefore the blog adresses several target groups: Businessmen, Marketers, Investors and eSports enthusiasts in general.

At its peak the blog was visited by more than 13,000 users (January 2015). Considering that we published the blog at the end of November 2015, this is pretty awesome and we are working on improving these stats even more.

Media data of the eSports Marketing Blog

November 20152,1291,8342,677
December 20156,5505,7657,519
January 201615,52813,47920,289
February 20164,7426,6507,225
March 201610,5167,94315,840
April 20167,0435,65210,467
May 201620,31317,88625,864
June 201612,77510,59917,362
July 20167,0455,65010,265
August 201624,09321,21029,283
September 20169,1497,44813,639
October 2016 15,30512,68822,042

You can release your press release on the eSports Marketing Blog

If you want to benefit from the great feedback the blog received in the last couple of weeks, you now have the option to do so by releasing your own press release on it. You want to promote your services, events, innovations or news? No problem. Just fill out the following form, choose your conditions and we will take care of the rest.

We can offer you the following services:

Service (Price) Description
Basic ($30) We add your press release to the 'press releases' category of the eSports Marketing Blog. (required)
Frontpage (+$20) We add your press release to the front page of the eSports Marketing Blog.
Backlink1 (+$100) We include one backlink to your press release.
Backlink2 (+$130) We include two backlinks to your press release.
Backlink3 (+$150) We include three backlinks to your press release.
Social Media (+$5) We promote your press release via our facebook and twitter channels.
Newsletter (+$5) We add your press release to the next newsletter of the eSports Marketing Blog.

Note: In case your company is located in Germany we will add 19% VAT to the total amount. In case your company isn't located in Germany, the respective invoice will be subject to reverse-charge. Moreover we claim the right to refuse press releases which - we think - don't fit to the content of the blog.

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