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Most Watched eSports Games on Twitch (since August 2015)


    • CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends consistently earn the most esports hours watched.
    • The most impressive performance comes from League of Legends, when its World Championship generated almost 60 million hours of viewership.
    • Over the past 11 months, viewers spent almost 264 million hours watching LoL esports content on Twitch, the highest of any title.
    • Peak viewership for CS:GO came last August during ESL One in Cologne, where more than 40 million hours were spent watching the title.
    • The Manilla Major, ESL One Frankfurt, and qualifiers for The International 2016 ensured that June was Dota 2’s best month.

Top 10 Watched Games Based on eSports Hours Watched on Twitch in June 2016

Top 10 Watched Games Based on eSports Hours Watched on Twitch in June 2016


  • Dota 2 was the top title for esports in June.
  • Street Fighter V is #7 in June, proving Capcom’s decision to make this version of Street Fighter a true esports title is paying off.
  • The lack of major tournaments for CS:GO meant that the time spent on esports content saw only a slight increase on May.
  • The extremely popular hero shooter Overwatch from Blizzard almost entered the ranking, standing at #11.

Source: Newzoo

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