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The 20 most popular eSports players in the world according to facebook fans

Last year we focused on the most popular eSports clubs in the world according to facebook users. Now it is time to have a look at the most popular eSports player ratings on the social network.

It is not a surprise that 90% of the top 20 eSports gamers are League of Legends players. Only two other players are playing different games.

Players come from all over the world, ranging from Canada, to the US, Taiwan, Sweden, Spain, Denmark (represented by two players per country) and the rest joins from Poland, Hong Kong, South Korea, Russia and Belgium.

Their fanbase on facebook has about 5, 8 million people.

The 20 most popular eSports players in the world by facebook fan ratings:

20.: Liu Shu-Wei (Westdoor) – 147.921 Fans
19.: Henrik Hansen (Froggen) – 162.532 Fans
18.: Jason Tran (Wildturtle) – 165.422 Fans
17.: Chen Hui Chung (MiStAkE) – 180.696 Fans
16.: Yiliang Peng (Doublelift) – 196.539 Fans
15.: Wang June Tsan (Stanley) – 206.739 Fans
14.: Alexey Ichetovkin (AlexIch) – 226.809 Fans
13.: Søren Bjerg (Bjergsen) – 236.767 Fans
12.: Christopher Alesund (GeT_RiGhT) – 242.511 Fans
11.: Mitch Voorspoels (Krepo) – 243.185 Fans

Rank no. 10: brazil Brian Wyllie (TheOddOne) – 275.603 fansBrian-Wyllie-TheOddOne-facebook

TheOddOne, whose real name is Brian Wyllie, is a former League of Legends professional from Canada, who has been playing the highly influential MOBA title since its first season. At the beginning, he was regarded as one of the best players in the Jungler-position. He spent his last season playing for the professional US-team SoloMid (TSM), with which he won the US version of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS)  in 2014 (one of the most popular eSports organizations worldwide). Now Wyllie fully concentrates on his streaming-career and helps out his former TSM-teammates as a coach.
> Fans: 275.603 > Facebook page of Brian Wyllie (TheOddOne)

Rank no. 9: brazil Jaroslaw Jarząbkowski (pasha) – 280.984 fansJarosław-Jarząbkowski-pasha-facebook

Jaroslaw Jarzabkowski (pasha) is the most popular and influential Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) player in the world, according to facebook. Together with his teammates, Filip Kubski (Neo) and Wiktor Wojitas (TaZ), the three are the heart of one of the most successful CS:GO-teams in the world. One of his greatest successes was winning the ESL One Katowice 2014, where he and his team earned $100.000 USD, the highest prize money in Counter-Strike history at that time.

Next to his playing skills, the full-time professional and father is known for his ties to the community. The open-minded Pole received five-figure donations for his live streams as well as single donations of 5.000 USD.
> Fans: 280.984 > Facebook page of Jaroslaw Jarząbkowski (pasha)

Rank no. 8: brazil Martin Larsson (Rekkles) – 291.509 fansMartin-Larsson-Rekkles-facebook

One of the youngest professional League of Legends players is Martin Larsson (Rekkles). The 18-year-old from Sweden is playing for the European organization Elements and has also played in the competitive Swedish team fnatic, with which he won the European series of the League of Legends Championship in 2014. He also represented Europe in the League of Legends world cup.

Fnatic drafted Larsson in 2012 because of his talent, even though he was not allowed to play in important tournaments or leagues due to his young age. In order to be able to join tournaments and leagues with less strict age restrictions, fnatic formed a second team so that he could play and further develop his skills.

> Fans: 291.509 > Facebook page of Martin Larsson (Rekkles)

Rank no. 7: brazil Hi im Gosu – 310.209 fansHiimGosu-facebook

Although he has only been a substitute player for US team Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), ‘Hi im gosu’ is very popular among the eSports community. The Canadian continually offers livestreams and  is very popular for his League of Legends based channel on youtube.

> Fans: 310.209 > Facebook page of Hi im Gosu

Rank no. 6: brazil Wai Kin Lau (Toyz) – 354.856 fansWai-Kin-Lau-Toyz-facebook

Wai Kin Lau (Toyz) from Hong-Kong can look back on an eventful career, which he had ended himself temporarily. After he had been playing League of Legends on a professional level for two years since 2011, he was suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome which forced him to end his career in 2013.

Half a year later he announced that the injury would not prevent him from playing on a professional level, however three months later he was again forced to stop, as the injury would not allow him to compete on the highest levels. After working as a coach for European team fnatic till the end of 2014, he again made a comeback with Hong Kong eSports for which he is playing at the moment.

> Fans: 354.856 > Facebook fanpage of Wai Kin Lau (Toyz)

Rank no. 5: brazil Enrique Cedeño-Martinez (xPeke) – 382.619 fansEnrique-Cadeno-Martinez-yPeke-facebook

Enrique Cedeño-Martinez (xPeke) was key player for the successful European team fnatic during 2011-2014 and has become very popular since playing for the Swedish organization. What makes him popular among his fans are particular ways of playing. One of the best examples was at the Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice, when he turned the tides facing a semifinal loss against rival SK Gaming by making a match-deciding move, thus leading his team to victory.

He left fnatic to found his own team ‘Origen’. The team is dominating the Coke Zero Challenger Series with six out of six victories and will most likely play in the upcoming League of Legends Championship Series (LCS).
> Fans: 382.619 > Facebook page of Enrique Cedeño-Martinez (xPeke)

Rank no. 4: brazil James Varga (PhantomL0rd) – 427.307 fansJames-Varga-PhantomLord-facebook

Having only appeared once the Intel Extreme Masters in New York in 2011, James Varga left the international eSports scene to pursue a career in livestreaming. Streaming almost every day for hours, his counts over 770.000 subscribers and is one of the most popular League of Legends channels on the platform.

He is known for being very emotional during his livestreams. Apart from this facebook account and his channel, he has 400.000 subscribers of his youtube channel. His tweets are being followed by around 120.000 fans.

> Fans: 427.307 > Facebook page of James Varga (PhantomL0rd)

Rank no. 3: brazil Marcus Hill (Dyrus) – 436.864 fansMarcus-Hill-Dyrus-facebook

American Marcus Hill (Dyrus) is among the first players  to play League of Legends on a competitive level and was able to account for offline successes very early on the US market. Since 2012, the 22-year-old is part of Team SoloMid, where he won the US League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). The eccentric toplane player is also known for his livestreams: his channel counts around 650.000 subscribers.

> Fans: 436.864 > Facebook page of Marcus Hill (Dyrus)

Rank no. 2: brazil Lee Sang-hyeok (Faker) – 490.264 fansLee-Sang-hyeok-Faker-facebook

South Korean Lee Sang-hyeok (Faker) is regarded as one of the best League of Legends players in the world and has an outstanding reputation among the eSport-community. Dustin Beck, vice president of Riot Games, called him the Michael Jordan of League of Legends. Yoon Ha-woon (MakNooN), one of his rivals, called him the ‘Messi of League of Legends’. 18-year-old Faker Lee plays for South Korean Team SK Telecom T1 and proved his skills by winning the League of Legends World Cup in 2013/2014.

> Fans: 490.264 > Facebook page of Lee Sang-hyeok (Faker)

Rank no. 1: brazil Carlos Rodriguez (Ocelote) – 609.348 fansCarlos-Rodriguez-Ocelote-facebook

The most popular eSports player in the world is called Carlos Rodriguez (Ocelote). For a long time, Rodriguez was part of German gaming organization SK Gaming and was at times called the best League of Legends player for the position he was playing in. He knows how to attract attention and cares for his fans.

By the end of last year, the 24-year-old decided to end his active gaming career and founded his own club Gamers2. The club is supporting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Call of Duty and HearthStone, has a well-known sponsor ( and even owns a mansion dedicated to eSports.

Rodriguez is one of the few players who know how to sell their name. According to his own statement, he made 600.000€ and 700.000€, 75% of the revenues were generated by merchandising.

> Fans: 609.348 > Facebook page of Carlos Rodriguez (Ocelote)

Edit 03-16-2015: Apparently we have overlooked two popular eSports players on facebook. Brazilian League of Legends players Gabriel Felipe Goncalves (brTT) and Santos Bohm (Kami) have 359.168 and 354.632 facebook fans, therefore taking places 6 and 8.

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