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The International 2017 31,47% Growth Rate in terms of Peak Concurrent Viewers on

The International 2017: 31,47% Growth Rate in terms of Peak Concurrent Viewers on

Last weekend, one of the most prestigeous eSports tournaments – The International 2017 (TI7) – climaxed at the sold out KeyArena in Seattle breaking multiple records.

Not only did millions of Dota2 fans see the first clean sweep in a grand final of this particular event ever (Team Liquid [3:0] Newbee), but they also witnessed eSports history watching two teams competing for the record-breaking prize pool of almost $11 million for the first place ($24 million in total).

On top of that – according to eSports viewership data provider Gamoloco – the event managed to break its own record in terms of peak concurrent viewership on More than eight hundred thousand viewers (824,206) tuned in at the same time (accumulated data of all official event channels) which is a notable growth compared to the previous years. In 2015, the tournament gained the attention of 555,926 viewers simultaneously while there were 626,896 peak concurrent viewers in 2016.

Peak Concurrent Viewership Growth of The International

The International Doa2 - Peak Concurrent Viewers

Gamoloco provides in-depth day by day data for The International 2017 including statistics for Hours Watched, Max CCV’s , Avg CCV’s, Air Time,Max Channels, Avg Channels and Viewers per Channel. More Information.

The specific reasons why The International keeps growing in terms of peak concurrent viewers on year by year can only be speculated. Is it because of the higher prize money? Or the general growth of twitch, Dota2 or eSports? Did VALVE do a better job this year in terms of promotion and marketing? Did PGL step up the level of the pre- and post-production? What’s your opionion on this? Let us know in the comments or join the conversation on reddit!

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