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Gfinity partners with ELEVEN SPORTS to broadcast The Elite Series in the USA and seven major international markets

Gfinity partners with ELEVEN SPORTS to broadcast The Elite Series in the USA and seven major international markets

Gfinity is pleased to announce that it has agreed a deal with pioneering global broadcaster ELEVEN SPORTS to bring LIVE competitive video gaming action from the Elite Series to fans across all seven of its markets, including the USA.

Gfinity’s Elite Series commenced on 7 th July and aims be one of the most innovative, engaging, entertaining and technologically advanced esports platform in the world, bringing together eight professional franchises competing across three games; Street Fighter V, Counterstrike:GO (CS:GO); and Rocket League.

The eight teams will face off in the Elite Series with each having drafted top amateur talent into their roster from the online Gfinity Challenger Series and will compete in a 7-week regular season featuring round robin league fixtures, followed by semi-finals and finals. All matches will be held at the Gfinity Esports Arena in London.

Gfinity has plans to extend the Challenger Series and Elite Series into new markets. The ambition to build a series of high quality events around the world chimes with ELEVEN SPORT’S strategy of building a local narrative into a global story. The presence of US and Belgian teams in the Elite Series is particularly pertinent to ELEVEN SPORTS, as they can use this to create captivating local content and make esports especially relevant to fans in those countries.

ELEVEN SPORTS will show LIVE coverage of the premium action, along with preview and review shows, behind the scenes footage, documentary and magazine content and industry interviews and features.

“Esports is growing rapidly worldwide and we are thrilled to agree this deal with Gfinity to bring a slice of the action to fans in every one of our markets,” said Danny Menken, Group Managing Director, ELEVEN SPORTS. “Gfinity aims to create a community where gamers can play, share, watch and learn via dynamic and engaging content. This makes it the perfect partner for ELEVEN SPORTS in line with our strategy to bring fans close the action, creating a go to destination where a community of dedicated and passionate millennial fans can access a diverse range of content that is tailor-made for them.”

Neville Upton, CEO, Gfinity plc says, “We are very excited to work with ELEVEN SPORTS as they are an excellent partner to deliver top quality broadcasting to almost 80 million pay TV households on top of their OTT subscribers in the key markets where esports matters the most. ELEVEN SPORTS distribute some of the biggest sporting events which makes them a natural fit for all the competitive video game action that the Elite Series has to offer in full HD, globally.”

Across all of its properties, Gfinity has organised 4.2 million gaming sessions which have achieved more than 100 million views to date across more than 20 countries with a total of 1.2 billion minutes watched, making it one of the world’s leading esports companies and the UK’s premier esports Tournament operator.

About Gfinity

Formed and managed by gamers and with the backing of engaged financial investors, Gfinity Plc was created to propel esports in the UK to a professional level, raise awareness of gaming as a competitive spectator sport and to provide a venue for gamers to showcase their talent.

Gfinity is one of the world’s leading providers of esports competitions and content, hosting thousands of competitions every month through its online tournament platform ( ) which brings together the gaming elite and casual enthusiasts. With multiple leagues across the best gaming titles, gamers are able to compete for prestige and prizes or play for pride and boost their skills playing with gamers of a similar standard.

The Gfinity Esports Arena in Fulham Broadway, London is the home of UK esports showcasing regular tournaments across the full range of competitive games. Beyond its own tournaments Gfinity provides a full turnkey solution for any brand wanting to create their own esports tournaments and has staged premium esports events around the globe for leading publishers and brands including Microsoft, Activision, EA, Xbox, Gillette and HP.


Founded in 2015, ELEVEN SPORTS is an award-winning global sports provider dedicated to delivering world-class international and domestic sports and lifestyle entertainment. ELEVEN SPORTS delivers almost 20,000 LIVE hours of top class sporting action, available in 70 million homes worldwide in Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Poland, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States. Each country receives up to 4,000 hours of live coverage of premium sporting events annually, along with news, comprehensive analysis, digital content and local programming. The channels are 24/7, multiscreen, full HD and locally produced to the highest international production standards, with local language commentary.

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