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Gamoloco DatViz Monday Review

Gamoloco DataViz Monday Review #7: League of Legends viewership numbers keep growing in 2016

The seventh edition of the Gamoloco Dataviz Monday Review features the growth of viewership numbers regarding the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS).

The infographic shows that the LCS Spring Split 2016 had a weekly average of 22.8 million hours watched. Compared to the previous year (20.4 million hours watched) the viewership numbers grew by 11,7 percent.

League of Legends viewership numbers keep growing in 2016


Message from the author

Nicolas Cerrato

Nicolas Cerrato
Founder & CEO

League of Legends has been leading Gamoloco scoreboards, by far, eversince the site has been up in summer 2014. And according to our observations, it’s been the undisputed #1 since 2012, maybe 2011. With such a long stint in 1st place, you would expect most to let down in some kind of way.

Illusion that success is natural and easy, and doesn’t need more work, is the most common trap for leaders to fall into. Well when it comes live viewership, it seems Riot Games has managed to merrily dance around it once more as the LCS Spring Split gathered 11.7% more Twitch viewers in 2016 than in 2015.

That being said, it’s important to keep in mind it’s “only” Twitch here. League of Legends might be the most televised game in the world at the moment, especially in South Korea and the rest of South-East Asia. It would be quite interesting to find out how the viewership evolved over there too. Unfortunately we at Gamoloco are nowhere near able to provide that kind of information.

Still, the succes on Twitch can’t be denied. How do they do it? That’s a very good question which we would like to ask experts about. With all the respect we have for this game and what Riot Games has achieved, litterally a revolution in gaming, no one at Gamoloco is a die hardcore League fan and we’d like to gather opinions from people who live and breathe Champions from the Rift in order to come up with quality analysis.

Please let us know if you are a well-documented, League streamer, commentator, player or analyst, or just plain amateur with a burning passion, we’d love to quote interesting stuff on our blog regarding the growth of League of Legends in 2016.”

About Gamoloco

gamoloco provides viewership data for gaming live streams hosted on major dedicated platforms such as,, and more platforms. The collected data is used to create scoreboards for channels on the one hand and games on the other hand. Gamoloco also uses the data to provide dedicated Game pages. Gamoloco numbers are directly taken from the platforms’ API’s and represent more than 98% of the total viewership.

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