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Gamoloco DatViz Monday Review

Gamoloco DataViz Monday Review #6: Comparing the most watched Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events in 2016

The sixth edition of the Gamoloco Dataviz Monday Review features the most watched Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events in 2016.

The infographic shows that the recently held Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice was the most watched event so far. Of particular interest will be if the increase of the prize money for all upcoming major events will have an impact on the viewership numbers.

Comparing the most watched Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events in 2016

Gamoloco DataViz Monday Review #6 Comparing the most watched Counter-Strike Global Offensive events in 2016


Message from the author

Nicolas Cerrato

Nicolas Cerrato
Founder & CEO

“Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been the 2nd most watched game in live streams for the past year. While the game started 2015 super strong, it finished the year on a downward trend. And the #1 audience driver, even more so for that one than other esports games, was esports events. That is why in 2016 we have decided to track the most watched CSGO esports events and make the results public. Hopefully we can all learn a thing or two in the process.

Will CSGO return to its growing trends? Will Valve introduce more community mechanics to dramatically boost viewership? Will Turner’s Eleague, to be aired on TV station TNT, negatively impact live streaming viewerships?

To find out, we have started a spreadsheet and this infographic is the 1st one coming out of it, after just a bit more than 2 months and 5 events into the year. It’s only the beginning: just like the data set in the spreadsheet, this infographic will get updated as more leading CSGO events take place.

Please consider that for IEM Katowice, there’s 2 platforms we could not track, Yahoo Esports and China-based HuomaoTV. According to our empiric observations, they recorded very good numbers. Hopefully we can add those platforms to our system in the near future.

Lastly, you might be interested to know we did track 2 CSGO events last year: ESL One Katowice and ESL One Cologne. They both were “Majors”, which means partnered with CSGO publisher Valve. Majors benefit from a huge viewership boost coming from features directly embedded into the game. That’s one of the reasons behind ESL One Cologne’s stellar 30M Hours Watched recorded over 4 days last August: it was the biggest event to date on Twitch, for any game. Will that record hold in 2016?!… Well, stay tuned.”

About Gamoloco

gamoloco provides viewership data for gaming live streams hosted on major dedicated platforms such as,, and more platforms. The collected data is used to create scoreboards for channels on the one hand and games on the other hand. Gamoloco also uses the data to provide dedicated Game pages. Gamoloco numbers are directly taken from the platforms’ API’s and represent more than 98% of the total viewership.

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