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Gamer Sensei Raises $2.3 Million and Launches as an Ally for eSports Gamers to Win More

Today, Gamer Sensei launched the industry’s first mastery platform for competitive gamers who want to win more, backed by $2.3 million in seed funding from lead investors Accomplice and Boston Seed Capital, with participation by Sigma Prime, FJ Labs, Corigin Ventures and Timothy & Todd McSweeney.

Gamer Sensei provides personalized coaching and skills development for major eSports titles to help all gamers reach their next level. The company also announced an exclusive long-term coaching and curricula partnership with NRG eSports and an exclusive partnership with StrifeCro from Cloud9.

The funds will be used to grow the Gamer Sensei team, accelerate development of the patent-pending mastery algorithm, expand to additional games, increase partnerships with the world’s best Sensei and eSports teams and establish an industry standard system for credentialing Sensei and improving players.

“eSports is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide and both new and experienced players will always look for that extra edge to best their competition,” said Peter Blacklow, partner at Boston Seed Capital. “Gamer Sensei’s unique ability to match competitive gamers with the industry’s largest collection of certified Sensei is already resulting in huge improvements, and we see great potential for the company as its legion of fans grows,” remarked Ryan Moore, partner at Accomplice.

Gamer Sensei invented an algorithm to match competitive gamers with the world’s largest collection of certified Sensei across all major eSports titles. On a one-on-one basis, Sensei help competitive gamers overcome individual challenges in their games of choice, leading them to win more. Once matched with a top Sensei, gamers receive personalized in-game coaching, resulting in measureable improvements. Gamer Sensei currently offers personalized coaching and skills development for Hearthstone, Overwatch, League of Legends, DOTA2, Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft II.

Gamer Sensei started because co-founders William Collis, Rohan Gopaldas and Jiapeng Ji were frustrated by the lack of options to improve at Hearthstone. Despite watching streams and reading forums, the trio struggled without a personalized and highly skilled service to provide expert feedback. They also hated playing for hours at a time without learning anything new, or wasting a night of gaming by racking up a string of losses. The co-founders created Gamer Sensei to provide an efficient, clear and personalized path to eSports improvement. “I just wanted to get better,” explained Rohan, “but instead, I found myself wasting countless hours losing, without understanding why. I felt like I was learning piano by banging on the keys.”

“Every gamer knows what it’s like to hit a wall and feel like they have no easy and effective path to improvement,” said William. “For aspiring pros looking to break into the top tiers of competition as well as average gamers looking to win more, Gamer Sensei provides personalized, reliable and friendly coaching and skills instruction.”

Over time, Gamer Sensei plans to add on-demand training and personalized assessments that take into account a gamer’s previous skills development and learning style to allow them to efficiently transition skills from one title to another. Additionally, Gamer Sensei will be developing the industry’s most comprehensive set of personalized curricula for all major eSports titles, as its partnerships with NRG eSports and StrifeCro from Cloud9 illustrate.

“There are countless claims and services offered to competitive gamers but few tools that are grounded in numbers and metrics to determine effectiveness,” said Andy Miller, Co-Owner of NRG eSports. “NRG eSports is pleased to partner with Gamer Sensei to offer our coaches, players and analysts to their elite stable of Sensei and develop customizable curricula we intend to establish as the industry’s standard.”

Gamers can sign up and Sensei can apply for the early stage beta now at

About Gamer Sensei Gamer Sensei is the first mastery platform for competitive gamers who want to win more. Through its patent pending mastery technology that connects players with world’s largest collection of certified Sensei across all major eSports titles, the company provides personalized coaching and skills development to help all gamers reach their next level. Gamers can sign up and Sensei can apply for the early stage beta now at

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Source: Press release / Gamer Sensei

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