Content marketing: How eSports-Club ‘Ninjas in Pyjamas’ promotes their own brand with videos

Content marketing is very popular these days. ESports has also discovered this marketing strategy. Many providers try to garner fans, customers and sponsors by offering high-value content.

The best example for successful content-marketing is the Swedish eSports-club ‘Ninjas in Pyjamas’. The club, mostly known for their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) team is creating quality videos watched by millions of people.

60.000 views after less than 24 hours

Their most recent video-project ‘REDEMPTION’ was released on YouTube this week and shows their CS:GO team at the ESL One Cologne at the gamescom 2014, where players competed for $250.000. The event itself created a new record in viewing figures. The 36 minutes video combines so-called frag-movie scenes, scenes focusing on particular playing moves and actions, and those with documentary-style elements. Not even a day had passed and the clip had more than 60.000 clicks.

Recruiting as part of brand recognition: from a hobby to a professional career

Responsible for the video s of ‘Ninjas in Pajamas’ is 21-year-old German Kevin Tweedale. The hobby video-producer and freelancer had worked for some eSports-organizations sporadically until he was contacted by ‘Ninjas in Pajamas’ a year ago and is now producing their videos.

His YouTube channel counts over 25.000 subscribers and Tweedale has a growing fanbase. With more than 36 million views, the channel is one of the most wide-reaching channels in eSports.

It took him hundreds of hours to produce the video “REDEMPTION”. The eSports-enthusiast from Schönthal commented on a blog article on “It is just an amazing feeling looking back at hundreds of work hours, of days of preparation prior to the event, thinking about the event that was one of the greatest experiences – ESL One Cologne 2014”.

More than two million views for ‘Ninjas in Pyjamas’

Benefitting from the video producer’s popularity and expertise, ‘Ninjas in Pyjamas’ has picked out well. That investment is paying off: More than two million viewers watched the last seven event documentaries!

Tweedale, possibly better known as ‘NiP tweeday’, is also active among the community and immensely popular among the club’s fans. It is said that he is professional, active and passionate. Those are some of the characteristics which the Swedish club would like to convey.

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