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ELEAGUE Reaches Multi-Year Agreement with Twitch to Distribute Live Event and On Demand Content

ELEAGUE’s First Season Delivers Strong Audience Consumption Across All Platforms

ELEAGUE, the professional eSports organization formed in partnership between Turner and WME | IMG, culminated its first season with winning its inaugural championship. Throughout its debut season, ELEAGUE consistently delivered strong audience consumption across all platforms including 897 million gross minutes of video consumption on TBS and Twitch.

ELEAGUE also attracted more than 3.4 million new viewers to TBS during its 10-week season, with the audience composition consisting heavily of Millennial viewers falling in the coveted Men 18-34 demographic.

Yesterday’s ELEAGUE Championship coverage generated approximately 48 million gross minutes of video consumption across TBS and Twitch. The championship netted a season one record with a peak of 168,500 concurrent streams on Twitch and an average of 103,000 concurrent streams throughout the afternoon. Saturday’s championship also garnered 2.9 million social impressions across Facebook and Twitter.

Highlights from ELEAGUE’s first season include:

897 Million Gross Minutes of Video Consumption

ELEAGUE delivered 897 million total minutes of video consumption across TBS and Twitch during its first season.

More Than 25 Million Live Video Streams on Twitch

Throughout its first year, ELEAGUE generated more than 25 million live video streams on Twitch for live event coverage.

Peak of 168,500 Concurrent Streams on Twitch for ELEAGUE Championship

Saturday’s ELEAGUE Championship peaked with a first season record of 168,500 concurrent streams on Twitch, along with a season-high average of 103,000 throughout the day’s coverage.

Reach of Nearly 19 Million Total Viewers on TBS

ELEAGUE’s live event telecasts on TBS reached nearly 19 million total viewers in season one.

More Than 3.4 Million New Viewers to TBS

Throughout its first season, ELEAGUE attracted more than 3.4 million new viewers to TBS.

TBS Audience Composition +97% in Men 18-34

ELEAGUE telecasts airing in the Friday night window throughout the first season led to TBS’ audience composition growing 97% in Men 18-34 and 51% in Men 18-49 when compared with the same telecast window over the previous month.

Nearly 60 Million Social Impressions on Twitter and Facebook

Engagement with ELEAGUE content across social platforms included nearly 60 million impressions on Twitter and Facebook.

Five Million Video Views Across Facebook and Twitter

ELEAGUE social content netted more than five million video views across Twitter and Facebook.

ELEAGUE Season 1 Final Match

Source: Twitch dashboard, Period: 5/24/16 – 7/30/16. Reporting on 7/31/16 as of 11:00am. Social metrics per Twitter Analytics and Spredfast. TV based on Nielsen Fast Nationals, Live + Same day data.

Source: Press release / Turner


  1. kodeina

    August 2, 2016 at 5:18 am

    168k viewers is not even close to strong! 1 year ago events with 6 times lesser prize pool had 1,3 mln viewers (also not counting TV!), we can say yeah but there were drops and sitckers so lets compare EL to also a major event in Dubai 2015 also with no drops nor stickers. 400k viewers! These results are terrible! It is a huge failure. The worst(the lowest number of viewers) big event in last 2 years! Dont fool yourself that there were thousands of viewers on TV because CS has been on TV for 1-2 years already.


    • Joker

      August 2, 2016 at 12:35 pm

      168k viewers on twitch…. Did you forget that this also aired on TV? You might have also forgotten the time slot for E league was from 10PM-1AM some nights. Not exactly prime time like some of the majors online. Garnishing viewers on twitch and GOTV is a whole lot easier when valve puts live video in the game itself. I think you are completely underselling what ELeauge accomplished. I’m not going to say that they were the best thing that happened to CSGO of Esports in general, but it was most certainly not a “huge failure.” Also take into account the fact that CSGO lost players due to hackers and over watch coming out.


  2. dayoneblogblog

    August 2, 2016 at 11:31 am

    @KODEINA, what about the TBS show? That reached a lot more viewers than Twitch


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