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Copenhagen Municipality Supports Copenhagen Games with $90000

Copenhagen Municipality Supports Copenhagen Games with $90000

This Easter; Denmark’s largest and oldest esports festival celebrates its anniversary. Copenhagen Games is opening its doors for the 10th time for the approximately 10.000 guests and 1500 participants, who travel to Copenhagen from all around the world to take part in the festivities and large tournaments, Copenhagen Games has since its outset had an important partner in Copenhagen Municipality, and luckily the Department of Culture and Leisure has chosen to continue the support in 2019 with a sponsorship of no less than 600.000 DKK.

“The backing from Copenhagen Municipality is very important to the establishment of Copenhagen Games 2019. The support ensures that we can maintain the foundation that is Copenhagen Games itself – which is to create a space for the many initiatives, clubs and educations within esports – which are really blossoming at the moment.” says CEO of Copenhagen Games, Zahid Butt.

At Copenhagen Municipality they are equally excited to support Copenhagen Games – and esports in general. “Esports is in an exciting time of growth. When we support esport as a sport; we help create the framework for the same healthy culture of unionship we see in the typical sport clubs.” says Mayor of Culture and Leisure, Franciska Rosenkilde (Å).

Copenhagen Municipality has through the later years supported a variety of initiatives within esports. Among others, they have supported Copenhagen Esport; a local esports club located in Nørrebrohallen with the mission statement to give young people the opportunity to cultivate and develop their passion with others. “There is a quickly growing interest, growth and development in esports in many of the country’s municipalities. That’s why it’s so great when a municipality recognizes the potential in esports and understand the necessity of supporting the enormous development there is.” finishes Zahid Butt.

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