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Austin-Based Launches: A One-Stop Shop Esports Platform for Professional Gamers and Fans

Austin-Based Launches: A One-Stop Shop Esports Platform for Professional Gamers and Fans

Available today, offers esports and professional gaming fans an easy way to stay up-to-date with their favorite athletes (gamers). Fans no longer have to jump between different sources like YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Reddit to watch and discover new clips and content. lets fans create a free, personalized up to date feed on their favorite athletes, games, and events. As soon as an athlete uploads a new YouTube video starts streaming on Twitch, or starts competing at an event, fans will be notified.

This platform is the brainchild of Alexander Martin, Founder and CEO of Inc. The son of Filipino immigrants that came to the US in 1994, he is a first generation American betting on a dream and the 1.5 billion dollar gaming industry. Alex, a pre-med drop out and unapologetically Taylor Swift’s #1 fan, started delving into the start-up scene and connected the dots realizing the need for this social platform. An active gamer that goes by the gamertag of “SuitUpAlex” and has an in-depth understanding of the gaming culture and how fans are consuming the content created by the top athletes in esports, he soon realized there is a lot of fragmentation and a lack of consumer education due to rapid growth. The internet is full of esports news and content, but it requires a lot of work from hardcore fans to keep up and sift through the updates.

Alex believes that playing video games is becoming “America’s favorite past time!” and is going all in on that belief structure. “Just the fact that Gen Z will spend 9 hours on Twitch watching their favorite player stream is big,” Alex says. He created the score, “The score is like the wine score for esports.” is available now on the Google Play Store and on, and soon on Apple AppStore. Visit for more information. Inc. is founded by Alexander Martin and Eric Irish, two startup vets and avid esports enthusiasts. The company recently closed an angel investment round.

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