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Yuki – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Oscar “Yuki” Jiang is a professional Apex Legends player from Britain, known to hold the 87th rank in the highest earnings among the United Kingdom players. Yuki’s Apex Legends journey started in 2020 as a player for the British esports organization Clique Esports. From 2020 to 2023, this esports player has shifted between five organizations and is currently playing for the Swedish esports organization Alliance.

After winning several top tournaments and bagging considerable cash prizes, Yuki is currently a top player with a net worth of $101,839.66.


Real NameOscar Jiang
Birthday November 19, 1995 (Age: 28 Years)
Currently PlayingApex Legends
Net Worth$101,839.66

Gaming Career

At the age of 8 or 9, Yuki kicked off his gaming career as a Counter-Strike 1.6 player. However, you will be fascinated to know that this British gamer was initially very passionate about acting. He still recalls his school days when he did plenty of theater work. When he was 18, Yuki moved to Hong Kong for a one-year theater course.

During his stay in Hong Kong, an unexpected opportunity came to him, and that was modeling for Airbnb Japan. After spending two years in Japan, Yuki moved to China for more modeling assignments. A reality dating TV show, Heart Signal, even featured Yuki.

However, his career took a U-turn when COVID hit, as Yuki had to return to the United States at the request of his mother. While the pandemic kept him arrested in the house like all others, Yuki got enough time to dedicate to streaming and, eventually, Apex Legends.

However, Yuki is known to have begun playing Apex Legends when he was in China. After returning to the UK due to the pandemic, he utilized his spare time by streaming his games, and this opened the path for him to become a gaming pro in Apex Legends. Interestingly, his playing time increased to 12 hours a day.

This Apex player gradually started killing pros and finally caught attention with a Wingman headshot at TSM’s ImperialHal. Although Yuki began as a random player, he improved his skills with every tournament and kept on competing with the best by giving full dedication to the pro scene.

Well, Yuki gives much of the credit for his entry into the pro esports scene to his fellow pro player, Martin Heggoy “Pjeh” Aamyri. He considers Pjeh his idol, as he inspired Yuki to stream more to capture attention, open a Twitter account, and publish his clips.

Professional Career

After Wingman’s headshot, Yuki achieved 35th rank on the Predator leaderboards and soon got his first break from the Newcastle-based Clique Esports in April 2020. This was Yuki’s first step into the pro Apex scene and was just the beginning.

Yuki soon got his major break in May of the same year from the British esports organization COOLER Esports. Along with team members Matthew “SirDel” Biggins and Casper Emil “Gnaske” Praestensgaard, Yuki competed in the Esports Arena Series, the ALGS Autumn Circuit tournaments, and the GGL Community Cups.

However, this British player solidified his name among the Apex pros after signing up for the Swedish organization, Aqualix. Yuki emerged as a top-flight player and moved on to get an opportunity from Alliance in 2021. While Alliance is one of the dream teams in European Apex, he couldn’t refuse the offer.

Yuki is still a player for Alliance and has currently achieved 1st place at the ALGS 2023 Split 2 Pro League EMEA and then 9th place at the 2023 ALGS Split 2 Playoffs.

What is Yuki’s Net Worth?

Yuki’s net worth is estimated to be $101,839.66.

How Much Does Yuki Earn?

Yuki is known to hold the 87th rank in the highest earnings among the United Kingdom players and the 2750th rank in the highest overall earnings.

The highest cash prize that Yuki won was $65,000 from the 2023 ALGS Split 1 Playoffs. Apart from tournament winnings, he earns from subscriptions. For instance, his current active subscriptions on Twitch are known to be about 712, and he is estimated to earn between $599 and $1836 from them.

In addition, Yuki is expected to earn from sponsorships, team salaries, ads, streams, and other sources.

Streaming Hours

There’s no specific information available on Yuki’s streaming hours or schedules.

Official Handles


Some of his best achievements are as follows:

  • 2023 ALGS Split 2 Playoffs (9th): $25,000
  • 2023 ALGS Split 2 Pro League EMEA (1st): $20,000
  • 2023 ALGS Split 1 Playoff (5th): $65,000
  • 2022 JBL Quantum Cup Europe (2nd): $10,000
  • 2022 ALGS Championship (8th): $60,000
  • 2022 Pizza Hut Gaming Frenzy (1st): $4,761
  • 2022 ALGS Split 1 Playoffs EMEA (2nd): $50,000
  • 2021 ALGS Split 1 Pro League EMEA (2nd): $15,000
  • 2021 Leviathan Gaming Tournament (1st): $2,500
  • 2021 ALGS Championship (5th): $35,154.


Some trivial facts about Yuki include the following:

  • Yuki was initially a TV personality and model.
  • He did a one-year drama course in Hong Kong.
  • He started streaming after COVID hit.
  • Yuki got noticed in the pro scene after his Wingman headshot at TSM’s ImperialHal.
  • He achieved 35th rank on the Predator leaderboards at that time.
  • He stepped into the pro-Apex scene by signing up with Newcastle-based Clique Esports in 2020.


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