Two of the biggest names in esports, World Gaming Network and Collegiate StarLeague are combining assets, resources, and more than 10 years of industry-leading platforms to form CSL Esports, and refocus efforts to create and provide opportunities for gamers and empower them through higher education.

CSL Esports is shifting its focus to engage colleges, universities, and high schools to provide an infrastructure that enhances opportunities for students to achieve a higher education through esports. Over the past 10 years, CSL Esports has worked with over 1,800 schools and 11,000 teams across North America.

“We are creating life-changing educational opportunities through esports,” said Rob Johnson, the newly named CEO, CSL Esports. “We have the unique ability to provide outstanding opportunities, necessary resources, and career development for aspiring esports competitors, as well as a platform that makes campuses attractive to potential students, increases alumni participation and becomes a revenue generator for the institution.”

CSL Esports offers online league operations and administrative support, content creation and distribution, on-campus events (live and online), intramural leagues, and esports advisory services to support programs, team formation, and curriculum development. CSL Esports was named “Best Collegiate Esports Series” two years in a row (2019-20) by Esports Business Summit.

Using the experience of a decade in the amateur and collegiate esports space, CSL Esports will expand its scope of services to also build out a white-label product for companies looking to attach their brand to esports. The company will work in tandem with its parent company, Playfly Sports, to enhance high-school, college and professional sports organizations with esports and create revenue-generating opportunities for its clients.

The shift in strategy also leads to exiting the consumer-facing amateur esports business. Over its 10-year run, WorldGaming Network, hosted over 3-million gamers and over 20,000 tournaments. In this new strategy shift, CSL Esports will look to partner with industry leaders to ensure those players continue to have the opportunity to compete.

CSL Esports will continue to be supported by former WorldGaming Network and Collegiate Starleague CEO and industry veteran Wim Stocks who will serve as Chairman. The company will continue to create partnerships and tournaments, particularly ones that mirror the company’s plan to increase educational advancement.

“CSL Esports’ new focus further enhances revenue opportunities for our current and potential Playfly Sports Properties partners,” said Michael Schreiber, Founder and CEO, Playfly Sports. “CSL Esports is an essential part of Playfly Sports’ success and continued growth. CSL Esports’ storied history and deep understanding of esports enable us to effectively incorporate esports into our partners’ plans. We look forward to working closely with our Playfly Sports Properties partners to provide new offerings and drive new forms of revenue.”

CSL Esports offers year-round Collegiate StarLeague play in a variety of top-tier games to keep schools and students engaged. In current play, the University of Maryland (4-0) remains undefeated in Rocket League after a big win against the UNC Tar Heels (2-1), and Miami of Ohio (3-0), also undefeated, beat Michigan State (1-2) in VALORANT on CSL Esports Twitch stream on Friday night. VALORANT is one of the fastest-growing games of 2020.

Follow CSL Esports online at, and on social media at @cslesportsgg, website: The company’s Tournament Platform is

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About CSL Esports

CSL Esports provides life-changing opportunities in education through esports. Working directly with High Schools, Universities, and Alumni associations, CSL Esports provides turnkey solutions for schools and students to compete and learn valuable skills in the rapidly expanding esports industry. Since 2009 CSL Esports has been North America’s largest collegiate esports business, providing over $1 million in scholarships while partnering with over 1,800 educational institutions under its premier tournament series, Collegiate StarLeague.

About Playfly Sports

Playfly Sports ( is a full-service sports marketing company providing top tier management of multimedia rights for teams, schools, athletics departments, and other properties. Playfly Sports is also the home of CSL Esports, the leaders in college and amateur esports with all esports activities on Power Five campuses and all four major professional sports leagues as partners. For more information visit

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