Unikrn, the world’s leading esports bookmaker, is excited to announce that they have agreed to terms to acquire LEET, an esports startup whose specialty is integrating esports experiences into land based casinos.

LEET currently works with casinos in Las Vegas and beyond by enabling them to run their own in-house esports tournaments. LEET enabled the Downtown Grand to become the first casino in Las Vegas to offer esports. Unikrn and LEET will continue to work with these casinos while creating new and highly engaging experiences that will help change the casino industry forever.

“Our company has seen growth throughout 2016 with our casino events business and we’re looking forward to an even better 2017 and beyond with Unikrn”, said Kingsley Edwards, Founder and CEO of LEET. “It’s clear that casinos are in need of a modern strategy to engage young adults. Unikrn and LEET provide exactly that with our complimentary suite of esports products, community reach, and talented team.”

The combination of Unikrn and LEET in Las Vegas is just the beginning to help drive a meaningful uptick in esports activity in a city whose momentum as a top destination for esports continues to grow.

“Building a presence in Las Vegas is incredibly important to Unikrn. We have been working for two years to build Unikrn, and LEET will help accelerate our business as the world’s best bookmaker for esports,” said Rahul Sood, CEO & Co-Founder of Unikrn. “Carson and Kingsley are fantastic founders, I’ve met them multiple times at almost every event we attend. This deal just made sense, and we’re excited to have their talents along with the entire LEET team as part of Unikrn Vegas.”

More of the specifics of the deal will be released upon final closing.

Source: Press release