Counter-Strike: Global Offensive News, Rumors, and Events

CS: GO is the eSport that pretty much kicked off eSports in general. It’s surely the one that got betting markets at top betting websites interested in eSports.

Rumor: Gen.G to Come to CS: GO?

As some organizations leave CS: GO in pursuit of other titles, others are moving in to fill the void. Gen.G is rumored to be making a play for a CS: GO spot. The organization was recently valued at $185 million coming in at No. 6 of the Top Ten most money-making eSports organizations. Gen. G is primarily in the Asian markets and as such, has a huge following overseas. This could be a good thing for the ESL Proleague. Primarily, CS: GO has been dominated by European and North American markets, so an injection of the Asian market might be just what CS: GO needs to stay relevant in a world that is rapidly becoming loaded with new, more modern titles.

So far it’s looking like Gen.G will be taking on some of the Cloud9 talent along with SHiPZ aka Georgi Grigorov. If you are not familiar with Gen.G. They were KSV back in 2017 and rebranded in 2018. You may, however, be familiar with the OVERWATCH League and the Seoul Dynasty, which is one of Gen. G’s main franchise teams. They are also in Fortnite, Apex, Call of Duty, the LCK and PUBG as Gen.G

So how will the roster look?

Cloud 9s roster has undergone many changes over the last couple of years and that won’t change anytime soon. Daps aka Damian Steel and autimatic are the first two Cloud 9 names that are on the short-list for the new Gen.G CS: GO roster. Autimatic has been with Cloud 9 since 2016, but daps is a newcomer, coming over in the recent overhaul this summer. With autimatic Gen.G will be getting a seasoned vet who has Major-winning experience. Along with these two, it’s looking like SHiPZ, a former WESG World Finals MVP will help to anchor this new team. But that’s only three of a five-person team. The other two players, as well as any alternates, are still unknown. But we do know that Gen.G is getting into the CS: GO action and Cloud9 seems to have dropped out of all upcoming events.

News: Valve Corp Fights Crime!

Apparently, there was quite a bit of unsavory action taking place within Valve Corp’s microtransactions systems. Namely, money laundering. Criminals had been trading digital keys to open loot boxes and sell them on the Steam platform. This is actually quite clever since the dollar value is fairly stable. Valve didn’t go too deeply into detail but they did state that it was likely money laundering to clean earnings from devious activities such as credit card fraud. So, one bad apple ruins the bunch … Valve has stopped users’ ability to trade keys effective immediately so that they could stop the criminals from using their platform as a medium for continuing to profit off of criminal activities. Well, that great … thanks for ruining it for the rest of us, jerks!

Skins were estimated four years ago as a 5 billion dollar industry. So it makes sense that the criminals chose this as a method of digitally cleaning their ill-gotten money.

Upcoming CS: GO Events to Look Out For

The IEM Beijing is coming up this weekend, November 7th through the 10th. Both Astralis and Evil Geniuses will be in attendance, so the No. 1 and No. 2 teams will be at the top of their respective groups. Team Liquid and Fnatic won’t be there, but this tournament could result in a leadership change.

Right after Beijing is DreamHack Atlanta on the 15th on November. There are still two spots left to be filled, but we know that Heroic, CR4ZY,, Sprout, INTZ, The Quest, and Illuminar will be there. Say tuned and check the betting sites in the link above to find out who the tournament favorites are! It’s the easiest way to get an unbiased overview of each team.