PowerSpike, the leading influencer marketing and analytics platform for live streaming, announced today a new product, Match, that enables brands to launch a Twitch influencer marketing campaign in 4 minutes or less by automating traditional talent discovery, hiring, communication, and resource delivery processes. The product aims to transform influencer marketing into an accessible marketing channel as well as to further integrate automation with influencer marketing.

“Today, influencer marketing is run like online advertising in the 90s,” said AJ Damiano, PowerSpike’s CEO. “Brands spend hundreds of hours identifying influencers, searching for contact information, and sending emails. Match transforms that slow and outdated process. It enables brands to order influencer content just like they’d make a media buy. Just tell Match what you want and it delivers results. That’s it.”

Match utilizes comprehensive streamer data and AI technology to automatically match brands with influencers based on their campaign budgets, marketing goals, and more. After brand approval, the Match system then sends offers to each influencer along with instructions for properly completing the brand’s campaign.

PowerSpike’s updated content verification system allows brands to accept and reject sponsored content sent to them after their campaigns complete, and the newly introduced PowerSpike Pixel and tracking link system give brands detailed insights into the ROI of their influencer marketing campaigns for the first time ever. All these features combine to allow brands to run entire Twitch influencer marketing campaigns in under five minutes of work.

Since launching its open beta in early 2017, over 15,000 live streaming content creators with a combined audience of 35+ million viewers have signed up to receive sponsorships on the site, and prominent brands such as Soylent, Creative Labs, and Camp Mobile have signed up to connect with streamers and build their live streaming influencer marketing programs.

Since launching Match, PowerSpike has started accepting brands onto the platform. Brands can book demos with the PowerSpike team on their website here: https://powerspike.tv/book-a-demo

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About PowerSpike

PowerSpike is the leading influencer marketing and analytics platform for Twitch, providing influencer sponsorship and management solutions and fan insights for the esports space. PowerSpike was founded in 2015 by a group of former livestreamers and content creators. For more information, visit https://powerspike.tv.

(Image) Source: Press release