Taisheen – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Can “Taisheen” Ozturk is a 23-year-old retired Esports player who announced his retirement on April 16, 2023. He played Apex Legends professionally with SCARZ being his last team. Born on 20 July, 2000, this player with German/ Turkish heritage enjoyed an illustrious career. He’s also known as Mr. T.


Real NameCan Ozturk
Birthday 20 June, 2000
AgeAge: 23 Years
Currently PlayingApex Legends
Net Worth$70k

What to Know About Taisheen’s Private Life?

Learning about Taisheen’s private life can be challenging considering how he keeps his personal information out of the public view. This is evident from the low number of interviews he has had with his social media accounts offering little help. His Instagram is set to private, while he only posts stream and Apex related content on X (Twitter).

Taisheen has a lot going on in his private life as he recently posted he just got out of a toxic relationship. However, he didn’t mention the person or provide further details. There have also been several indications that he is struggling financially. One of his reasons for quitting competitive Apex gaming was a lack of adequate financial motivation to do so.

Some months back, he opened a GoFundMe and deleted it shortly afterwards. However, that has further raised a lot of talk within the community about his current financial state.

How did Taisheen Become a Professional Esports Player?

Ozturk’s journey to a professional Esports player remains sketchy due to a lack of available information. From the fragments of information available to us, we can piece together his steps to an Apex Legends professional.

He spent some time playing PUBG where he was active in the European PUBG mobile scene before transitioning to playing Apex Legends when it launched in 2019. Like most players, he started by playing mobile games which then transitioned into online gaming.

After his transition to playing Apex Legends in 2019, his prior gaming skills and experience quickly pushed him to the top, where he excelled as a solo player. He also played for North from 2019 to the end of 2020 before moving to Mikkel, Can, & Dan and staying till March 2021.

His major breakthrough came when he moved to the prestigious SCARZ gaming team and stayed there till the end of his career, while enjoying numerous high tournament finishes. Taisheen announced his retirement from active competitive gaming in April, 2023. He has since indicated his interest in coming out of retirement on several occasions.

What are Taisheen’s Esports Achievements?

Taisheen played Apex Legends competitively from 2019 till his retirement in 2023 and amassed a plethora of quality performances along the way. This includes solo performances and with his teams. Here are some of his achievements while playing the game.

  • July 26, 2020: 1st in ALGS Summer Circuit #3 – EMEA, with North and winning $6000
  • August 2, 2020: 1st in GLL Masters Summer – EMEA, with North and winning $15000
  • September 13, 2020: 2nd in ALGS Summer Circuit Playoffs – EMEA, with North and winning $25250
  • October 19, 2020: 2nd in ALGS Autumn Circuit #2 – Europe, with North and winning $3000
  • November 2, 2020: 1st in ALGS Autumn Circuit #3 – Europe, with North and winning $6000
  • January 31, 2021: 1st in ALGS Autumn Circuit #1 – Europe, with Mikkel, Can, & Dan and winning $6000
  • May 8, 2021: 2nd in EURAT Summer Showdown, winning $7298
  • June 12, 2021: 1st in ALGS Championship 2021 – EMEA, with SCARZ
  • January 14, 2022: 2nd in OTK Opex Invitational and winning $9000
  • July 10, 2022: 11th in ALGS: Championship 2022, with SCARZ and winning $24000

What is Taisheen’s Net Worth?

Like most monetary information in the gaming community, Mr. T’s net worth is unknown with the majority of his deals and earnings kept private. However, we know he earned over 138k as winning from the various tournaments he participated in before retirement. This included both solo and team tournaments.

He also earned a decent amount from streaming on YouTube and Twitch, with earnings from sponsorships and endorsements remaining undisclosed. Figures from his salary account for a huge portion of his net worth. However, there have been suspicions of personal issues depleting his worth, especially as he opened a GoFundMe account previously. We estimate his net worth to be around $70k.

How Much Does Taisheen Earn?

This information remains limited like his net worth but we can make an estimate close enough to the real figure. Remember, Taisheen is retired, so this will significantly affect his current earnings as we have little knowledge of his current endeavors. We estimate his earnings to be around $20k. Here are some of the significant factors contributing to his earnings:


Despite retiring in April 2023, he was still able to earn a significant amount in salaries before retirement.


Even though his streaming has reduced within the past one year, he still earns a decent amount from streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

What are Taisheen Apex Legends Settings?

Taisheen has quite the reputation in Apex Legends due to his achievements but in his playing style that has helped him the most. He is known for a strategic and calculative style rather than being aggressive. He also prefers support roles where he can help his teammates. All these styles are supported by certain in-game settings.

He uses the standard 400 DPI most Apex players like with a sensitivity setting of 2.5 ensuring adequate mouse speed required for his actions. Taisheen loves standard settings so it allows him to concentrate on his strategic plays as he also keeps his ADS sensitivity multiplier at 1.

Away from his mouse and we see his video resolution at a high 1920×1080 indicating that he likes clear imagery when gaming. Mr. T also keeps the screen brightness stable at 50% with a full-screen view and aspect ratio of 16:9 utilizing the monitor screen. His Apex field of view is 110, with FOV ability scaling disabled.

Learn more about Taisheen Apex Legends Settings.

What Gear Does Taisheen Use?

Check out Taishen’s setup when playing Apex Legends. These devices support his game settings that aid his playing style.

  • Monitor: ZOWIE XL2546
  • Mouse: Logitech G Pro Superlight Black
  • Keyboard: Glorious GMMK Pro

What is Unique About Taisheen’s Playing Style?

Even though Taisheen’s style has evolved over time, some aspects of his game still stand out. His gaming style evolves around being strategic, offering support to his teammates, and being adaptable and flexible. All these are possible due to his strong fundamentals like aiming, movement mechanics, gunplay and positioning.

His strategic and calculative approach to being aggressive helps him understand the game better. He prioritizes efficiency and survival to brash moves, so takes calculated moves. Ozturk achieves this gaming style as he is calm and composed under pressure.

Being support-oriented, he prefers to gather information and supplies instead of leading charges, setting up shields, and reviving teammates. He uses Legends like Wattson and Lifeline who are adept at these roles.

His timing is sharp, his movement is efficient, his positioning is excellent, and his map knowledge is topnotch, all of which give him an intense gaming fundamental that helps his play. Taisheen joins calm and composed gaming to ensure efficiency.

How Can You Play Apex Legends Like Taisheen?

Playing like Taisheen is possible if you can get some factors right. First you must get similar gears with the capacity to implement his playing style. Then you need to learn how he plays and how to replicate it.

Considering his strategic approach to playing Apex, you must start by remaining calm under pressure if you want to replicate this. You have to build your composure in games. Positioning and movement are also excellent ways to give yourself more time to think and strategize.

Strong fundamentals also help you play like Taisheen. You must improve your aiming, movement, gunplay, and positioning through constant practice and repetition. Map knowledge adds to an overall strong fundamentals and makes for a more strategic player.

To be adaptable and flexible like Can Ozturk, you must learn and master different legends while setting preference to support-oriented legends makes it even better. Taisheen loves to support his teammate so mastering similar legends makes it easier to play like him.

What are Taisheen’s Official Social Media Channels?

Another excellent way to learn from Taisheen and play like him is by following his streams and learning from him. Even though the retired Apex player is not the most active on social media, you can still learn a lot about his style from these channels.


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Taisheen is known to speak English, German, and Turkish fluently. Which helps him communicate properly during international tournaments. His German and Turkish background helped with the two languages while he learned English at a young age.


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