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Sweet – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Christopher “Sweet” Sexton is an American professional Apex Legends player born on July 2, 1999. He is also known as Sweetdreams, GLANCER, and LOCKEDIN. Sweet is currently a free agent after last playing for NRG, which was disbanded in October 2023.


Real NameChristopher Sexton
Birthday July 2, 1999
AgeAge: 24 Years
TeamFree Agent
Currently PlayingApex Legends
Net Worth$1.2 million

What to Know About Sweet’s Private Life?

Most Esports players keep their private lives away from the media to avoid speculations, which can easily turn into distractions. Sweetdreams is one of those players that has minimal personal information out there. Notwithstanding, there are several other publicly available information about Sweetdreams we’ll include in this section.

Sweet likes to follow basketball when he’s free, and even though his favorite team is unknown, he has consistently shown support for the General State Warriors on his X (Twitter) account.

The Apex Legends player is also known to watch a lot of anime. During an interview with Dexerto in 2021, he mentioned being a fan of Hunter x Hunter and appreciating the character’s development. He’s also known to enjoy Demon Slayer.

Sweet also has a philanthropic side to him, and he supports charitable causes. He has participated in several charity streams where the revenue is donated to a charity or used to support a cause. Christopher has also supported St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

How did Sweet Become a Professional Esports Player?

Christopher’s journey to the top of Professional Apex Legends gaming was non-linear and followed a different path than what most players experienced. There is limited information about his pre-Apex days, but it is likely that he played several other titles, which helped him develop his gaming sense and understanding.

In 2019, after Apex Legends launched, Sweetdreams picked interest in the game. He started his Apex Career on the Solo queue, where he got to showcase his individual skill and mastery of FPS gaming in general.

His performances in these solo queues, alongside his social media and streaming presence, helped to boost his reputation in their community. A higher reputation often leads to better deals and the chances of an established team coming along. Sweetdreams leveraged his growing reputation to team up with other players and form several teams like NRG and Soniqs.

The player has enjoyed a lot of tournament success with his various teams, including high finishes in ALGS and Apex Legends Preseason Invitationals. Sweet has continued to develop and has become an in-game leader, delivering clutch performances even under pressure.

What are Sweet’s Esports Achievements?

Christopher Sexton is one of the highest-earning Apex Legends players ever in terms of winnings. Sweet has amassed over $330,000 in winnings from 87 tournaments. His achievements speak for him as evidenced by his many achievements. We’ll include some of his top accomplishments in this section.

  • April 13, 2019: 1st in TwitchCon Europe Showdown 2019, with Rogue
  • August 2, 2020: 1st in GLL Masters Summer – Americas, with Rogue and winning $15000
  • March 27, 2021: 1st in ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs – North America, with NRG and winning $48000
  • December 15, 2021: 1st in Samsung Odyssey Invitational with team Sweetdreams
  • January 23, 2022: 2nd in ALGS: 2022 Split 1 Playoffs – North America, with NRG
  • May 1, 2022: 7th in ALGS: 2022 Split 2 Playoffs, with NRG
  • July 10, 2022: 9th in ALGS: 2022 Championship, with NRG
  • October 8, 2022: 1st in TwitchCon San Diego, with team ImperialHal
  • November 7, 2022: 1st in MFAM Gauntlet #3, with NRG
  • February 5, 2023: 2nd in ALGS: 2023 Split 1 Playoffs, with NRG

What is Sweet’s Net Worth?

His estimated net worth is $1.2 million. It remains an estimate as Christopher’s exact earnings are unknown to the public. Esports amounts are often kept under wraps, making it difficult to accurately know a player’s net worth. However, with the available data, we have estimated Sweet’s worth to be around $1.2 million, and here’s why:

Tournament winnings

In less than four years as a professional Apex Legends player, Sweetdreams has won over $330,000 from tournament winnings. This figure is a combination of both solo and team winnings and puts him on the list of players with the highest tournament winnings. All these are from 87 competitions.


Streaming figures are based on estimates but are predicted to be high considering his popularity and focus on content creation early on in his career. He earns revenue share from streaming platforms like Stream and YouTube, while donations and subscriptions also add to his streaming income.

How Much Does Sweet Earn?

He is currently a free agent and has not played competitively since October 2023, this means his earnings have been severely affected since then. However, we estimate his yearly income to be at $100k, considering the period of inactivity.

His income from streaming platforms, donations, and subscriptions make up the numbers. It is easy to see why, with over 800,000 followers on Twitch and 134000 subscribers on YouTube. He has successfully built his streaming platforms to consistently add to his income.

Another huge addition is winnings from tournaments, however, his inactivity for a while has considerably affected this figure. Salary and sponsorships are also on hold during his period of inactivity.

What are Sweet’s Apex Legends Settings?

If you’re interested in Sweetdreams’ Apex settings, you’ll find an overview here. The player is one of the most successful in the game and is well-respected within the community due to his achievements. Christopher was able to achieve all that through his gaming, which was aided by the settings he used.

Christopher Sextons starts with the 800 DPI, which is less conventional for Apex players as they favor the 400 DPI more. Nevertheless, this DPI, alongside the sensitivity of 1.4, means he favors accuracy of movement and aim.

The monitor settings affect the quality of the image, and Sweetdreams takes this section seriously, considering his style of play. His brightness is kept at 60% with a full-screen display and aspect ratio of 16:9. These figures make it easy for the eyes to capture details on the screen.

Furthermore, Christopher uses a 1920 x 1080 resolution, which delivers impressive screen quality with a wide 110 field of view. The FOV ability scaling is disabled so he can access a wider field of view.

Learn more about Sweet’s Apex Legends Settings.

What Gear Does Sweet Use?

Elite players like Sweetdreams have dedicated gear they use to play the game. By using particular setups, they get accustomed to the design and capacity, helping them become better gamers. Here’s the setup Christopher Sexton uses:

  • Monitor: ASUS ROG SWIFT PG258Q
  • Mouse: Finalmouse Starlight-12 Phantom
  • Keyboard: Wooting 60 HE
  • Earphones: Bose QuietComfort 20
  • Mousepad: Artisan Ninja FX Zero Soft

What is Unique About Sweet’s Playing Style?

Sweetdreams is well known for his unique aggressive playing style that involves exceptional aim and weapon use. He is popular for his quick-flick shots and precise aim, which helps him consistently land headshots across varying distances and pressure levels.

He is proactive and takes an aggressive approach when playing the game. His skill and quality mean he is unafraid to take the lead in situations and can easily open up chances to counter for his teammates. The aggressive style is even more effective, considering his accuracy and weapon mastery.

Having impressive movement means he has an edge over most players as he can utilize various movement styles, including the slide jump and wall climbing, to reach opponents. His movement is fluid, he is hard to track and can move quickly across the map. All these movements make him a clutch player that can deliver unexpected results.

How Can You Play Apex Legends Like Sweet?

As one of the best players in the game, it is difficult to play exactly like Sweet, as it involves years of practice and raw talent. However, you can get close to his style and improve yours by following the below steps. However, before we get into it, it is vital to understand that there are other factors that affect your ability to play like Christopher, including your setup and ability.

  • Improve your aim: Sweetdreams had one of the best aims in the game, and paying like him definitely involves having an exceptional aim. You must focus on positioning, tracking targets, and, of course, quick flick shots.
  • Master your movements: all the mechanics behind an effective movement lead to playing like Sweetdreams. By mastering lid jumps, bunny hops, and wall climbs, you can become unpredictable and move around the map quickly. These attributes also make it difficult to track and allow you to spring unexpected attacks.
  • Become proactive: Christopher Sexton is not afraid to push strategic attacks, and so should you. However, it takes some getting used to, so practice.
  • Aggressive gameplay: Seeks opportunities to push an unconventional attack and force your opponents to react.

There are many more ways to play like Sweetdreams, but these are the primary details that set you on your way.

What are Sweet’s Official Social Media Channels?

One excellent way to learn how Sweetdreams play is by following his social media channels. On these platforms, he posts about his personal life and streams his games. You also get to learn more about the rationale behind his moves. He has a huge Twitch following with 800,000 followers, 134000 YouTube subscribers, and over 200000 followers on X (Twitter).


This section can help you understand the player better. Here are some popular questions about Sweetdreams with suitable answers:

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