Monsoon – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Bowen “Monsoon” Fuller is an American professional Apex Legends gamer currently playing for Complexity Gaming. The gamer was born on August 1, 1998. He first joined World Best Gaming in 2019 before moving to Flyquest and finally Complexity in January 2020. Monsoon’s signature legend is Bangalore.


Real NameBowen Fuller
Birthday 1 August, 1998
AgeAge: 25 Years
TeamComplexity Gaming
Currently PlayingApex Legends
Net Worth$500,000

What to Know About Monsoon’s Private Life?

There’s minimal information about Monsoon’s personal life on the internet. However, he has granted a few interviews and posted personal information on social media, especially on Instagram. He is from San Jose, the Bay Area, and is married.

Bowen loves dogs and recently got two puppies, Short Rib and Shrimp. Judging from his social media posts, Monsoon loves to cook and also try out local meals whenever he’s in a new location. His love for food is understandable, as he was a chef before Apex, working 60 hours a week and earning $14 per hour.

Growing up, Monsoon struggled with finances as his Carlifonia-based family couldn’t keep up with the fees for high school. He was homeless at one point and moved around a lot. He uses his past experiences to fuel his passion for the game. However, his life is not all about the struggle, as Bowen Fuller has shown he likes to travel. Often posting images from different locations.

How did Monsoon Become a Professional Esports Player?

Bowen Fuller’s journey to the top is different from that of most players. He had to battle hardship and lack to be able to get here as a top Apex player. He couldn’t finish high school due to his family’s finances and homelessness. At one point, he and his wife were s; ee[ing in a trailer alongside five others. These experiences made it difficult for him to practice, but it was never a hindrance.

He knew he wanted to be a professional gamer but was keeping his options open while trying several games, including Overwatch and Paladins. He also had to support himself and his family, and so he was working as a chef. Monsoon was doing 60 hours a week in this job, but it was helping to pay the bills.

Practicing with the numerous challenges was difficult. At one point, he had to set up his PC in a Taco Bell store and was buying Baja Blasts every hour so he could use the wifi. In 2018, Bowen and his wife moved to an Airbnb in Utah from where he started playing. He was p[playing Paladins at the time before Apex Legends Water was released in February 2019.

After a few months of playing Apex, his life would see a dramatic change when he won Shroud in a match. Yes, the very same Shroud. That match saw his streaming numbers rise to 15,000 from a few tens. Even Shroud was so shocked at the manner in which the then-unknown gamer won that he assumed Monsoon was cheating.

He moved from Flyquest to the more prestigious Complexity Gaming and has been there since January 2020. These experiences have given him mental toughness, with his Complexity captain having named him as the one who can pick the team up in difficult moments.

What are Monsoon’s Esports Achievements?

It didn’t take long for Bowen Fuller to start winning and placing highly in Apex tournaments. He started with lower-tier competitions before moving to the big leagues with Complexity Gaming months later. Here is a list of one of his many achievements in the game:

  • March 8, 2019: 1st in UMG Series #1 with WordBestGaming White and winning $2000
  • August 3, 2019: 5th in EXP Invitational – Apex Legends at X Games Minneapolis with Tempo Storm
  • July 26, 2020: 1st in ALGS Summer Circuit #3 – Americas, with Complexity Gaming
  • September 12, 2020: 2nd in ALGS Summer Circuit Playoffs – Americas with Complexity Gaming
  • November 23, 2020: 1st in ALGS Autumn Circuit #4 – North America with Complexity Gaming
  • December 19, 2020: 1st in ALGS Autumn Circuit Playoffs – North America with Complexity Gaming
  • July 10, 2022: 22nd in ALGS: 2022 Championship with Luminosity Gaming
  • October 22, 2022: 3rd in ReWired Festival 2022 with Complexity Gaming
  • November 4, 2022: 2nd in Oversight – Season 1 Split 1: Playoffs with Complexity Gaming
  • November 16, 2022: 1st in Elev8 Invitational with Complexity Gaming

What is Monsoon’s Net Worth?

It’s always difficult to estimate an Esports player’s net Worth as most of the financial figures are kept private. Nevertheless, getting a close enough estimate is possible. In this section, we’ll use all the publicly available data to predict Fuller’s net Worth.

Based on our estimate, his net Worth is $500,000. The chief contributor to this figure is his salary, which would likely be around the low six figures yearly. Sponsorships and endorsements, streaming income, and winning from tournaments make up the remaining major inputs. He has won over $60k from tournaments.

How Much Does Monsoon Earn?

Similar to his net Worth, knowing the exact figure Monsoon earns per year is almost impossible. Figures are kept private, with even details of publicly announced deals hidden. However, following a similar route, we can estimate Monsoon’s income per year. $120k is the predicted income per year, considering the diverse earning streams. Here’s how we came to this conclusion:


Monsoon has 71k followers on Twitch and streams quite often, which makes it the leading streaming platform for him, with the bulk of his content creation income from there. He makes close to $50k yearly from this platform alone. YouTube is another channel that contributes to his streaming income; however, it does so at a smaller rate.


His salary is likely to be close to or in the low six figures as a top professional Esports player playing in the United States. This is considering the known salaries of similar gamers in teams that are akin in stature.


Sponsorships and endorsements are often difficult to calculate since some deals are completed unreported, with the figures in most reported deals kept private. Some of the confirmed sponsors include HyperX, which provides him with gear like headsets and keyboards alongside an undisclosed amount that counts toward his income. GamersOutreach is another brand partnering with Bowen Fuller.

What are Monsoon’s Apex Legends Settings?

This Apex player is super aggressive but also has movement mastery, meaning he can push opponents back with so much ease and through impeccable movements. All these are enabled by the type of settings employed. Monsoon uses settings that boost his style. These inputs may seem irrelevant but can have huge impacts on the player’s performance.

Let’s start with Bowen’s DPI of 800 and sensitivity of 0.8. Such a low sensitivity for an 800 DPI means he’s extremely focused on precision. His impressive aiming shows this. An eDPI of 640 and an ADS sensitivity multiplier of 1 complete the mouse settings Bowen uses when playing Apex.

The video settings follow a similar pattern where the focus is on performance and ensuring the player can continue to be strategic. His full-screen view and 16:9 aspect ratio give Bowen a comfortable viewing experience. However, it is his 1920 x 1080 resolution that sets the tone for clear images.

His keybinds are kept mostly on the regular keys, so he concentrates on being spontaneous. Crouch is L-Ctrl, jump is space/mouse wheel, and sprint is L-Shift.

Learn more about Monsoon’s Apex Legends Settings.

What Gear Does Monsoon Use?

Monsoon’s gaming gear is from a variety of top manufacturers of gaming products. Bear in mind that it goes beyond selecting a popular product. Monsoon ensures these products can aid his style. Here are his preferred setup while playing Apex:

  • Monitor: ZOWIE XL2546K
  • Mouse: Logitech G Pro Wireless
  • Keyboard: Custom Keyboard
  • Earphones: HyperX Cloud Flight
  • Mousepad: Glorious 3XL

What is Unique About Monsoon’s Playing Style?

If you’re interested in learning how Bowen Fuller plays Apex and how he is different from the many players in the game, this is the right section for you. His style has evolved since he beat Shroud in his early days in 2019; however, he still retains most of the technique and general outlook he was using.

Bowen is super aggressive when playing Apex. He pushes opponents hard immediately after there’s an opening, as he’s unafraid to launch various attacks, including vertically and through the flanks.

This aggressive play is supported by a precise aim that takes out opponents with the same speed of aggression. Despite being aggressive, he doesn’t put the team in danger by blindly pushing attacks. Fuller takes calculated risks that ensure some level of control.

When members of the apex community refer to Bowen as a movement maestro, it is because he has mastered the act of various movements that he does it seamlessly. Wall jumps, grapple utility, and focusing on vertical play are some of his strongest movement advantages.

Despite being aggressive, one of his unique gaming styles involves being strategic. Yes, he takes time to gather information, communicate with his teammates, and develop effective strategies that win them games.

How Can You Play Apex Legends Like Monsoon?

Before you get excited about following in the footsteps of this successful Apex gamer and playing like him, you should know that it takes more than reading about his style. It took Monsoon years of practice with talent to develop this style. However, you can pick up valuable lessons from this section and, over time, learn to play like Bowen.

Purposeful Aggression

Develop high aggressiveness, but ensure it is with purpose and you’re not just jumping into attacks. Be on the lookout for opportunities to spring attacks through different areas. Develop better aiming by practicing with different weapons.

Improvement Movement

Bowen is regarded as a movement maestro, and you cannot play like him without mastering how to move across the game. Learning wall jumps will help you navigate the game quickly and allow you to surprise your opponents. You also have to understand and use the Pathfinder grapple for your attacks and defense. One underrated skill that’ll put you ahead is embracing verticality. Use high grounds to your advantage.

Think Strategically

The best way to develop strategic thinking is by having the right information. Gather enough information as you play through observation and communication, as these will arm you with the data needed to be strategic.

What are Monsoon’s Official Social Media Channels?

Content creation and interacting with fans are important aspects of being a professional Esports player. Monsoon understands this need, so he updates his social media channels frequently. However, channels like X (Twitter) and Twitch see more activity than others. You can follow any of the platforms that give you the most comfort.


Are you interested in learning fascinating information about Monsoon? He stays out of controversy, so there is little to report from that area. However, here’s a trivia you may not have known about Bowen:

Song for ALGS; 2023 Championship

Monsoon worked with the British caster Mark “Onset” Hatcher to create a song for the ALGS: 2023 Championship. This song was released in September 2023, ahead of the tournament.


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