Dapr – Age, Height, Net Worth, Family Status and Complete Biography

Michael Gulino, also popularly known as Dapr or G2 dapr, is a professional American esports player who plays Valorant for the ORG Sentinels. Besides being a professional esports player, Dapr is well-known as a Twitch streamer with over three hundred followers on his channel.

The talent management org, Proxy, manages this popular esports player. And what many of you may not know is that Dapr is a dog lover.


Real NameMicheal Gulino
Gaming Name / NicknameDapr
Birthday 1 January, 1999 (Age: 25 Years)
Height5 feet 11 inches
Currently PlayingValorant
Net Worth$600,000 (estimated)


Dapr belongs to a mixed ethnicity, but his nationality is American. Well, being a private person, he usually doesn’t talk about his parents, siblings, or family publicly. 

Gaming Origins

Micheal ‘Dapr’ Gulino loved to play video games from his childhood. His esports career debuted with the Counter-Strike game in 2016. But, fascinatingly, he never remained in an organization for a longer time. Instead, he changed different organizations from time to time. 

Throughout his glorifying Counter-Strike career, Dapr played for several esports organizations, including Team Singularity, EUnited, and Drip or Drown. Based on Liquipedia reports, his total winning earnings as a professional CS: GO player was about $114,570. But, in May 2020, Dapr retired from the game and joined Sentinels the following month.

Professional Career

After retiring from his Counter-Strike career, Dapr completely focused on playing Valorant and became a part of Sentinels in June 2020. Apart from this, he even started playing A-Tier tournaments. However, like before, Dapr hasn’t moved to another organization for more than a year now. Nevertheless, he is still playing as an esports athlete for Sentinels. 

What is the Dapr’s Net Worth?

Dapr’s net worth is estimated to be $600,000. A major part of his income comes from Twitch, esports & YouTube channels. As per TwitchStats, he currently serves nearly 403 paid subscribers and 353k followers on his channel, over 187k followers on Tiktok, and 418k followers on Twitter, adding to his overall value. Furthermore, his 137k followers on Instagram also signify his net worth.

How Much Does The Dapr Earn?

The respective esports organization offers a fixed salary to the esports player, Dapr. In addition, he gets a percentage of his team’s total earnings in a tournament and for sponsorships obtained through the organization. 

Being a Twitch partner, a part of his total earnings also come from donations and advertisements. He also earns from subscriptions to his channel (nearly 403 subscribers, as recently reported by TwitchStats). Dapr charges a minimum of $5 from each subscriber, which equals $2000 per month.

Streaming Hours

Unfortunately, Dapr doesn’t follow a fixed streaming schedule.

Official Channels


Dapr earned double his entire Counter-Strike career within over one year. Later, in December 2022, he united with G2 Esports and is today Valorant roaster’s promising part.


  • Among the total 353k followers, Dapr has approximately 403 paid subscribers. Moreover, more than 65K subscribers are fans of his streaming highlights on the YouTube channel.
  • His contract with The Guard expired in 2022, but he signed an extension with the team till VCT 2023.


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